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The Card Creator is a very ordinary profession. Simply put, the incumbent seals various kinds of abilities, illusions, images and so on in blank cards for convenience of use. Lu Ming, who initially planned to lead an idle life, had a not-so-boring dream now — He hopes to seal the.... Baca selengkapnya

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~ Mourning the dead and paying tribute to the hero Chapter 673 New era. Chapter 672 Thank you for the rockets presented by the old cardmakers' association

Chapter 671 Card battle! Chapter 670 New war Chapter 669 Punch Screen II. Zero Version! Chapter 668 You disciples! 1 point is not reserved! Chapter 667 That's it! Chapter 666 Real macho, dare to ... Chapter 665 It turns out ... I've been so bullish? Chapter 664 Battle of 9 stars! Chapter 663 That's it?

Chapter 662 Impact 7 stars! Chapter 661 Is there a problem in this world? Chapter 660 0。

Chapter 659 Listen, is this human? Chapter 658 No one knows 'breakthrough' better than me-Lu Ming. Chapter 657 Stimulated disciples Chapter 656 Needless to say, I understand. Chapter 655 Hate. Chapter 654 Master Niubi! Chapter 653 Pregnant? Chapter 652 That little thing in the East China Sea Chapter 651 Come to propose!

Chapter 650 Investigate Lu Ming. Chapter 649 This child is a blessing to Donghae ~ Chapter 648 Do you know what foreign aid is? Chapter 647 This baby is crazy Chapter 646 Get to the sea. Chapter 645 Dog man! Chapter 644 Easy to learn like a sword. Chapter 643 Monkey King Li Haoran. Chapter 642 A model for others. Chapter 641 New technologies are beginning to gain popularity ~ Chapter 640 Hey ~ Chapter 639 I want to be stronger!

Chapter 638 I found you…… Chapter 637 Father as a mountain. Chapter 636 10 years old medic. Chapter 635 Lu Ming is decisive and decisive. Chapter 634 Clean up the portal. Chapter 633 Human beauty. Chapter 632 Disaster comes! Chapter 631 Chapter 630 Your brothers are really good! Chapter 629 Father and son meet. Chapter 628 Comrade Lu Ming's understanding is still quite strong Chapter 627 You look at this world.

Chapter 626 Take the big picture! Chapter 625 Master, I won't let you down! Chapter 624 This little fox said! Chapter 623 The first actress. Chapter 622 Gou. Chapter 621 King's return! Chapter 620 Meet mother and daughter! Chapter 619 Famous all over the world! Chapter 618 Enchanting love! Chapter 617 Gorgeous feast! Chapter 616 The Queen is coming! Chapter 615 You are not alone!

Chapter 614 Sorry, I'm licking the dog. Chapter 613 Just? Can't you change one person to bully? !! Chapter 612 The ultimate battle! Siege battle! Chapter 611 I want to hit you for a long time! Chapter 610 What's Lu Ming apart from? Chapter 609 Little white cow approved! Chapter 608 Become a hammer! roll! Chapter 607 Little sword realized. Chapter 606 New technology. Chapter 605 Rapid drift. Chapter 604 Sword refers to the first! Chapter 603 Don't worry, they're gone.

Chapter 602 You guys who play tactics are dirty than the toilet. Chapter 601 You are weak. Chapter 600 bloody battle! Chapter 599 Gou. Chapter 598 The killings surfaced. Chapter 597 Law enforcement officers besieged Lu Ming. Chapter 596 Year-end performance sprint ~ Chapter 595 You folks! Chapter 594 Marinated teenager. Chapter 593 President! I will live up to you in this life! Chapter 592 Set a small goal yourself! Chapter 591 Is this stack fragrant?

Chapter 592 New disciples of the association Chapter 591 Happy cooperation Chapter 590 Superior Spirit Department Chapter 589 It's the end of the year, and the results are rushing. Chapter 588 Late Night Visit Association ~ Annual meeting in progress Chapter 587 Sword card vs business card! Chapter 586 Everyone loves Lu Ming bacteria. Chapter 585 Burning Rotten Soul! Chapter 584 Well-intentioned big guys. Chapter 583 Seconds! Chapter 582 Have a sense of ceremony at the end of the year.

