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Kisah tentang seorang pemuda dengan keterampilan tempur “Dungeons and Warriors” dan berlatih dojo yang melakukan perjalanan ke zaman sihir.

PS: Seri novel DNF telah menyelesaikan Ghost Swordsman "The Ghost Swordsman", the Sharpshooter "The Gun Master", dan imamat "The Adorable God Believer", ini adalah yang keempat.

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Judul Singkat:FIAM
Judul Asli:魔法时代的格斗家
Author:Sudden light and heat
Weekly Rank:#8739
Monthly Rank:#9769
All Time Rank:#7941
Label:Cheats, Male Protagonist, Martial arts,
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  1. Cool story, misunderstandings and mistakes can be forgiven. However, around 200ch. after the destruction of the body and how to practice qi it sprinkled lightly. The story is good, it is tiring that the author of the fillers in the style of dialogues, such as there is no May master, etc. or the choreography of the fight does not change. Always against something in a combo and it's just simply etc. It hurts, however, that magic is weaker than the master - even to train the body, no one else has done it to this extent. and fighting with everything is one big mistake - it's a big big mistake - it's nothing, also nothing is silt of this power or otherwise it disrupts it, and it destroys everything, even the "most destructive will of the sword". 243ch and I'm done with this novel. Until 200, I was on the action / kung-fu sentiment. I thought this irrationality would be fixed but they hit none of it.

  2. and in addition, the fact that the main character will use kung-fu tricks to overthrow and be better than the person in the position of the head of the organization. (they have more time to train, more magic, more cheats, including the bw. But they still die like flies). Throughout the book, when someone turns on a mc, he doesn't use magic creatively.

  3. Menurutku sih masih bagus alurnya. Sampai MC belajar nian qi mulai agak membosankan untuk lanjut baca, mau lanjut rasanya kaya males gitu akhirnya

  4. Terakhir baca chapter 163. Cukup bisa dinikmati. || MC dekat dengan banyak perempuan. Tapi belum ada yang menjadi pasangan. Sampai sekarang belum ada indikasi seudara perempuan tak sedarah. Kemungkinan besar, saudara kandung. || Yang agak menyebalkan terlalu banyak kebetulan. Terlalu banyak. Kebetulan yang dimaksud benar-benar kebetulan bukan "peluang". Atau bisa disebut juga plot-armor. || Lalu ada beberapa hal yang dilupakan. Maksudnya ada plot yang udah dibangun. Lalu ditinggalkan. Agak mirip kayak gitu. Gak tau kalo di chapter selanjutnya di bahas lagi. Tapi kayaknya kemungkinan nya rendah. || Kalo soal tingkat kekuatan. Ketika naikin kekuatan. Perasaan yang aku dapat skillnya bertambah banyak. Gak dapet perasaan "oh tambah kuat". Mungkin perasaan ku doang. || Untuk musuh. Musuh muncul tanpa otak kayaknya cuman 1. Sejauh ini. || Satu hal lagi yang agak menyebalkan kesalahan paham tentang MC yang gak bisa sihir. Ini yang agak menyebalkan menurut ku.|

  5. Can anybody tell me if they know the title for a novel, where the MC trains in a mountain steadily then his master found a wife for him or sumthing.

  6. Me too😑😑. I found it, its girlfriend from turquoise pond, a few chapters in and I remebered why I dropped it. Wasted my time for that stupid novel.

  7. I mean, if you’re talking bout meditation and stuff, it’s basically essential in the way of martial arts, and is essential to practice martial arts a lot to hone them, but if you’re talking bout actual “cultivation” then eh, it’s not really that bad, cultivation isn’t really 5hat bad in an story, it really just shows actual progress and “good power leveling” to know how strong people are instead of just how dbz does it

  8. I think he fucking meant Chinese freud cultivation martial arts. You can train your body and exaggerate it like how chinese cultivation does. For example, I lift my dumbbells 200 times a day for 6 weeks to breakthough higher state of muscle, basically a cultivation for body, just not chinese. Write it in several novels and flood the internet with that bullshit, then booom you have the same cultivation of Chinese freud martial arts.

  9. Then label it as path towards infinite life, exaggerate it to the level of the universe, put some line like gods, demon and beast, and boom you have your own cultivation system. Its just a system to glorify martial arts in China. The only thing missing is the reiki revival looooool. I saw some fancy cha cha they do in china and that is fucking hilarious.

  10. And seeing your review about “why does chinese mc think like a cultivator” well let me tell you that cultivation is actually fiction, and the “thinking” is basically philosophies that in old times Chinese people used to follow until now, so basically your whole thing about “cultivation that and this” is basically not needed

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