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A Magician with Super Powers

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“Bagaimana cara menggunakan sihir dengan tidak hati-hati di depan sekelompok Muggle tanpa terlihat?”

“Beri tahu mereka bahwa ini yang disebut sihir.”

Tidak ada skill di belakang traversal. Untuk mendapatkan makanan yang enak, Li Lekang memutuskan untuk menjadi pesulap super!

- Deskripsi dari MTLNovel


Judul Singkat:AMSP
Judul Asli:会超能力的魔术师
Author:Driving fog
Weekly Rank:#1728
Monthly Rank:#1585
All Time Rank:#3962
Label:Celebrities, Demons, Entertainment, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Hollywood, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Magic, Magician, Male Protagonist, Modern Day, Playboy, Poor to Rich, Racism, Rich Characters, System, Wizards,
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  1. I read it and yes, it was good in the first chapter. Too bad the mc is so racist to black people. Pardon my English, I don't know English

  2. basically the mc has a system that gives him magic powers and his job is a magician using his magic to fool muggles thinking that he is doing magic tricks even though it's real. he gets system points from the praise and worships his fans give him when he does magic performance and the world mc is transmigrated to doesn't have any wizards/monsters/supernatural at all and he is the only one who has magic powers. It seems like a 2010s-ish modern world and the story is like Hollywood entertainment poor to rich but with mc being magician/scam artist lmao. also he scammed a Christian cult in believe he is god/jesus with this magic.

  3. Lol, I suffered a lot when Read things of that guy, Why EVERY Good Art always Have Those Tags , it Like Most novel in this Website : amazing idea,Good Poteintial , and Author just ADD MC's

  4. Right? A good art and with a good looking female lead then when we don't read the tags but recognize the art style. Then if you don't like those then I recommend reading Tachibana-san's Circumstances with a Man

  5. i mean people just like ntr and author get paid for those so....yeah what u expect there so many twisted people who like ntr , old man, is super RARE to even find a good drawing with good position and good story ....and most time even if romance the manga is very boring and the female is not even hot....

  6. Bad 'harem seeking protagonist tag' why is the mc the one seeking harem? I think it's better if the love interest fall in love first you know.

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