Chapter 581 Boxer's gift. Chapter 580 What does Lu Ming want to do? !! Chapter 579 10 times the benefits of change! Chapter 578 It's time to update. Chapter 577 Not scientific! ~ ???? ~ Calling of birds Chapter 576 Senior Yin, finally came. Chapter 575 Lu Ming, I'm not as good as that. Chapter 574 New products are born. Chapter 573 People collapse. Chapter 572 Just 1 meal.

Chapter 571 World nuclear level. Chapter 570 There is such a perfect person in this world! !! !! Chapter 569 8 stars! 8 stars! Chapter 568 Hello, Zhao D.VA Chapter 567 Innocent Lu Ming: o (? □?) O Chapter 566 Why are everyone called Tie Zhu? A mage? Chapter 565 Perm perm perm perm perm Chapter 564 Mountain Refuge 2007 Chapter 563 king. Chapter 562 Have you finished your homework? Chapter 561 Brother who finally grew up Chapter 560 Sons and daughters, Quan Lu!

Chapter 559 This plot is not right. Chapter 558 Peerless President Musou! Chapter 557 Dad's hobby is unique. Chapter 556 On how to capture a grandmaster. Chapter 555 Analysis and Research Report on Organizational Behavior Chapter 554 After messing up, something happened. Chapter 557 Why are everyone called Tie Zhu? A mage? Chapter 556 Perm perm perm perm perm Chapter 555 Mountain Refuge 2007 Chapter 554 king. Chapter 553 Have you finished your homework? Chapter 552 Brother who finally grew up

Chapter 551 Children's Doubles President Lu Chapter 550 This plot is not right. Chapter 549 Peerless President Musou! Chapter 548 Dad's hobby is unique. Chapter 547 On how to capture a grandmaster. ~ Sent out Chapter 546 Analysis and Research Report on Organizational Behavior Chapter 545 After messing up, something happened. ~ Write to monthly pass. Chapter 544 Simple and boring life. Chapter 543 roll! Chapter 542 Anti gravity skirt is an insult to Newton!

Chapter 541 Chrysanthemum, also considered a flower? Chapter 540 Funeral flower + Chapter 539 Passing by others' world! Chapter 538 War without gunpowder Chapter 537 Everyone is enemies! Chapter 536 What a broken card! Chapter 535 flowering! flowering! Chapter 534 We just meet each other ~ Chapter 533 Alien civilization! Chapter 532 I heard that the test area of ​​the first academy has been built ... Chapter 531 Brother Lu, give me a way to live! Chapter 530 1 life 2, 2 life 3

Chapter 529 Old acquaintance. Chapter 528 Steel straight man Lu Ming! Chapter 527 Lu Yan: Who says Lu Min is your sister? Chapter 526 bloody battle! Chapter 525 Lu Min, your sister. Chapter 524 Ji Meifeng: Convex Chapter 523 You really have a heart to open the harem! Chapter 522 Blood Moon Boy. Chapter 520 Prepare! Chapter 519 Battle in Death Valley! ~ Dear friends Chapter 518 Incredible undercover

Chapter 517 I don't read much, don't lie to me! Chapter 516 Do you really like Lu Yan? Chapter 515 Hehehehe. Chapter 524 President Dang, wouldn't it? !! Chapter 523 Your big undercover rating is: F- Chapter 522 Come here, eat food. Chapter 521 Master, no! Chapter 520 Unable to play. Chapter 519 Dream of the Lord of the Sky. Chapter 518 Does he have Lu Mingshuai? Chapter 517 Folk artist Chapter 516 Quick, not just an attitude.

