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Crossing Over to the Dragon Ball World

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Ini adalah kisah otaku biasa yang melintasi Sun Wukong di “Dragon Ball”; ini adalah novel YY yang tak terkalahkan, ada banyak dunia, banyak perempuan!

Kenyamanan, hiburan, raih impian Anda. Sungguh-sungguh menyatakan: Ini adalah aliran yang tak terkalahkan oleh novel Anda, ada banyak pahlawan wanita, jangan menyukainya! !! !! (Cerita dan karakter ini murni fiktif.

- Deskripsi dari Shukeba


Judul Singkat:CODBW
Judul Asli:穿越从龙珠开始
Author:Bean and Green Pepper
Tipe:Web Novel
Weekly Rank:#189
Monthly Rank:#212
All Time Rank:#117
Label:Fanfiction, Harem, Multiple Realms, Reverse R*pe,

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7 thoughts on “Crossing Over to the Dragon Ball World
  1. Btw can anyone tell me where I can read dragon ball Twelve modifier novel…coz here many chapters are missing..I like that novel very much but can’t read…frustating

  2. there’s no romance here. if you can call a girl who magically falls in love with someone even though their boyfriend, husband, friends, and family just died and a guy who doesn’t care about love, who just saves girls because their beautiful and hot and even want to kill those girls partner a romance then I don’t know what that is

  3. a little bit of a disappointment because just in a couple of ch in the story he managed to go to other world which is ok but then when he went to HOTD he saved the teacher at the gate because shes hot then he saved Shizuka and the other main girls and then he saved the girls who are in the bus scene because they were beautiful. I’m ok with that but somehow magically all the friends, husband, bf, best friend of the women (which are all men) he saved are dead even the mc he magically died at the stampede in the stairs

    1. Not to mention the mc forgot the mother of rei who also survived and the police girl who had some popularity to her character.

      mc is trash, absolute trash like most Chinese characters they do not mind using their power to level a city and sink a continent or explode a few planet or planes.

      What is wrong with making a normal human character that uses his power in a way not to kill billions of living beings just because he can.

      Embarrassed by being from Chinese descent sometimes. Eating weird stuff like a shark fin or snake gall. Those parents even killed some of their children because they did not prepare it right. Shark fin or anything from a shark contains a huge amount of mercury and is thus poisonous, and snake gall is an organ from a carnivores creature and thus contains a massive amount of parasites by default. Eating snake gall raw will cause sickness guaranteed.

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