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Back To The Age Of The 80s

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Li Zheng, mantan peneliti Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, profesor di Universitas Huaqing, dan kepala National Drug Research Laboratory, meninggal mendadak setelah begadang semalaman dan terbangun dan mendapati dirinya kembali ke desa nelayan kecil pada tahun 1982.

Ayahnya menghilang dan ibunya melarikan diri dari rumah, meninggalkan adik tirinya yang murah untuk merawatnya.

Menghadapi gaya hidup SULIT ini, Li Zheng memperlihatkan senyuman biasa.

Tidak takut, tidak ada jari emas yang bisa dibandingkan dengan kepala saya yang hampir memenangkan Hadiah Nobel.

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Judul Singkat:BTAO80
Judul Asli:重回80之大时代
Weekly Rank:#4714
Monthly Rank:#4968
All Time Rank:#3237
Label:Age Regression, Complex Family Relationships, Doting Older Siblings, Genius Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Hard-Working Protagonist, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Medical Knowledge, Poor to Rich, Previous Life Talent, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Scientists, Second Chance, Smart Couple, Transmigration,
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  1. Does anyone know the novel in which fl is reborn and get divorced early. She has a daughter too and she gets remarried to a soldier whose wife is also reborn and gets divorced because she knows that her 2 children are going to be villain. She wants to be as rich as our fl was in previous life so she marries our fl's second husband in previous life.Please tell me if you found it.

  2. I like how the author tried so hard to make it seem like Hong Kong joining China is the best choice that Hong Kong could ever make, but if Hong Kong at that time could know what would happen to China in the 20s, they would probably vehemently beg the British to let Hong Kong join them.

  3. The novel is good, there's little to no racism in it, at least the mc didn't do any racist act. But the mc is extremely patriotic. Like in one of the chapters the mc said "Everything i have was given by China, and everything I have must be returned to china". Like, Bitch, since when???? China did absolutely nothing to help you. Even in your last life, everything you know is from America, like what are you talking about "China has given me everything". God, even yaoi novels has fallen into the clutches of those bastards at the CCP. Fucking hell.

  4. Hi Everyone, we just changed the raw source for this novel, please check wether the chapters are still repeated or not. Thanks..

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