Chapter 515 Indecisive, quantum mechanics. Chapter 514 The birth of new technology! Chapter 513 Little parents. ~ Chapter 512 Good atmosphere name! Chapter 511 Inheritance from 1800. Chapter 510 In those years, there was a part-time sword repair. Chapter 509 The realization of the film boy! Chapter 508 Legacy from 1800! Chapter 507 7 Star Showdown! Chapter 506 Help me buy a wreath, the one with RGB. Chapter 505 Hey, handsome life is just so simple ... and dry ...

Chapter 504 Out of position! Out of position! Chapter 503 Ancient race! Chapter 502 2,500 Ye Liangfei deficits! !! !! Chapter 501 It's okay, just get used to it. Chapter 500 pilgrimage! !! !! Chapter 499 Do you know what it feels like to watch a TV show for ten episodes? Chapter 498 Change of Moon Shadow Island! Chapter 497 senior! What a big deal! Chapter 496 Can you chat well? Chapter 495 I really misunderstood Lu Ming's child. Chapter 494 Why are you roaring so loud? Chapter 493 Where is this person sacred? !!

~ happy National Day! Chapter 492 Join a newcomer! Chapter 491 Lu Ming :? ? ? Chapter 490 Moving card fusion! New 6-star card is born! Chapter 489 Prepare for Moon Shadow Island! Chapter 488 Girl Lu Min. Chapter 487 Warm day X often. Chapter 486 Low-key membership. Chapter 485 Master, people are good at being ridden. Chapter 484 Intermediaries who earn the difference. Chapter 483 Hey, little fox. Chapter 482 Missing Jiang Feng.

Chapter 481 Rest assured, Master is proficient in this matter. Chapter 480 Landlord's home fight. Chapter 479 Feeling mentor Li 2 dog. Chapter 478 Is there a dog outside Master? ~ Hello everyone. Chapter 477 Day 1 of cohabitation ~ 嘤 ~ Chapter 476 Sun Wheel Card! Chapter 475 He was professional in being assassinated. Chapter 474 The little prince in the nightclub-Little Snake. Chapter 473 ???? [???! Chapter 472 Furious Li Haoran. Chapter 471 Low-key Title X Five

Chapter 470 Lu Ming: There are too many tofu residue projects now. Chapter 469 Will you make purple sauce and be killed by you alive? !! Chapter 468 The price of becoming stronger. Chapter 467 If he was a woman, he would probably like Master, right? Chapter 466 Cookies full of philosophy. Chapter 465 We are still young, only 30 years old, and our hair has not fallen out! Chapter 464 One of your children will have to be named Qiu in the future. Chapter 463 No chance to make your own! Chapter 462 Take a little accident. Chapter 461 Sister's gift. Chapter 460 Lu Ming is just like the rumors, kind and sincere. Chapter 459 6 Star New Card!

Chapter 458 Low-key battle. Chapter 457 Humans are good friends. Chapter 456 youjump,Ijump Chapter 455 Lu Ming, you have changed. Chapter 454 Honest person-Lu Ming. Chapter 453 Who is your association? !! Chapter 452 Wu Banxian's growth path. Chapter 451 Brother Gao will play ( ̄?  ̄) ~ * Chapter 450 Extraordinary swordsmanship (below) Chapter 449 Extraordinary swordsmanship (on) Chapter 449 Extraordinary swordsmanship! Chapter 448 Download progress ninety-nine percent

Chapter 447 Popular UP 1 master. Chapter 446 You are awake. Chapter 445 Can't you change careers? !! Chapter 444 Dog planning! Strengthen your career! Chapter 443 Rest assured, Master, I understand. Chapter 442 As long as you have a child named Yang in the future. Chapter 441 School Flower's Bodyguard Chapter 440 Men are big pigshoes! Chapter 439 Lu Ming, the child, never said after being wronged. Chapter 438 Low-key July 7. Chapter 437 Low-key headline X IV Chapter 436 Boy, what devil are you?

~ good news! Chapter 435 Girl Zhou Yun. Chapter 434 Me, i don't want to eat coriander Chapter 433 As we all know, cleaning aunt is also a hidden profession. Chapter 432 I always feel something is wrong. Chapter 431 9 stars at your fingertips! !! !! Chapter 430 Low-key headline X III Chapter 429 Dad, I was wrong. Chapter 428 Oh, bull head. Chapter 427 Oh, human. Chapter 426 Whether you are an **** cat or not, you will be my cat father in the future! Chapter 425 Divine recovery!

