From the Perfect World

Lin Yang walked through the system and looked at the sky speechlessly. Why does it appear directly in a nightmare world like the perfect world? Fortunately, you can continue to travel without panic! The perfect world, the lord of one world, the sky-shading, the dragon, the lord o.... Baca selengkapnya

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Chapter 1391 fear Chapter 1390 Supreme Chapter 1389 Fairyland beacon

Chapter 1388 transaction Chapter 1387 The battlefield of emperor and emperor Chapter 1386 Nantianmen Chapter 1385 The Returning King Chapter 1384 Ye Hongniang Chapter 1383 Black hand Chapter 1382 Ye Fan Chapter 1381 Outsider Chapter 1380 1 part of history

Chapter 1379 The missing Ye Tiandi Chapter 1378 Silent Golden Crow Chapter 1377 300,000 years in the Tiandi calendar

Chapter 1376 King's Peep Chapter 1375 Supreme feast ~ Say one... Chapter 1374 Tears in the eyes Chapter 1373 Golden Crow Information Chapter 1372 A pot of heaven Chapter 1371 Emperor Fall? Chapter 1370 Destiny Chapter 1369 The **** battle in front of Tianmen

Chapter 1368 The despair of Tianjiao Chapter 1367 feast Chapter 1366 Uneasy Chapter 1365 Supreme Chaos Chapter 1364 Fierce Chapter 1363 Shi Huang smiled Chapter 1362 acquaintance Chapter 1361 desolate Chapter 1360 End of fairy road Chapter 1359 Fairy road opens, supreme out Chapter 1358 14 years later, return to Beidou Chapter 1357 Bronze spear

Chapter 1356 Longevity medicine Chapter 1355 Heart is like a knife Chapter 1354 Return to home Chapter 1353 The source of the catastrophe Chapter 1352 God Chapter 1351 The change of the emperor, the emperor Chapter 1350 Fairy iron rod Chapter 1349 Renewed attack Chapter 1348 Wind blows ~ Chapter 1347 Ancient saints Chapter 1346 Background

~ Chapter 1345 Donghuang Shake Chapter 1344 Out of control and destruction Chapter 1343 3 differences of the Lord Chapter 1342 The real identity of the deserter is... Chapter 1341 Revolving lantern Chapter 1340 shortage? Chapter 1339 Uncle Lin: You are finally grown up Chapter 1338 A trip to the earth 2000 years ago Chapter 1337 Butterfly wings Chapter 1336 Duan De: I am Cao Yusheng! Chapter 1335 Great achievement

Chapter 1334 Heaven and Earth Chapter 1333 Turn stones into gold, create something in the void Chapter 1332 The era of low profile is coming Chapter 1331 Mercedes Youth Chapter 1330 End of the Ancient Chapter 1329 Sendo 1 dream Chapter 1328 The legend of the chaotic ancient era...the royal family Chapter 1327 Tool man Chapter 1326 The rise of the new emperor Chapter 1325 Longevity Chapter 1231 Mercedes Youth Chapter 1230 End of the Ancient

Chapter 1229 Fairy Way 1 Dream Chapter 1228 The legend of the chaotic ancient era...the royal family Chapter 1227 Tool man Chapter 1226 The rise of the new emperor Chapter 1225 Longevity Chapter 1235 Longevity Chapter 1324 The most painful is... Chapter 1323 Real restricted area Chapter 1322 punish! Chapter 1321 Emperor Chapter 1320 Supreme is born! Chapter 1319 Shosei Michi

Chapter 1318 The ruthless emperor is suspected to be pregnant Chapter 1317 Peerless style Chapter 1316 0 years in a blink of an eye Chapter 1315 Immortal Oath Chapter 1314 In the past-the spear of sacred fire runs through the world Chapter 1313 The narrative of the sword fairy, the **** battle of the ancients Chapter 1312 The rant before the ages Chapter 1311 Slash Sendai Chapter 1310 It's her Chapter 1309 Uncle Lin Chapter 1308 Return Chapter 1307 The second infinite looper of the time card

Chapter 1306 Divine realm, heaven and earth live together, the strongest in reincarnation Chapter 1305 The 6th advanced world Chapter 1304 Diversity Chapter 1038 Return Chapter 1037 The second infinite looper of the time card Chapter 1036 Divine realm, heaven and earth live together, the strongest in reincarnation Chapter 1035 The 6th advanced world Chapter 1034 Diversity Chapter 1303 Xianzu Chapter 1302 Fire starts in my heart and runs through past lives Chapter 1301 majesty Chapter 1300 Canglong descends

