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Setelah dikhianati oleh orang-orang yang pernah dicintainya, Lu Ming mengalami kenyataan dingin dari dunia kultivasi. Namun, seperti kebetulan, ia memperoleh warisan ahli tertinggi yang pernah mengalami nasib yang sama dengannya. Mulai saat ini, dunia akan gemetar pada kelahiran Kaisar Naga Abadi yang legenda-legendanya akan bergema sampai kekekalan.

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Judul Singkat:EDE
Judul Asli:万道龙皇
Author:Shepard Yinzhu
Weekly Rank:#520
Monthly Rank:#862
All Time Rank:#90
Label:Arrogant Characters, Beautiful Female Lead, Betrayal, Cultivation, Fast Cultivation, Hot-blooded Protagonist, Underestimated Protagonist,

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2 komentar pada “Everlasting Dragon Emperor
  1. Garbage novel I have reached the Chapter 1800 but all And the events are repeated, and the characters of the novel are all without minds, and the hero is an idiot who thinks he is smart, but frankly, in relation to the rest sorry for bad English

  2. this novel is very ordinary, I give 6 stars out of 10 stars, I am surprised that every novel I read there is always a little girl / Loli nearby, are Chinese fans of loli? as an adult reader, I really hate it, and the cultivation of a woman / maid is faster than herself, the fuck bad novel

  3. the pendant was with him for six years but he didn't activate that shit for six years? Other people starts cultivating at the age of six and MC is cripple till sixteen? I hate this plot. Not because its a cliche but because Other genius are always younger than MC. Why not Make rule that makes people unable to cultivate till reaching adulthood. But Let people know the talent level at the time of birth. that way MC can be plotted as trash But He can get the Cheat at the starting point of cultivation age.

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