Chapter 424 Low-key headline X II. Chapter 423 If you abuse him, he will tear down your house! Chapter 422 Ancient Excalibur! Chapter 421 # 我 为 秋 前 尊 做 数据 # Chapter 420 Do you know what a peerless sword repair? Chapter 419 Summary of the periodic report of the sword card division association. ~ What about festivals? Chapter 418 You spicy dad laughed at dad Chapter 417 Weird new card! Chapter 416 Only you president, I ’m so critical! [Pride] [Get ... Chapter 415 You filthy association! Chapter 414 Being curious about pink streets is the most basic respect for a man ...

~ written request for leave Chapter 413 Ship new cards! Chapter 412 Little sword: Misty grass, so I am so niubi? !! Chapter 411 There are few cruel people in the world! Chapter 410 It turns out that this world is so amazing that it has beautiful beauty and talent ... Chapter 409 Get hit by the most poisonous, hit the hottest spot! I'm the Minister of Propaganda and I ... Chapter 408 Don't ride the original card! !! !! Chapter 407 Counseling for Senior Qiu♂♂♂ Chapter 406 Do you look down on me? !! Chapter 405 It is good to have Lu Ming 1/10. Chapter 404 Four hundred and four notfound Chapter 403 Kneel down and call dad!

Chapter 402 Has nothing to do with land Chapter 401 Ghost Fire Card Rollover Chapter 400 Understated title Chapter 399 Blast it! Chapter 398 I hate it ~ Chapter 397 I'm not rocking! Chapter 396 Master. Chapter 395 Do you know how to write 2 characters? Chapter 394 Everyone steals Chapter 393 Sudden war! Chapter 392 Luxury villas! Check in! Chapter 391 How can it be so special? ? ?

Chapter 390 Fall of Sky City ~ Leave for 1 day. Chapter 388 ***** Chapter 387 Lee 2 Dog's Dream! Chapter 386 New disciples come! Chapter 385 Teacher-student love is not allowed! !! !! Chapter 384 Locust-like Energy Warrior Association! Chapter 383 Disciples who graduated in the first stage! Chapter 382 Have I been proud of my college entrance examination? !! Chapter 381 Hahaha, there are such stupid people. ~ Update will be a little late today. Chapter 380 Ha ha, it turned out to be peers.

Chapter 379 College entrance examination plan. Chapter 378 cry! Cry me all! Chapter 377 Dogs are hopeless ... Chapter 376 Master, you will be beaten like this ~ Under revision Chapter 375 Newcomer training activities Chapter 375 That thing ~ Chapter 375 Burst of clothes ~ Chapter 374 My sister finally agreed with me and Master! Chapter 373 The winner has been decided! Chapter 372 12 minutes. Chapter 371 I'm talking about Lu Mingshuai ...

Chapter 370 Haven't you had a girlfriend yet? Chapter 369 You are such a clever ghost Chapter 368 You are already the bottom line. Chapter 367 So what does Old 2 mean? Chapter 366 Lu Ming, come down and die! Chapter 365 Are your brothers and sisters the devil? Chapter 364 I'm not aiming at you, I mean everyone here is ... Chapter 363 If you want to get ahead, you have to show something. Chapter 362 The value of the face is not enough, Master! Chapter 361 Our association is not a cat or a dog ... Chapter 360 It is indeed a senior, so powerful! Chapter 359 Sister Niubi! (Breaking sound)

Chapter 358 Our sword card division is invincible! Chapter 357 wait for me. Chapter 356 Come, let us check you Chapter 355 I'm ashamed, let me undress him Chapter 354 Angry administrator! Chapter 353 Xiaobai, work hard to become strong ~ Chapter 352 Startling change. Chapter 351 Zhong Chu: Please call me 0 people! Chapter 350 Who did I mess with? !! Chapter 349 It turned out to be self-defeating! Chapter 348 Xiaobai, if Lu Ming and Xiaobai are separated, who are you with? Chapter 347 Ah, the long-lost literary exchange.