Chapter 1299 Long Yin Realms Chapter 1298 Emperor Chapter 1297 Zhuxian Spirit Body, Ganges Sand Spirit Body Chapter 1296 Temple of Heaven Chapter 1295 Death Cycle of Time Card Chapter 1294 Episode Chapter 1293 Source world community Chapter 1292 Primary colors and the trajectory of the road Chapter 1291 The world in Bi An's eyes Chapter 1290 Avenue Aquarius Chapter 1289 1 Yuan Xian Qi Chapter 1288 The sacred fire that burns time

Chapter 1287 Unexpected battle Chapter 1286 Canglong Chapter 1285 Divine fire realm, combat power... escape 1? Supreme? Chapter 1284 Lin Yang: Never open up Chapter 1283 Fairy Songs-Funeral March Chapter 1282 Xianguwai Chapter 1281 Ruthless Chapter 1280 parting Chapter 1279 Have seen her Chapter 1278 Swallowing Devil Chapter 1277 1 unknown passerby Chapter 1276 2 perverts

Chapter 1275 Emperor: I will go to heaven and break the destiny! Chapter 1274 Destiny Chapter 1273 Changes in ancient history Chapter 1272 The ‘fate’ of the body Chapter 1271 Ancestor Chapter 1270 brother Chapter 1269 Bad roots Chapter 1268 Your uncle will never die before becoming an immortal Chapter 1267 The dust is prevalent, he is free Chapter 1266 The follow-up to the tomb of God, the strange man Xuantian Chapter 1265 The body of the manifestation Chapter 1264 Uncle Lin tells a story

Chapter 1263 Grimace mask Chapter 1262 prophecy Chapter 1261 Supreme thriller Chapter 1260 "Yes" and "Nothing" Chapter 1259 Who is that lucky guy... Chapter 1258 Historical events ~ Projection settings (free) ~ It is misclassified. . . ~ ~ Setting and explanation of projection Chapter 1257 Lin Yang's resentment Chapter 1256 Dad was gone by almost 1 o'clock

Chapter 1255 The Big Prophet of the Rollover Chapter 1254 Ye Qingxian: Learning from the Emperor of Heaven Chapter 1253 Ye...Qingxian Chapter 1252 First contact Chapter 1251 Continuing the fairy road, quasi fairy king realm Chapter 1250 Disposal of 2 Emperor Chapter 1249 One billion years of suppression! Chapter 1248 The Big Bang Chapter 1247 Zidi: I am panicking now Chapter 1246 The highest seal-broken! Chapter 1245 No one can save you! Chapter 1244 despair

Chapter 1243 Emperor Lin Chapter 1242 Ye Fan: Is this the truth about my journey? Chapter 1241 The Emperor of Heaven Chapter 1240 10 Kings Chapter 1239 The supreme giant struck Chapter 1238 The haze in my heart Chapter 1237 Ye Fan: No matryoshka! Chapter 1236 The Glory of Chaos Chapter 1235 Origin of Flying Fairy World Chapter 1234 Xu Yuan's death Chapter 1233 After 0 million years Chapter 1232 Welcome to……

Chapter 1231 Conquering Xianlu Chapter 1230 After 2000 Chapter 1229 The knot of Ye Tiandi Chapter 1228 Trace to the source Chapter 1227 The future after endless years Chapter 1226 9 steps... Chapter 1225 The historical "ghost" in the Tomb of the Immortal King Chapter 1224 Fairy war Chapter 1223 Emperor and Immortal Chapter 1222 Chu Yu: Give me face ~ Ask for leave... Chapter 1221 Power of Heaven

Chapter 1220 Shenxu Tianzun: He is Huangtian Emperor! Chapter 1219 Ye Tiandi Chapter 1218 Surprise Chapter 1217 Respective calculations ~ Update later today Chapter 1216 Chase in the sky Chapter 1215 Chu Yu's attention Chapter 1214 Blood pool Chapter 1213 "Teacher" Chapter 1212 Fairy clock Chapter 1211 Slavery and psychic fantasy Chapter 1210 Xuanyuanjian

