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Apa yang akan terjadi ketika modern three-nothing? Pan Kang terobsesi dengan yang tua dan rendah hati? Apa yang akan terjadi?

Tidak mungkin melewati hari, tidak mungkin dalam hidup ini.

Hanya dengan menghambur-hamburkan uang dan menemukan keindahan baru setiap hari, saya dapat mengisi kekosongan di hati saya.

Kutipan Era Baru Shenhao-Shi Lang. …

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Judul Singkat:CGBS
Judul Asli:都市神豪之寻美系统
Author:Toast to the bright moon
Weekly Rank:#765
Monthly Rank:#717
All Time Rank:#2828
Label:Blackmail, Cultivation, Evil Protagonist, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Maids, Male Protagonist, Netori, Orgy, Perverted Protagonist, Poor to Rich, Racism, Rape, Sex Slaves, Sexual Abuse, Stockholm Syndrome, System, Threesome, Torture,
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  1. Para quem quer ler, eu digo que esse romance é extremamente racista, xenófobo e machista, o protagonista só vê as mulheres como ferramentas de ganhar pontos e para transar, eu fico muito feliz que derrubaram essa novel

  2. Then again, I found out about rubbish. I read enough of 2 chapters. Why do you know? Because of the beauty of the S level Only has the right to enter the harem, like one thing at the 9th level beauty. Only have the right to enter the harem. I absolutely hate this. It's like you have 10 wives, but the ranks are high, middle, low. Girls don't use in-game equipment to grade them. Burn out the trash again. Good harem novels are rare.

  3. It's looks like authors might be mentally degrading recently, another novel where system dictates that only top beauties can be included in the harem, and others can only be used for earning points. And with unlimited money from the system, MC easily bed the girls. Money=girls=tools, i hate mostly these type of novels.

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