Chapter 346 Brother Xue who was destroyed. Chapter 345 By boundless Zhang Xukun! Chapter 344 I know you so well. Chapter 343 You grow up ~ Chapter 342 Believe it or not, I'll show it to you? !! Chapter 341 Have you heard of a coffin? Chapter 340 What shouldn't have appeared! ~ Overturned Chapter 339 Spicy Chicken Original Card! I don't learn! Chapter 338 Offspring full of white. Chapter 337 Is this really not going to be beaten? Chapter 336 Sexy little white, teach online!

Chapter 335 balanced! Between all things! Chapter 334 Huh! Eat me a mouthball! Chapter 333 How elegant you were ... Chapter 332 Maybe I'm too kind Chapter 331 New Oriental is here? Chapter 330 Xiaobai, take a bath ... Chapter 329 Birth of the Spirit! Chapter 328 I said it was an accident, do you believe it? Chapter 327 The Star Pavilion Pavilion! ~ There is a power outage, and the update may be late. Chapter 326 Upcoming graduation season Chapter 325 Little white cow approved!

Chapter 324 Diligent Lu Ming! ~ Calling of birds Chapter 323 Ah, the long-lost passion. Chapter 322 Lu Ming for 3 seconds. Chapter 321 Congratulations to Mr. Jian, and advanced training! Chapter 320 What do you want? !! Chapter 319 New belt card series! Chapter 318 I was beaten autistic ... Chapter 317 If you are kidnapped, blink your eyes Chapter 316 What a terrible line Chapter 315 After all, sister is not a devil. Chapter 314 1 Look at the name of the big family!

Chapter 313 Lu Ming, I have seen through you. Chapter 312 Did you grow up eating geometry? Chapter 311 Is the relationship between older siblings so complicated? Chapter 310 Is this your limit? Chapter 309 The real soldier is to rise in danger! Chapter 308 Bury him! !! !! Chapter 307 Let's have a happy fit! Chapter 306 I'm your father! Chapter 305 My life hates cheating dogs the most! Chapter 304 It is indeed a 0-year big school! Chapter 303 Can this teach me? Chapter 302 Niangao only cultivates elementary division, real men should hard anal!

Chapter 301 Why are you calling him? !! Chapter 300 That's right, good talent means you can do whatever you want! Chapter 299 I ’m so sorry to look so handsome ~ Chapter 298 People, always grow up! ~ Chat with everyone Chapter 297 Sword comes. Chapter 296 Is your sister fake? Chapter 295 Calm, just treat yourself as a coser. Chapter 294 Damn sister control! Chapter 293 Hate, Xiaobai is still outside. Chapter 292 Really a master disciple! Chapter 291 A small leather whip that can whip the soul ~

Chapter 290 Damn big face cat! Chapter 289 Smiled at the dog's head. Chapter 288 I treat you as a friend ... you actually ... insert me Chapter 287 It exploded! !! Chapter 286 Is that the older sister you spoiled a few times? Chapter 285 Where can I get my daughter-in-law? Chapter 284 Desolate card! !! !! Chapter 283 Fight 6 stars! !! !! Chapter 274 Desolate card! !! !! Chapter 273 Fight 6 stars! !! !! Chapter 282 Damn fresh charge! Chapter 281 What about a good peerless opportunity? !!

Chapter 280 Whatever you say, Gou is right. ~ Update or something Chapter 279 Double-row rollover ... Chapter 278 Missing hits. Chapter 277 Hahahaha, it's out of stock! Chapter 276 You have been strengthened, go and send! Chapter 275 About the school built on the grave, sorry ... Chapter 274 These 2 hentai! Chapter 273 Dedicated to the job! Chapter 272 Come to shame me! ~ untitled Chapter 271 You will be killed like this.