Chapter 1209 Tianjiang Black Pot ~ Sorry, take a day off. . . Chapter 1208 Different ideas, heaven and earth Chapter 1207 ambition Chapter 1206 Traverser Chapter 1205 Lin Yang's Attempt Chapter 1204 Heaven Chapter 1203 Count 0 years later Chapter 1202 Charcoal Chapter 1201 War begins Chapter 1200 Power Chapter 1199 The tremor of the universe

Chapter 1198 Boiling heart Chapter 1197 The owner of the deserted tower... Chapter 1196 Hao Zun Chapter 1195 Peeping Deep in the Forbidden Zone Chapter 1194 Ancient ancestor of Xuantianxing Chapter 1193 The beginning of myth Chapter 1192 Go back Chapter 1191 This is the fairy king? Chapter 1190 Time and Destiny Chapter 1190 Long clear river Chapter 1189 Xuanyi People by the River Chapter 1188 Meet the fairy king

Chapter 1187 Ominous after becoming immortal Chapter 1186 Go or stay? Chapter 1185 Eligibility to enter the fairyland Chapter 1184 Do you know Du Jietianzun Chapter 1183 0 years, Cao Yusheng Chapter 1182 The black hand behind history? Chapter 1181 20 years later, the source of the secret system Chapter 1180 Invincible posture Chapter 1179 Emperor...the emperor in the heaven ~ Push Chapter 1178 Secrets in ancient books Chapter 1177 The master of eternal years?

Chapter 1176 Surprise? Chapter 1175 The road across the sky Chapter 1174 Stormy sea Chapter 1173 Target...3000 states Chapter 1172 Hao Zun's worries Chapter 1171 Understand Chapter 1170 plan Chapter 1169 9 days and 10 grounds? ! Chapter 1168 The strong change the world, the weak adapt to the world Chapter 1167 Great adventure Chapter 1166 Hao Zun's knowledge Chapter 1165 Dust world?

Chapter 1164 Tianzun Ancient Tomb Chapter 1163 10 years of running Chapter 1162 The brilliance of Du Jie Tian Zun Chapter 1161 Xiaoyao Tianzun's regret ~ Update later today Chapter 1160 Longevity Chapter 1159 1 sword smashes the world! Chapter 1158 Hatred Chapter 1157 Martyrs on the road Chapter 1156 Changes in world outlook Chapter 1155 Vicissitudes Chapter 1154 The Terror of Heaven

Chapter 1153 I control my own life Chapter 1152 The mystery of the ultimate Chapter 1151 Immortality Chapter 1150 Wang Bo Chapter 1149 Confidence of the invincible Chapter 1148 Chaos Chapter 1147 Creator of the bloodlines of the heavens Chapter 1146 Fairy Treasure Chapter 1145 The birth of the Xeon Bloodline Chapter 1144 Sitting Chapter 1143 Sad times Chapter 1142 Tianzun, there are enemies!

Chapter 1141 Suspected fairy sister Chapter 1140 Immortal King Tomb Chapter 1139 Sin Sin Chapter 1138 The first enlightened person! The beginning of the age of myth! Chapter 1137 The new god, super high energy continent Chapter 1136 The melting sea Chapter 1135 The emperor is invincible! Lin Yang's silence Chapter 1134 The Returning Strong Chapter 1133 Tao, there is no end Chapter 1132 The horror of the power of the chaotic source Chapter 1131 Think carefully Chapter 1130 A few...billion-year-old young strong

Chapter 1129 Chaotic Source Life Chapter 1128 The mysterious world in the dark Chapter 1127 Master and apprentice Chapter 1127 This place...lonely Chapter 1126 A lost fairy Chapter 1125 Source world Chapter 1124 Out of nothing, creating an era Chapter 1123 Goal-10 trillion in the world Chapter 1122 Lin Yang's practice, the pros and cons of the interior method Chapter 1121 God test, the curtain falls Chapter 1120 Lin Yang's'crossing' Chapter 1119 Emperor sword that should have disappeared

Chapter 1118 Love the world Emperor Xuantian Chapter 1117 Play in 1 world again, assimilation is the highest! Chapter 1116 Some infiltrating changes Chapter 1115 why! Chapter 1114 The future of you is terrible Chapter 1113 The Emperor Going upstream Chapter 1112 Supreme... immortal Chapter 1111 Why do you want to die? Chapter 1110 Emperor Lin Chapter 1109 The end of the void Chapter 1108 Cultivate the path of life and realize the law of all ages Chapter 1107 War fairy...

