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Douluo: Hang Up and Become a God

3.8 (51 reviews)
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Seberangi Benua Douluo dan jadilah cucu Jack tua.

Dengan panel penggantung di tubuhnya, kesombongan Hu Jiu berlipat ganda.

“Tang San, maafkan aku, Xiao Wu milikku, jangan pikirkan itu.”

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Judul Singkat:DHUBG
Judul Asli:斗罗之挂机成神
Author:Rock blossom
Weekly Rank:#621
Monthly Rank:#476
All Time Rank:#589
Label:Dishonest Protagonist, Douluo Dalu, Early Romance, Fanfiction, Harem, Hiding True Abilities, Hiding True Identity, Lolicon, Male Protagonist, Netorare, System,
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  1. I guess it will work out in the end, but his reason for choosing his second spirit ring is just stupid. He gets the ability to just cover up Xiao Wu's breath instead of just telling her not to participate in the (basically useless) tournament in case she doesnt get the fairy herb... and this is 7-8 years before the tournament, so choosing another ability first that actually helps him before that would be much smarter.

  2. another thing is his laziness. I mean, I get it, he hangs up and practices autimatically. But he can improve his speed by cultivating actively, as well. But he would rather play around with Xiao Wu all the day(as 6 year olds) than training after being reincarnated into a fantasy world...

  3. Damn so they became gods and took their family but forgot their teacher? Zhuqing didn’t bring anyone she could’ve brought Zhao Wuki

  4. Aunque el final fue apresurado y algo malo, lo recomiendo, le doy un 4*/5*. Estaba chetado pero no tanto, había enemigos pero el no buscaba problemas, y en el caso de romance debido a las circunstancias fue se quedo con las 3, eso si salvo Xiao Wu, el resto poco protagonismo tuvieron.

  5. Just Finished reading the book. Neither a bad one nor an impressive one but overall it has got a positive vibe to it. the pace is decent and somewhat on the faster side and a its ok to pass your time

  6. Hu Jiu said, "Brother, thank you, you are right, to like is to like, I was wrong. The big deal is that I will get a clone, one will marry Xiao Wu, the other will marry Zhuqing. One person, one person, no one is jealous. " If this happens then this is fck up. Why not just marry both of them why create a clone? Fcking coward

  7. Also he already have Xiao wu but is still thinking of other women and he can't even resist the charm of the slave he bought. I don't like this kind of mc

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