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Choose to be a scumbag in Conan

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Bangun dan menemukan bahwa dia telah melakukan perjalanan ke dunia Conan.

Selanjutnya, ia akan menghadapi pilihan yang menentukan arah hidupnya.

[Selama periode ini, sering ada satir di Kota Mihua. Suatu malam ketika Anda baru saja keluar, Anda bertemu Xiaolan dan Yuanzi dengan mengigau. Mereka minum minuman yang tidak diketahui secara tidak sengaja dan meminta bantuan Anda. Apa yang harus Anda lakukan? ]

[1. Ulurkan uluran tangan kepada mereka, kirim mereka ke rumah sakit tepat waktu, dan bantu mereka menemukan si mesum... Pilih ini, Anda akan menjadi eksistensi di luar Holmes. ]

[2. Dengan acuh tak acuh menolak permintaan mereka, mengabaikan penderitaan mereka ... Pilih ini, dan Anda akan menjadi kejahatan terburuk di dunia. ]

[3. Bawa mereka pulang, dan lakukan sesuatu yang tak terlukiskan ketika efek obat terjadi... Pilih ini, dan kamu akan menjadi sampah terkuat di permukaan. ]

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Judul Singkat:CBSIC
Judul Asli:在柯南里选择当渣男
Weekly Rank:#286
Monthly Rank:#472
All Time Rank:#844
Label:Anal, BDSM, Beautiful Female Lead, Detectives, Early Romance, Entertainment, Fellatio, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Jack of All Trades, Male Protagonist, Netori, Playboys, Polygamy, Rape, Rape Victim Becomes Lover, Shameless Protagonist, Showbiz, Slave Harem, System, Threesome,
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36 komentar pada “Choose to be a scumbag in Conan
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  1. Lin Yi was slightly worried. If this is also the power of the organization, then he will face very big difficulties. But when he thought that he had a system, it was undoubtedly his destiny, Lin Yi suddenly became fearless.... there, cuz he got system he can ignore those killer? cuz he got system, joining the killer group are his destiny??fuck mc? he can safely collect a lot of treasure, but mc wasting a lot of time to contact those killer? what a shit thinking, he want to save akemi, cant there be another way? do he need to join in to save her? in another novel I read, the mc can easily save akemi without joining the group at all. suck ignorant mc. and dont mc know what his system is? he choose to be a scumbag, then all he need to do are eat those girls, not fckng killer group. and mc brain are low enough maybe -10 IQ, he want the group to send someone to pretend to be him when he not in his home, then what would happen if ran and sonoko go visit him? dont he think about it? idiot.

  2. and mc always treat the world as a game. what a stupid thinking. and that's why all mc did and thought always gone wrong. if mc can correct his thinking, he would have a lot of girls now.

  3. and, there are a lot of things that can be easily solves, but, everytime it was going to end easily, mc kept making it more difficult. cant he think of what was the consequence if he and those girls got caught cuz of him playing around??

  4. mc just make thing harder, when hideri take mc to meet with ran at her house, mc ask ran to pretend never met mc? just because he want to have fun? what did mc think of them? I think, mc only think of then as a things, just for fun.

  5. mc just like to play with routine while he can just easily confeded the truth directly but mc did not, he still want act and lie. better change this mc, his personality are not good. all mc did for those womens are to make them fear of him so that they can be obedient to him, shit mc. mc just like to treat his womens as a slaves. there are many ways to solves the problems, but mc just like to choose the extreme way, even when with yukiko mc treat her rudely, same with other womens. he dont have any respect at all to them. and he expect them not to green him? if he himself dont know how to treat them better, what else would those womens feels(all mc did are just treating them for fun and like a slaves even use a lot of lie on them just to have s*x with them??)?

  6. mc are a too stupid. all can be done easily, but mc did a roundabout way. then was always got interrupt halfway, suck. the world are big, but mc just play around the plot. what? did he only live in the world around the plot? dont he see there are more place to go to?

  7. mc are getting more and more stupid. he has those affinity with opposite sex, and every women would have good impression of him, but mc always think too much before he want to meet a girl or get a girl. just meet and talk directly.

  8. It's confusing. The character's name is usually a Japanese name, but changed to a Chinese name. I don't know. If you want to read this novel, you have to get the anime Conan out of your head first because you are confused about the name.

  9. XD a Conan fan like me rewatch the anime in Chinese, English, jap and Korean(movie only) maybe I'm just too bored or have too much time

  10. Spoiler review for a Conan fan like you : It starts good maybe it can continue like this . I will upload this review after read more . =》 New Edit : it sucks when Conan get ass f@cked while his mom get f@cked by mc at another room ... :( sad

  11. yea right, it sucks. yukiko already have good impression of mc, if mc can take it nicely, maybe yukiko would happily be with him, rather than fear him.

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