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Become a Dad After Longevity

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Ribuan tahun yang lalu, Tang Feng mendaki Gunung Kunlun, secara tidak sengaja jatuh dari tebing, melintasi deretan langit berbintang kuno ke lautan bintang, dan sejak itu, memulai jalan keabadian.

Perang ribuan tahun, menyapu bintang, dan mencapai tubuh abadi tertinggi, sebagai peri ungu.

Tang Feng melintasi deretan langit berbintang, menguras jiwa, dan kembali ke bumi, hanya untuk menemukan bahwa bumi baru saja berlalu enam tahun, dan dia memiliki seorang bayi perempuan berwarna merah muda.

Mantan pacar presiden wanita yang dingin dan mendominasi, dan putri yang pintar, sejak saat itu, Ziwei yang abadi, yang membuat lautan bintang bergetar, membuka kehidupan baru bagi ayah terbaik.

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Judul Singkat:BDAL
Judul Asli:长生归来当奶爸
Author:Lay flat
Weekly Rank:#584
Monthly Rank:#689
All Time Rank:#369
Label:Abusive Characters, Alchemy, Arrogant Characters, Beautiful Female Lead, Bloodlines, Body Tempering, Bodyguards, Calm Protagonist, Childcare, Clever Protagonist, Crafting, Cultivation, Devoted Love Interest, Devoted Love Interests, Doctors, Enemies Become Allies, Family, Family Business, Fast Cultivation, Friendship, Hard-Working Protagonist, Herbalist, Male Protagonist, Marriage, Martial arts, Master-Disciple Relationship, Medical Knowledge, Power Couple, Schemes And Conspiracies, Strong from the Start,
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  1. The title should be changed to become a divine doctor after longevity. If you want to read a house dad story, this novel is nowhere near that. If you haven't read this list then go read it first - HouseDadLiteraryLife, GodlyStayHomeDad, DaddyFantasyRestaurant, HardcoreChefDad. This are the house dad story. This novel is just a cheap copy of TheDivineDoctorAndStayHomeDad story. On to the review. A mediocre copypaste story from TDDASAHD. If you have read that story you will find the similarities. If you haven't then I will tell you the story 99% focused on Chinese Medicine. There's a little bit of Siamese and Chinese Witchcraft mixed in, a also a cultivation story. The MC btw act like one of those teenage returnee in rebirth/reborn story which is very cringe because one he is not a teenage and already live for thousands of years. What did he do? Acting cool while drinking tea. 😑 If you didn't know the returnees from rebirth/reborn with teenage MC always like to act cool, sometimes smoking cigarette etc... Well their characters are teenager so it still acceptable. But this MC is someone's dad. So yeah cringe. The story focused mainly on the MC being a divine doctor and many old powerful patriarch or many beautiful heiress to the powerful clan/family come seeking treatment from him. For some reason all this wealthy and powerful people have this strange disease that only he could cure. Final verdict: The story mostly cringe with the MC hypocrisy and his acting cool. Doesn't make sense. Dragged storyline. Copy paste from other novel but didn't make it better, but worse than the original. At least the MC from divine doctor has a medical background and his attributes help him in handling medicine. But this MC not only doesn't have medical background, worse he stole the knowledge from medicine king. So a cultivator that spent his years stealing knowledge from someone else is the Zwei Emperor? Yeah make sense. (Facepalm). 4/10. If you haven't read the other house dad story then ignore this novel. If you have and wanted to try reading this, then just be ready for the cringe that's coming. 😅

  2. first I thought it is short novel while I read it's very long but it's only 1800+ wew.and all chapter is short pharag.qim tire to push next.huh.. MTL pls faster to upload so that to be happy of readers like me .and the story of this like freestyle no wipe out lake pentkill and savage hehehehe please make good at 2000+ chap..and put 1 son of mc ..ty

  3. The basic problem with such novels is that the author is mentally unable to create the logical world of a long-lived person. He just doesn't have the experience. And where wisdom is needed, he has a castrated fantasy.

  4. nice move! because of habit tried to fly and fell down of a 12+ story building...that is a reaction i don't see often in these come back/reincanation novels? but i think that should happen more often just think about it. been powerful for 1000s of years and now back to quare one. need to get used to it first

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