Chapter 1106 Insurmountable peak Chapter 1105 The Peep of the Most High Chapter 1104 Reincarnation Chapter 1103 A grand event once every 100,000 years Chapter 1102 Past feats Chapter 1101 Similar different world Chapter 1100 Chaos universe Chapter 1099 Supreme outside Chapter 1098 The root of the avenue Chapter 1097 frenzied Chapter 1096 This is my best friend Chapter 1095 Prison World, Chaos Galaxy

Chapter 1094 Difa·Die Eternal Chapter 1093 Moon black wind high night Chapter 1092 When first met Chapter 1091 prison Chapter 1090 The first treasure of the heavens Chapter 1089 Who is invincible, and who is undefeated? Chapter 1088 Who can understand the invincible loneliness Chapter 1087 The beginning of all paths, the source of time and space, the cause of all fruits... Chapter 1086 The highest of the heavens! Chapter 1085 Why bother to my sleep Chapter 1084 Opportunity to become emperor! Chapter 1083 No one can touch history!

Chapter 1082 Storm Emperor Chapter 1081 The interpretation of law... Chapter 1080 I am the greatest cause and effect Chapter 1079 Hyun, are you going to do extinction? ! Chapter 1078 Mark of the Avenue, a chapter of history Chapter 1077 So you are like Ao Sheng Chapter 1076 Terrible future ~ Update later today... Chapter 1075 They call me... Chapter 1074 The Supreme Secret Instrument? God's favor? Chapter 1073 Qizhi Chapter 1072

Chapter 1071 Emperor Xuantian's...time Chapter 1070 2 emperors Chapter 1069 Witness the past and the present, cover the time Chapter 1068 Immortal? Above the emperor? Chapter 1067 The breath of letting go, the fear of Xeon's existence Chapter 1066 Overlooking the fairyland ~ A few words at the end of the testimonial Chapter 1065 Closing (end of this volume) Chapter 1064 The detached... detached from the shackles of logic and imagination Chapter 1063 1 words to kill, the golden emperor falls! Chapter 1062 No killing Chapter 1061 The world collapses, the era ends!

Chapter 1060 Countdown to bust Chapter 1059 Xuanyang God and Moral Tianzun Chapter 1058 The strongest shore! Chapter 1057 1 way is good Chapter 1056 Xeon Defense Chapter 1055 Supernatural powers... Chapter 1054 Is it enough to kill you? Chapter 1053 You are dying Chapter 1052 The battle at the root of time Chapter 1051 The oldest! Chapter 1050 9 days! Chapter 1049 Swallow 9 secluded!

Chapter 1048 Heavenly Law Chapter 1047 Transfer all beings Chapter 1046 Before destruction Chapter 1045 Heavenly Conquest Chapter 1044 The Fall of the Demon Buddha Chapter 1043 the Avengers Chapter 1042 My way lies in all beings Chapter 1041 Disillusionment Chapter 1040 Lin Yang's goal Chapter 1039 Creation Chapter 1039 Exaggerated power of void creation Chapter 1037 Xuanyang God's Providence (Script)

Chapter 1036 Destined to Buddha Chapter 1035 Lin Yang's intuition Chapter 1034 2nd Generation Yuanshi Tianzun Chapter 1033 Different road non-phase plan Chapter 1032 Zhuxian Sword Array Chapter 1031 The ability to flip the board Chapter 1030 roar Chapter 1029 Debut Chapter 1028 All things are equal before the other shore Chapter 1027 Undercurrent Chapter 1026 Before the storm Chapter 1025 Tai Chi Picture...The Golden Bridge on the other shore

Chapter 1024 Use Tai Chi Picture 1 Chapter 1023 6 Soul Hat! Chapter 1022 Bitter sea creatures and game characters Chapter 1021 The gap between the shore Chapter 1020 Counting 0 years of change Chapter 1019 The first incarnation of the other side Chapter 1018 Does the ancient Buddha still stop me? Chapter 1017 The 4 gates of Tiandao Palace Chapter 1016 assimilation Chapter 1015 1 stone arouses 0 waves Chapter 1014 The most benevolent, the most holy, the supreme way of heaven...Xuanyang God Chapter 1013 This thing is destined to me

Chapter 1012 The abacus of no birth mother Chapter 1011 Fu Huang Mo Road Chapter 1010 Yesterday's cause, today's result Chapter 1009 Getting excited Chapter 1008 Black Hand of Amitabha Chapter 1007 persuade Chapter 1006 10 artifacts Chapter 1005 The Way to Promote the Old Chapter 1004 I killed myself Chapter 1003 Endless Time and Space Demon Realm Chapter 1002 The Fallen False Shore Chapter 1001 Where to go for the copy card

