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Lin Yang berjalan melalui sistem dan melihat ke langit tanpa berkata-kata.

Mengapa itu muncul langsung di dunia mimpi buruk seperti dunia yang sempurna?

Untungnya, Anda dapat terus bepergian tanpa panik!

Dunia yang sempurna, penguasa satu dunia, peneduh langit, naga, penguasa misteri, katalog kehancuran, ahli seni bela diri, dunia perang.

Lin Yang tertinggal di setiap dunia.

- Deskripsi dari MTL


Judul Singkat:FPW
Judul Asli:自完美世界开始
Author:It's hard to calm down.
Weekly Rank:#3531
Monthly Rank:#2902
All Time Rank:#2992
Label:Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, God Protagonist, Harem, Male Protagonist, Multiple Identities, Survival Game, System, Time Travel, World Travel,
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  1. When the protagonist grow up he would say something like "im still weak in front of my brother(MC)" and the crowd would be like "just how strong this person(MC) even protagonist have to bow down"... u know what i mean

  2. It was interesting start and setup until MC forgot his main advantage and got stuck in reincarnation world and started to do mission on it and begain to guide team members ... i read and read waiting for MC to fkin go to another world and get advantages of other world like go and get rinnegan eyes and some other advntages that i don't know but i am crossing 100 chapter and no mc is still doing mission on reincarnation world... i mean why would you start from other world if you wanted to write about reincarnation world and why would you even write about reincarnation world as there is already other novel about reincarnation world... it does not make sense at yes if you want to read about the story of boy crossing with excellent system with function which makes MC practice cultivation at very cheap price and and earn exp from killing and go to other world... but MC forgot all his advantages and got stuck in second world travelling and did not bother killing other, wait for system task and starts to make good relation with character in second world of reincarnation world then this is for you. LOL THAT WAS LONG...!!

  3. my bad until 70.... he did leave the world... now it's going to the good direction.. definitely worth your time(thumbs up) FINALLY LEAVING REINCARNATION (TEAR FACE)

  4. OK i quit.. left reincarnation and now starts to baby sitting orginal protagonist of the perfect world... WHY DO YOU EVEN WANT TO BABY SIT the SON OF DESTINY??? DOES IT MAKE SENSE?? SIGH DISAPPOINTED.

  5. Fanfic cant be monetized unless theres authorization and royalty paid to the author of perfect world. But this is a chinese novel so its high chance monetized and did not have authors permission AKA plagiarism.

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