Chapter 270 1 The voyeurism of the entire industry! Chapter 269 I'm the man who watched 80 TV series! Chapter 268 You are the master, you have the final say! Chapter 267 Sword card division training starts from the baby! Chapter 266 Brother, don't you eat noodles? Chapter 265 breakthrough! breakthrough! Chapter 264 The choice of geniuses! Chapter 263 What procedure to follow, flowering is right! Chapter 262 Son, are you interested in women's clothing? Chapter 261 flowering! flowering! Chapter 260 Bloom! Moonlight card! Chapter 259 Rain and dew

Chapter 258 Is the private life of the beastly world so messy now? Chapter 257 What is this little 8 egg doing Chapter 256 Do not bring such bullying! Chapter 255 Caress by irritable dude Chapter 254 Have you seen the protagonist of such salty fish? Chapter 253 I have never seen any size of this deity Chapter 252 You Hentai! Chapter 251 Carling from someone else's house Chapter 250 Not enough talent for sister! Chapter 249 Ancient repeater! Chapter 248 What do you think is bad for you? Chapter 247 Here comes all ...

Chapter 246 Wu Geng is dead and is burning paper. Chapter 245 Master, isn't this the standard for Sword Master? Chapter 244 Girl, do you have some misunderstanding about the value of face? Chapter 243 Let the teacher check your health ... Chapter 242 Damn! Mosaic is not a disability! Chapter 241 You can communicate with her deeply Chapter 240 As everyone knows ... Chapter 239 Bitch is so beautiful! ~ Happy new year to everyone Chapter 238 Wait for Lu Ming to burst your chrysanthemums! Chapter 237 shock the world! Chapter 236 Put down Pharaoh, come to me!

Chapter 235 Wow, Master also knows art ~ Chapter 234 I don't know what kind of cat brother ... Chapter 233 揍 Do you still need a reason? Chapter 232 Here, Master shows you a big baby Chapter 231 Lu Ming was arrested Chapter 230 I'm just an innocent cardmaker Chapter 229 Principal, are you still not ready? Chapter 228 Phantom lore! Chapter 227 You have become pink and you have become stronger. Chapter 226 Hahahahahaha I am up! ~ Thank you for your support and chat Chapter 225 My current sister is really ...

Chapter 224 Mysterious ancient heritage! !! !! Chapter 223 Replace the old card with the new one ... Chapter 222 Breaking people to practice, this is a great hatred! Chapter 221 You even made your hair secretly! Chapter 220 The current spirit body is really not as good as one. Chapter 219 Is this the hero's sense of mission? ~ Thank you friends for your support and say something Chapter 218 Sudden scam call! Chapter 217 Not only handsome, but also good personality! Chapter 216 What about a good 6-star snake? Chapter 215 Do you have any misunderstanding about the original card? Chapter 214 Lu Ming

Chapter 213 How can we be lazy? Chapter 212 So cool to fly! Chapter 211 Why is your taste getting heavier? Chapter 210 Master is so big! Chapter 209 1 face aggressive (adjective) Lu Ming Chapter 208 Am I that kind of person? Chapter 207 Disenchanted for years Chapter 206 Gorgeous performance by 6 star killer Chapter 205 After messing around, Dad's brain is broken Chapter 204 Panic Luming ~ Chapter 203 1 Seeing is not a serious card Chapter 202 Fortunately, the cat did not bite the mosaic ...

Chapter 201 Have you ever seen a big core after going around? Chapter 200 This time I did n’t pit you Chapter 199 Can't afford to mess around ~ ~ Update may be later Chapter 198 Master, please do n’t blame Master Chapter 197 Have you kept me from memorizing college rules? Chapter 196 Feeling hollowed out ... Chapter 195 Xiaobai vomited this morning Chapter 194 Who are you from? Chapter 193 Who told you that you can't get in? Chapter 192 Cat brother doesn't have any eggs? !! Chapter 191 As everyone knows ...