~ Sorry to take a day off today... Chapter 1000 Overjoyed Chapter 999 Lord of the Underworld Chapter 998 The way of practice on the other side Chapter 997 Refining Demon King Claw Chapter 996 Incarnate others Chapter 995 Fusion Chapter 994 He is free, he is forever Chapter 993 Can you do whatever you want on the other side? Chapter 992 Lin Yang: There is not much time left for me Chapter 991 Actress Wushuang, projection from the other side Chapter 990 Ended

~ Just a little unexpected Chapter 989 This is the other side Chapter 988 6 big visions Chapter 987 Avenue manifestation Chapter 986 Cross the sea of ​​bitterness and reach the other shore Chapter 985 Go back in time Chapter 984 The essence of the other shore... Chapter 983 Die without regret Chapter 982 Break free Chapter 981 I'm coming Chapter 980 Waiting is now Chapter 979 Do you want to be my enemy?

Chapter 978 Don't be afraid of death Chapter 977 emperor Chapter 976 The time is coming Chapter 975 Advantages of foresight Chapter 974 Lingtai Fangcunshan Chapter 973 Act... hurt each other Chapter 972 Lin Yang: I hate the world with IQ Chapter 971 Ridicule the birthless mother Chapter 970 Coming to Yaochi Chapter 969 500 Doercha Chapter 968 Palace of the Other Shore Chapter 967 To dream, do everything possible

Chapter 966 55 Chaos Demon Gods...pass the Fa Chapter 965 Want to learn Chapter 964 Complete foundation Chapter 963 Good Fortune Jade Plate Chapter 962 World structure, the first point Chapter 961 Kun Cang Chapter 960 Yuanxin Chapter 959 Complete the opportunity Chapter 958 There must be something strange about this! Chapter 957 The heavens and the world within the time knife Chapter 956 Meng Qi's panic Chapter 955 Final retreat

Chapter 954 The curtain is about to begin Chapter 953 Yuanhuang Tianzun Chapter 952 The cold snort of the emperor Chapter 951 Primordial emperor Chapter 950 More important than life... Chapter 949 Mo Lin Chapter 948 Qingyuan Miaodao Zhenjun Chapter 947 The pros and cons of being free Chapter 946 9The Battle of You Chapter 945 There are wolves before and tigers behind, Lin Yang’s pressure Chapter 944 8 righteous gods, return Chapter 943 Span time

Chapter 942 The Last Years of the Conferred God Chapter 941 Pan Peach Banquet... At the end of the Conferred God Chapter 940 The deep meaning of Qingdi Chapter 939 The Buddha who almost became a repeater...brand Chapter 938 The longer the time, the harder it is Chapter 937 Before the heaven fell Chapter 936 The land of supreme good fortune Chapter 935 Lin Yang, Emperor of Heaven. Chapter 934 Heavenly saint? 9 days saint? Predictions for reducing and shorting Chapter 933 Pseudo-other Chapter 932 Cause of the Fall of the Emperor Chapter 931 The wave sweeping through the heavens

Chapter 930 Emperor Chapter 929 Borrowing Emperor Sword for 1 Chapter 928 Masanari Shinto Chapter 927 The other side Chapter 926 Underworld change Chapter 925 The time is coming Chapter 924 Beyond the World Chapter 923 Go through Chapter 922 Outside robbery Chapter 921 Taihao Chapter 920 Qingdi wakes up Chapter 919 Yin Cao Difu

Chapter 918 A black history that no one knows Chapter 917 Personification of the 9th Heaven Chapter 916 Unknown attitude Chapter 915 Demon King Chapter 914 White horse Chapter 913 Emperor's Inheritance Chapter 912 Reap the benefits of fishermen Chapter 911 The "story" in the mouth of the devil Chapter 910 Qingdi’s talent, mother of all worlds Chapter 909 The original providence Chapter 908 Only 1 line Chapter 907 Difficulties on the other side (Congratulations on the birth of the sixth leader-personal smoking...

