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Bangun dalam semalam, dunia berubah, dan tujuan belajarnya adalah untuk bertarung di dunia lain.

Dua jiwa yang berbeda bergabung di dunia baru, bagaimana mereka akan menghadapi masa depan.

Du You: Saya tidak memiliki sistem, tetapi saya memiliki dua profesi.

- Deskripsi dari MTL


Judul Singkat:ETTA
Judul Asli:地球穿越时代
Weekly Rank:#73
Monthly Rank:#34
All Time Rank:#120
Label:Academy, Alternate World, Archery, Army Building, Battle Academy, Clever Protagonist, College/University, Demons, Evil Gods, Fantasy Magic, Fantasy World, Game Elements, Godly Powers, Gods, Harem, Interdimensional Travel, Kingdom Building, Level System, Loner Protagonist, Loyal Subordinates, Magic, Magical Technology, Male Protagonist, Monster Tamer, Nobles, Pets, Racism, Ruthless Protagonist, S*x Slaves, Skill Creation, Slaves, Special Abilities, Strength-based Social Hierarchy, Summoning Magic, Transmigration, Wizards, World Hopping,

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~ End of this testimonial 2021-03-13 22:00:21 Chapter 2249 The origin of 1 cut (grand finale) 2021-03-13 22:00:20 Chapter 2248 Success and turbulence 2021-03-13 22:00:19 Chapter 2247 The final counterattack of the will of the world 2021-03-13 22:00:17 Chapter 2246 Your end is here 2021-03-13 22:00:16

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54 komentar pada “Earth Through The Ages
  1. Good idea, very poor execution. Considering the frequent censorship of chink govt you can forget about that harem tag. By 1k chapters you will be wondering what the fuck are you reading. After he became tier 3 it is just routine power wank nationalism ahoy with a slice of youtiao

  2. Rating 3/5, early chapters are fine mc gets an advantage and levels up quickly. Then you hit tier 4 and shit slows down and becomes annoying. Mc is a blockhead as well. Theres a harem where he accepts some girls for inexplicable reasons and rejects 2 girls for inexplicable reasons (aisha and elf queen). After chapter 1700 or so its just mind numbingly boring to me and because of the time spent cultivating mcs reason to reject those 2 poor girls grow even more inexplicable as they follow around him for decades and him knowing they wont accept any other guy, why not just firmly reject them rather than string them on. Author says mc is dense or hes inflexible in his thinking as reasons but thays not a valid excuse when you also say as you get stronger you can feel peoples emotions etc and have higher computational abilities. Idk man i wanna like this novel but eh

  3. Please include this novel This is the best basketball novel I have read up till now. Here mc purchased nets. Reasonable conversations and better character development.

  4. I just want to comment on this novel. 网游开局获得神级天赋 Mc are too stupid. Before, mc as an archer for 8 years. He has a lot of advantage. But after mc rebirth before the start of the game. Mc choose beastmaster as profession. Suck. Mc just wasting his own advantage, he has dragon bloodline. But he choose beastmaster as a profession that clearly downside his own abilities. Then mc complaints that other are stronger than him. Even said, as a rebirth, he is too shame to be weaker than other players even not making it to top 10. But shit. Mc only saw the stats he got, and thinks that it is stronger than others. But mc don't even think that the stats got stronger than other because of his dragon bloodline. Don't he think that if he choose other profession, it would be a lot stronger than his is now? Mc has high attack power before he choose a profession, but after he change, mc throw away his own advantage, just because mc want to take different route. You know, he's been an archer for about 8 years before rebirth. And after rebirth, mc has a lot of knowledge about archer, why would he not take advantage of it to go farther than other players? They just getting start you know? And mc already has a lot pf experience. But he choose a profession that he don't even know. Fuck. And his beastmaster are already said to reduce all his magic damage. Only his beast are strong. But, mc don't even want to take a beast till level 30, but he only strolling around, not even level up faster. And before, mc has a lot of attack power, and if he choose archer, plus with the bow he got, maybe his attack would already reach 1000. Don't he think about it? Mc just wasting his god level talent, 100% enhancement. Fuck. For beastmaster, his own magic damage are reduces, what use for enhancement? Shit. And before, mc can kill monsters easily, faster, but now, mc want to kill monsters, are fcking slower than before. Because his attack power and attack speed are fcking slow after he change profession. And before, mc can spike others, or need to attack 2x, to kill. But now, mc need a lot of attack to kill others, don't mc think about it? So stupid mc. He has a lot of advantage already, but not taking advantage of it. Mc just throw away all his knowledge. For fcking stupid decision just to follow other route other don't want to take just because of fcking beastmaster need to have a lot of resources. Mc think that because of his god level talent, he can have a lot of resources, fck shit. It better if mc choose archer, because he already has a lot of knowledge of being an archer. Stupid mc. Don't know what to say, just want to curse mc.

  5. He didnt choose summoner, after realization he got a legal (mage class) and a summoner class automatically and he just chose an occupation after. When he crossed over it was his previous self that practiced swordsmanship and he did not inherit all the memories so theres not really a problem abandoning it

  6. I feel like we didnt read the same novel, mc had summoned beasts way before level 30 and wasnt in dire need of a pet to fill his pet slot with so many summons.

  7. No no, I just like to comment it on the spot, because the story is a bit interesting, That place don't have comment section. That's why I comment it here. If on comrademao, there are comment section below the chapters, I always critics below, even if I re-read the novels. "When he crossed over it was his previous self that practiced swordsmanship and he did not inherit all the memories so theres not really a problem abandoning it" The mc himself said that, he have all the knowledge of archer because he had played it for 8 years, only the knowledge of other thing he don't know because he is a bit isolated. And, there's a problems with the story, He has god level talent, 100% enhancement right? Then, why are there a lot of people getting a lot of 25+ equipment? From the start I read the novel, When mc got those talent, I thought that it was hard to enhanced an equipment to 25+ right? But after mc goes into the game, it didn't even took 3 days at all, there are already 25+ enhancement on other people. Why? Because the story don't limit the enhancement at all, there are no destroyed because of failure to enhanced. It only need to have enough enhanced stones to get to 25+. Then, I think mc talent are really useless. Right?

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