Chapter 190 Water Ghost Legend! Chapter 189 Hope everyone pays more attention to my strength, not Yan Chapter 188 Lu Ming Chapter 187 Captain Fenglin's Sao Operation Chapter 186 If you hit again and again, it leaks. Chapter 185 Brother Lu, you are broken ... Chapter 184 How do you live till now? Chapter 183 I heard that the quality of students in key universities is very high ... ~ Author's bacteria for further study ~ Chapter 182 Are the lines so shame now? Chapter 181 Vanishing battlefield! ~ Author of further training

Chapter 180 The death of Jian Xiu Wu Hongfei! Chapter 179 Does the little girl play that big now? Chapter 178 Crazy, everyone fights! Chapter 177 Do you have any misunderstanding of the card maker? Chapter 176 What do you think of engraved CDs? !! Chapter 175 May I see your body? Chapter 174 sister! I want to rebuild! Chapter 173 A small train crosses the cave ... Chapter 172 Mysterious man in black! Chapter 171 Please! Please accept my good card! Chapter 170 Why is it so familiar? Chapter 169 Jedi Escape.

Chapter 168 Help me hit 1 person! Chapter 167 Have you ever heard of one coming from the sky ... Chapter 166 Nothing can't be solved by 1 sword, if there is ... Chapter 165 You wait first, let me cross my back Chapter 164 You guys really advise! Chapter 163 Is the doll 3 look so right now? Chapter 162 This **** brother and sister love! Chapter 161 May I be killed? Chapter 160 Is there something wrong with your plan? Chapter 159 Do you all believe in Buddha? Chapter 158 Going out, there must be 1 craft Chapter 157 What are you doing

Chapter 156 You are going to heaven! Chapter 155 Are you here? Chapter 154 New skills get√ Chapter 153 Who did I mess with? Chapter 152 Your word is very delicate Chapter 151 Big brother, are you serious? Chapter 150 What are these 2 guys doing? Chapter 149 Angry to force card division! Chapter 148 Can this thing be refined? Chapter 147 What do you mean? !! Chapter 146 Peerless sword repair Qiu Shuyi! Chapter 145 What did you do !!

Chapter 144 Kneeling down and calling dad is right! Chapter 143 3 swords! Chapter 142 Lore! Chapter 141 Can you shut up? Chapter 3 Minute delay ... Chapter 140 Inheritance is coming! Chapter 139 Have you overlooked anything Chapter 138 Can you take it apart? Chapter 137 Everyone, please die. Chapter 136 Buddhism competition! Chapter 135 Since we are powerless to resist ... Chapter 134 Sooner or later will be killed!

Chapter 133 Legacy: The Truth of Thriller! Chapter 132 As long as you do n’t dismantle, you can say anything! Chapter 131 Incredible pursuit! Chapter 130 6th heavy mountain! Chapter 129 Life is the most annoying to bring sister dog! Chapter 128 Thunder thunderous! Chapter 127 Everyone, please go down Chapter 126 Sword Qi is like a forest! Chapter 125 You say you are not cheap Chapter 124 ???? ● Chapter 123 What did your sisters and brothers do? !! Chapter 122 Why is there such an thing in the assessment!

Chapter 121 Sister, you will spoil people like this! Chapter 120 How can you be so shameless! Chapter 119 Mind duel! Chapter 118 1 hit on a snowy road! Chapter 117 You are the worst I have ever seen Chapter 116 No inheritance made by yourself! Chapter 115 Heritage 1 Day Tour Chapter 114 Quite a Buddhist heritage ... Chapter 113 Mentality burst! ~ update completed! Chapter 112 A wide range of younger brothers Chapter 111 Go and find him!

Chapter 110 You are bullying! Chapter 5 More done! !! Ask for a monthly pass! Chapter 109 If you want to become stronger ... Chapter 108 How to properly increase combat effectiveness? Chapter 107 Dimensionality reduction Chapter 106 Circular ecological structure Chapter 105 You wait, I'll go cat ~ Testimonials Chapter 104 Who is the main character? Chapter 103 Without morals, anything is possible! Chapter 102 Can't you go to heaven? !! Chapter 101 Brothers and sisters vs sisters!

