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Fairy Tail’s Passive Invincibility

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  1. His magic was able to suppressed Motherglare but it was nothing in front of Young Mirajane? Like bruh... So Young Mira was stronger than Motherglare..

  2. It's really ridiculous how mc use so much magic power with ordinary magic and can only figh in extended fight because he absorb the magic of the person he kill, but other people with stronger magic and wit lower amount of magic than him can fight longer. Is even more ridiculous how author is completely needing characters in the novel, is stoped the moment he made Gilda one of the strongest character of the series have trouble with minions simple because is against too much of them, but on the contrary mc is killing evem more than gildarts. Really trash Chinese fic, these trash people can only make trash fanfic, disgusting racist fics or nationalism brainwash

  3. Everyone is nerfed, everyone is scared of MC. That's the premise that he uses every time the MC fights. It's like a cultivator spent a million years in a cave and only comes out and fight when he can curb stomps everyone.

  4. Chapter 7 " But as a great Chinese traveler, certain moral bottom lines still leave a deep mark in his bones..." Are you kidding me?? Don't get offended but most of the Chinese people are racist and nationalist which try to exaggerate themselves...I hope it's not one of those novels...

  5. Chapter 19 and 20....Dude I can't understand this interracial love for your nether regions despite being a male of human species that you spent entire chapters writing about crotch in the battle scene....ITS A BATTLE NOT COMEDY DAMNIT!!!

  6. Chapter 29 - 30...... "suddenly!A familiar figure suddenly appeared in front of Wei Yi's eyes... Seeing this figure, Wei Yi's eyes suddenly lit up!"... CAN'T YOU USE OTHER WORDS!!!!

  7. Chapter 95....."The two desperately wanted to go to the rescue, but their speed could not keep up with the Black Scale Monster. at this time!   Uer shot."......WHY SO LATE?...

  8. Chapter 125....."A deep voice suddenly appeared in everyone's ears.    "The power of lava beast armor~~""..... AGAIN!!??

  9. I just finished and i didnt expect it to be like that overall great story it was good, author was up to date with the fairy tail arc's and information and thanks to that he got us a great story and thank you author

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