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Damn It, I’m the Villain Rich Second-generation Father?

3.1 (35 reviews)
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He Tiancheng menjelajahi novel-novel Shuangwen dan menemukan bahwa dia ternyata adalah seorang penjahat!

Dengan kekayaan bersih puluhan miliar, penyeberangan adalah puncaknya!

Setelah mendapatkan sistem, mencegah protagonis berpura-pura dipaksa, mengubah kesan pahlawan wanita tentang dirinya sendiri, dan mendidik putranya, semua bisa mendapatkan hadiah?

Berapa kekayaan bersih puluhan miliar, ini tidak menarik untuk mengadu protagonis!

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Judul Singkat:DIIVRSF
Judul Asli:见鬼,我居然是反派富二代他爹?
Author:Fat Bai is fishing
Weekly Rank:#415
Monthly Rank:#631
All Time Rank:#981
Label:Antihero Protagonist, Fast Cultivation, Handsome Male Lead, Harem, Male Protagonist, Modern World, Nationalism, Pregnancy, Racism, System, Transmigration, Villain,
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  1. Who tf added harem seeking protagonist tag there before...This was really misleading tag placed there which was why i bothered to read this garbage novel, I've read it until ch466 thinking this is harem seeking mc who will steal other protagonists women... But it turns out its not the MC is mentally retarded , there's always something going on in the novel, there's no romance, mc just raises the favourability of heroines and then when he forces them to confess he FUCKING REJECTS THEM ONE HY ONE...I DESPISE THIS KIND OF MC MOST, IT'S ALWAYS DISGUSTING HOW MC PLAYS WITH WOMEN'S HEART JUST TO HURT THEM LATER BY REJECTING, fucking retard dont try to make them fall in love with you if you aren't a man who can't even take responsibility after making them love you so much they disregard everything else and just want to be with mc and still this fucktard rejects all of them... Only says chen mo is my gf even tho he fucked most girls he later broke up with them saying i have a gf now so lets Not meet anymore..i gaye this type of mc the most...fucking dickless bastards

  2. Thanks for the review, I just read "I Became the Rich Second-generation Villain" and I thought it would be the same, so good that I read your comment.

  3. Read i am gao gushuai villain.... That is the novel closest to i became rich 2nd generation villain... And plus point is there's also nsfw chapter... The first woman he fucked is a milf ...and that nsfw ch is fucking hot

  4. Just type novelupdates on google then search gao fushuai there you will find it or this is the link- Https://

  5. At ch 434, there's this stupidly retarded heroine who likes mc and was saved by mc from nearly getting gang r*ped and killed, and the culprit is presented before her to deal with by mc...this stupidly retarded bich says just kneel and say sorry i will forgive you, i was like bich wtf is there something wrong with your brain?? That shit got you gang r*ped and nearly killed twice( she was also in coma after mc rescued her she was unconscious that culprit sent someone to kill her again and cuz of that she was in coma but mc saved her again) I'm so disgusted by that heroine...and also mc is so retarded sometimes the novel is all about mc dealing with protagonists but this shit ignores heroines, he just makes heroines disgsted with protagonist and thrn says teh protagonist can't get her anyways so i won't f*ck her like WHAT THE FUCK MAN, YOU ARE THE FUCKING VILLAIN YOU SHOULD STEAL PROTAGONIST S BICHES BUT YOU JUST FUCKING IGNORE THEM ....until 434 ch mc only fuked one heroine and that was an accident....i don't want this type of stupid braindead mc, i. Am now dropping it.

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