Chapter 100 Xiaoqing's choice Chapter 99 Have you considered the feeling of the cardinal? Chapter 98 4 star cattle batch, right? Chapter 97 Go, show you the goldfish for the teacher! Chapter 96 Are you a plug-in? Chapter 95 I am waiting for you! Chapter 94 I look so honest? Chapter 93 It ’s over. Chapter 92 It was better to find a sleeping big brother ... Chapter 91 Stable batch Chapter 90 You want to cut like this Chapter 89 Are they all so inflated?

Chapter 88 Rich money! Chapter 87 The biggest difference Chapter 86 Say good strength is too weak? !! Chapter 85 Eye of Insight Chapter 84 1 group of goods! Chapter 83 Master is so charming Chapter 82 Black technology! Chapter 81 you have grown up! Chapter 80 Don't think I don't know a vest! Chapter 79 Brother, am I saying this? ~ Four hundred and four Chapter 78 What a ghost name!

Chapter 77 It's green and stronger Chapter 76 The strongest scene of the grave head card! Chapter 75 Mystery guest Chapter 74 Why is it getting weirder? Chapter 73 The birth of Douyin 1 Chapter 72 I think I can save 1 Chapter 71 Fanze Chapter 70 The reflection of the world! Chapter 69 Weird mist Chapter 68 The grave head card is here! Chapter 67 Do you have any misunderstandings with the cardmaker? Chapter 66 Your head your head

Chapter 65 Actually soft? Chapter 64 Sword fall Chapter 63 Flustered Wang Tianjun Chapter 62 What a ghost testimony Chapter 61 This is what you forced me to Chapter 60 Delay to understand 1? Chapter 59 The taste of love Chapter 58 Qualified gatekeeper Chapter 57 Picturesque Zhang Xueyao Chapter 56 Ming Lu Chapter 55 Dried pear mother! !! !! Chapter 54 Those things at the grave

Chapter 53 Overtaking in the corner! Chapter 52 Have you ever heard of the profession of the Golden Practitioner? Chapter 51 Just go, do n’t go in Chapter 50 Mysterious gift Chapter 49 The navy does not ask the source! Chapter 48 Such a stupid way of encryption. Chapter 47 Unable to copy! Chapter 46 Fear dominated by crickets! Chapter 45 I let you delete enough! Chapter 44 Little Storm of the Card Makers Association Chapter 43 The second game card is out! Chapter 42 The child is still growing

Chapter 41 New game cards! Chapter 40 Can't afford to mess with! Chapter 39 Mysterious technology! Chapter 38 Strong survivability Chapter 37 Can change color! Chapter 36 D encryption Chapter 35 Does the cardmaker eat your rice? ~ Batch Chapter 34 It's my turn Chapter 33 Team battles can lose! Can't carry it! Chapter 32 Man occupying 2 urinals! Chapter 31 What about cattle? !!

Chapter 30 Fusion! Fusion! Chapter 29 I'm your father! Chapter 28 Damn helper demon! Chapter 27 Lu Yan Chapter 26 100 million! Chapter 25 Brother, what have you experienced before? Chapter 24 This is what you said! Chapter 23 Where is the teleportation? Chapter 22 (Tue / Tue) Do you know how hard my energy shield is? Chapter 22 (1/2) shot Chapter 22 Shoot! Chapter 21 Strong **** smell

Chapter 20 Mystery! Chapter 19 Surprise Chapter 18 Mining area Chapter 17 Rumors 4 Chapter 16 Mining Boy Chapter 15 Mysterious new card! Chapter 14 Lightning original card Chapter 13 Weird card face Chapter 12 Internship Chapter 11 The price of the serval Chapter 10 Ancient being Chapter 9 Legendary card

Chapter 8 Crazy heat Chapter 7 Mental breakdown Chapter 6 Cottage rampage Chapter 5 Business is booming Chapter 4 Starting! Chapter 3 New card! Chapter 2 Magic business card Chapter 1 Hello world

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