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From Propulsion City To Multiverse

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Jelajahi kebenaran dunia misterius, bergema melalui multiverse atas nama umat manusia.

Semuanya dimulai di Kota Propulsi di rute laut yang luas. Pengetahuan mengubah takdir, sains dan teknologi menghilangkan ketidaktahuan, dan kaliber adalah kebenaran.

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Judul Singkat:FPCTM
Judul Asli:从推进城到多元宇宙
Author:Lingnan Three People
Weekly Rank:#227
Monthly Rank:#322
All Time Rank:#2496
Label:Accelerated Growth, Adventurers, Army Building, Biochip, Body Swap, Cheats, Clones, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Genetic Modifications, Genius Protagonist, Hunters, Industrialization, Kingdom Building, Male Protagonist, Multiple Identities, Naruto, One Piece, Overpowered Protagonist, Pirates, Protagonist with Multiple Bodies, Scientists, Secret Organizations, Secretive Protagonist, Strategic Battles, Strong to Stronger, Technological Gap, Unique Cultivation Technique,
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  1. I say for the second time well done and please don’t stop updating or i will blacklist mlt and choose another website. You have my highest respect ✊ and support (Lingnan Three People) and seriously 😐 don’t let us fans down this time at least after all most of the good stories either the author ✍️ dies early or gets the book drops down. Please keep the updates and update more if you can i will send the link of this page to my group friends 👍🤗

  2. you are aware that the author will never see this because this is just a "MTL"="machine translation" website. . . e.g they take the CN text from UUkanshu or some other ripper site [ripper sites = mostly taiwanese-hosted websites which take paid novel-chapters from Qidian (Qidan is hosted in mainland china, of which the english seite is known as "webnovel")and re-uplads it to their site]. so if you want the author to see it you'd need to make a Qidian account (for which u need a mainland chinese phone number) and comment on it in Chinese

  3. Well the most heartfelt novel i have read so far with comprehensive details and even the imagination stays in line with the story and this the second time I comment on a novel on MTL and i have read all good system novels and non system novels too, the plot is in line and the universe background is perfect so far with detailed rules of different universes and the start is good with low strength and correct plot and the mc isn’t a retard with overpowered abilities and the MC developed step by step and again the details are impeccably implied. 👍

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