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Destiny Online: Halo Paladin

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apa? Tidak bisa mengalahkan salinannya? Ayo datang

Kekuatan, kecepatan, kebijaksanaan, vitalitas, keteguhan, meditasi, keberuntungan…

Banyak aura yang ditambahkan ke tubuh Anda, meskipun Anda baru telanjang dan imut, saya dapat mengizinkan Anda memilih BOSS

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Judul Singkat:DOHP
Judul Asli:网游之光环圣骑
Author:Dark Crow's Starry Whisper
Weekly Rank:#8119
Monthly Rank:#7029
All Time Rank:#5555
Label:Cooking, Game Elements, Game Ranking System, Level System, Lucky Protagonist, Magic, Male Protagonist, MMORPG, Romantic Subplot, Virtual Reality,
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  1. Comienzo relativamente interesante con eso de pescar, no se fue de pronto a hacer un matadero de mobs con alta conciencia de peleas. Estaba bastante bien hasta que llegas al cap 33 donde si o si debes ser perro lamido gg. Me quito las ganas de seguir leyendo ya que usualmente se como terminara...

  2. That's quite a good one among vrmmo genre. Mc is such a chill guy and the story is relaxing but not boring. As long as you are not oversensitive about author repeatedly saying women stereotypes, everything is fine. But,there's something personal I find it confusing. It may be just my misunderstanding but there is this first important female character constantly approaching mc romantically or not for the first hundred chapters. Author seems to have the intention to ships them by one cooking and other a foodie. But then, after the first hundred chapters, suddenly, everyone started shipping mc the that female character's best girl friend character. I wonder what the author was thinking at that time. Maybe he just wants to change the cliche of mc getting on with the first female character introduced.

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