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Ini adalah hal yang sangat menarik. Itu jelas redup dan hitam, tetapi bisa memancarkan cahaya keemasan, yang membuat orang sangat terpesona olehnya…

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Judul Singkat:BC
Judul Asli:黑石密码
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Label:alternate earth, Business Management, Businessmen, Capitalist, Celebrities, Charming Protagonist, Colonization, cruel protagonist, Cunning Protagonist, Firearms, Handsome Protagonist, Harem, Industrialization, Male Protagonist, Manipulative Characters, Modern Knowledge, Politics, Poor to Rich, Royalty, Schemes and Conspiracy, Transmigration, Wars, Weak to Strong, Wealthy Characters,
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  1. this is kind of early I'm only 100 ch in but I'm already not liking it. first i wanna address idk why this is under fantasy, nothing about it is fantasy its more realistic fiction. however i personally came for the business part. first i see this in so many business novels and i hate it the characthers generally get into some sort of low technical barrier business and make a fortune but instead of moving on they continue. the issue with this is because its so low in terms of technical skills its easy to copy the author himself even mentions. also i understand at the start he has no money so he doesn't have a choice but what about after he makes his first pot of gold? all in all this just feels like a transmigration novel of a salesman to another world the problem with this concept is that lets say you send a salesman back in time what are the chances this person will build the biggest conglomerate in the world chances are slim as they wouldn't have the technical skills necessary even if they had that future knowledge edge ofcourse they might get rich by scoring the lottery or some other shit but those are 1 hit home runs. where as if you send a semi successful ceo back in time things would be very different. in essence what i'm trying to say is that the mc hasn't shown anything that makes him stand out that says i have the skills necessary to make it big. all he has shown so far is i'm a little street smart because of my work experience. also on that the author doesn't even make it clear at the start what his experience is he only gives a short list of low technical part time jobs that the mc has done for all we know he could also be a freaking god like plumber, but we would never know unless he has to do some plumbing in the novel. next this is just 100 chs in but the world building is just potato in my opinion it only has mentioned the federation and the city hes living in no mentions of the political situation on the planet and basing on what the author has wrote i think its safe to assume hes essentially trying to emulate 1960s-1970s america. anyways so far not good i'll update as i go deeper.

  2. "Even if Lynch does not abandon her, she will eventually leave by herself, because more and more better women will appear around Lynch. When she gradually feels ashamed in these dazzling settings of women, she will only feel Desperate to low self-esteem.   It was the same for Catherine. She looked at Lynch in the middle of the crowd. In addition to being familiar with his body, she actually had a very alienated strangeness to this person.   Obviously sometimes it is familiar, but when he starts to get serious, it will make Catherine feel suitable for another person. She doesn’t know how to describe this feeling, maybe this is the so-called growth, she also wants to grow up, grow to a height that can touch Lynch, and then uncover his mask to see which one is the real one. His." please tell me wtf am i reading. last i checked no where does it mention this is a drama.

  3. i've read to 370 honestly a dumpster truck novel, i was curious so i skipped to around 700 things don't change much the pacing of this novel is a problem theres way too much non related nonsense that goes on in the background. also it took like 360 chs to even get a semblance of technology and thats only because the idiot went to a tech fair. also the choice of trade that he does is just weird so if i fully understood his business correctly he owned a sports team, a ebay basically without the internet. first lets start with the sports team, the way a sports team generates revenue is generally through veiwership, sponsors, and ads however from what i understand this is around the 1920s and i'm pretty sure tvs weren't that common then so you would have to rely mainly on selling tickets, i don't think they would have turned a large enough profit or even profit to justify this. next the 2nd hand good ebay thing. yes theres a large market for 2nd hand goods we've literally proven that in the present, however a large part that makes this viable is the internet, there wasn't something like that in the 1920s.

  4. oh right i'm dropping this fyi i know i mentioned how the settings was in the 1960s but thats because early on the author mentions how it resembled the 1960 1970s which led me to assume that the setting was during the 1960s however more recent chapters have given context that they have just passed the first world war which would be around the 1920s. also in essence the ideas the author is throwing in are just too ahead of the time like why make a ebay without the internet if he really wanted to do wholesale why not just do walmart or any hypermarket. next also i don't understand why he doesn't just copy something we knew all worked cough "Rockefeller". either way i don't like how inefficent the mc is also the world building is not my type honestly i don't like how novels slowly unravel the world like a surprise box next thing we know we got a new continent i prefer a set world such as lets say theres 5 continents at the start our mc starts in the richest, thats pretty simple all you had to do was set a world and no go too deep into other aspects till later on but it also would give the reader some sort of expectation, as compared to this where the author could just magically pull another country outta his ass. anyhow i don't recommend this if you are like me here for the business aspect, theres just way better options.

  5. oh god, u actually spend time reading a MTL Business novels till chap 360 and then spend time typing a wall of text To analyze it( i read all of your comment thou, very usefull)... RESPECT +1

  6. i like reading webnovels, just my hobby as for reading 360 chs it doesn't take that long probably a day if i have time maybe 2

  7. where did his life assistant go? he hired her, she was there for a couple of chapters, and then she disappeared. just 0 mentions, which annoys me a lot

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