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Xiao Lou terbunuh dalam kecelakaan dan dilahirkan kembali di Dunia Kartu.

Setiap kartu di sini mewakili ruang rahasia dan membersihkan instance akan memberikan hadiah. Xiao Lou menggambar kartu dan berpikir dia bisa menggambar semua jenis peralatan dan senjata. Alhasil: Su Shi, Li Bai, Tao Yuanming ... kartu karakter terus berdatangan.

Xiao Lou, “???”

Apa game pelarian ini? Jenis hantu apa yang membuatnya terus menggambar kartu karakter?

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Judul Singkat:CR
Judul Asli:卡牌密室(重生)
Author:Die Zhiling
Tipe:Web Novel
Genre:Action, Yaoi
Weekly Rank:#397
Monthly Rank:#545
All Time Rank:#495
Label:Calm Protagonist, Clever Protagonist, Game Elements, Handsome Male Lead, Multiple Realms, Mystery Solving, Power Couple, Survival Game, World Hopping, Zombies,

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16 thoughts on “Card Room
  1. с 97 по 105 главу неправильное номера глав. И с 97 по 129 главы пустые(исключая 97, 105 129 номера)

  2. its a pity the chapters isn’t complete…chapter 97-128 are not available i wasn’t able to read the 4 of spade arc!!

  3. ch 273 it is ch 272 and ch 273 is missing
    it is written ch 195 after ch 273 in chapter content
    a whole ch 273 is missing please fix this

  4. Ch. 274-275 is not written in the list, plus there are 3 times it is missing some information like with Xu Kai’s death. It jumpex from when they came to interrogate him to them coming to the crime scene. The second tine is last game if the gambling game where we are nearing the end and then it jumped to the rich people inviting them to dinner. The third time is when they get informed that since they have a perfect clearance of all the secret rooms, all 4 gatekeepers said that that they triggered a hidden room all the class a secret rooms on the tenth level are linked together the it jumped to Xiao Lou treating Yu Hanjiang who is about to die. Could you fix all these loopholes?

  5. In ch 304-305, it jumps straight from where the keepers explain to the combined secret room. Is it something that can be fixed because I feel like there’s missing some information.

  6. There seems to be missing information at the end of chapter 303, no ending of the card game as the next chapter introduces the end already? As well as between chapter 304 – 305, it suddenly jumps from the introduction of the combined room to already the group being in it. Is it possible to add the missing parts? 🙏🙏

  7. many chapter since ch 237 seem to be unreadable?
    the chapter’s link always lead back to novel’s homepage
    btw thanks for all of chapter you have been translate
    i really enjoy this story 🙂

      1. What about chapters 303-304? The ending of the gambling scene was skipped. And again the beginning of the next secret room was skipped as well.

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