Chapter 906 Return Chapter 905 Haotian Brand Chapter 904 The weirdness at the top of the old tree Chapter 903 Dao poor see Yuan Shi, only know that I am me! Chapter 902 Fairy World II Chapter 901 Place of Blood of the Primordial King Chapter 900 Dead end without knowing Chapter 899 Death and life Chapter 898 Chapter 897 Prototype of the real world Chapter 896 Origin of life and death Chapter 895 Reverse the Yellow Spring

Chapter 894 Three years later, the riverside of Huangquan Chapter 893 I think I am acting upright in my life Chapter 892 《Nyorai opposite palm》 Chapter 891 He and me Chapter 890 Submerge Chapter 889 Shocking news Chapter 888 Ended Chapter 887 Pseudo-other Chapter 886 Beyond the heavens, the real chaos Chapter 885 Human 1 thinks, God laughs Chapter 884 Outside robbery Chapter 883 Frequent accidents, the devil's roar

Chapter 882 Burning lamp ancient Buddha ~ Today’s update is later... Chapter 881 Bad intentions Chapter 880 1 all for this time Chapter 879 The fear of the Supreme Buddha Chapter 878 Bitter sea boundless Chapter 877 Crowdfunding Chapter 876 Rise to the present...20 years of change Chapter 875 All the palms of the gods, Genesis! Chapter 874 Whoever tramples on the majesty of the heavens, what should be the crime? Chapter 873 Desperate and familiar "breath" Chapter 872 The gap between legend and good fortune

Chapter 871 Supreme Buddha Chapter 870 Manufacture...Ojin Chapter 869 Near the way! Chapter 868 The supreme true Buddha and...the legend is complete Chapter 867 Time to start Chapter 866 Outside the Demon Emperor Hall Chapter 865 Lin Yang's Thoughts Chapter 864 Original preparation Chapter 863 The interpretation of the imperial law, the monster conspiracy Chapter 862 The plan of the Emperor's death...Part 1 Chapter 861 The axe of the sky, the knife of the end Chapter 860 Ghost Emperor

Chapter 859 Go deep into the prison Chapter 858 The "surprise" Lin Yang prepared Chapter 857 The empty palace Chapter 856 33 days away from the place of Da Luo Chapter 855 Goodbye God Chapter 854 No one is respected more than the emperor, because he is in heaven, so he is called God Chapter 853 Man will conquer the sky... Gao Lan's shake Chapter 852 Lord of Heaven... Xuanyang God Chapter 851 Enter 9th Heaven Chapter 850 Rebuild Heaven Chapter 849 Guanghan Fairy and Draw (Happy New Year's Eve) Chapter 848 The agreement with Su Daji

Chapter 847 Everything is ready Chapter 846 Zeus Chapter 845 The call of countless time and space Chapter 844 After 1000 days and nights Chapter 843 Solicitation of no birth mother Chapter 842 The words of the unborn mother Chapter 841 Returnee 2 Chapter 840 Heavenly Court Fairy Chapter 839 Nearing completion Chapter 838 The end of the tool man Chapter 837 9 Feng Dasheng Chapter 835 ? Is a taboo beyond the endurance of the multiverse

Chapter 834 Horror Chapter 834 15 years ago Chapter 833 The Back Pot of the Old Universe Chapter 832 The silent Olympus... Chapter 831 Time to rebuild the heaven Chapter 830 Lin Yang's purpose... The 9th Seal of Yuan Shi! Chapter 829 Secret enemy Chapter 828 Lu Ya in Meng Qi's eyes Chapter 827 The killing intent of the great supernatural power Chapter 826 Lu Jian Daojun Chapter 825 A teenager who yearns for adventure Chapter 824 Changes in these 2 years

Chapter 823 The Mystery of the Yang Emperor Chapter 822 return Chapter 821 Plant the "seed" Chapter 820 True inheritance Chapter 819 Cut the sky has 7, I hold 5 Chapter 818 Lin Yang's "goodwill" Chapter 817 Legendary Vision Chapter 816 Great men Chapter 815 Xianjie Hengkong Chapter 814 Eternal Chapter 813 Overlord 6 Chapter 812 Cosmic battlefield

Chapter 811 Overlord and Sun Emperor Chapter 810 Unpredictable number 1 and mysterious number 1 ~ Today's update is 1 o'clock later Chapter 809 Heavenly Ruins Chapter 808 Overlord! Chapter 807 Ananda Brand Chapter 806 Traverse Chapter 805 Great Shinto fellowship Chapter 804 Taiyi Rescue Tianzun reappears (Happy New Year's Day) Chapter 803 Fake Yang Emperor Chapter 802 Daji Chapter 801 Biyou Palace

Chapter 800 Primordial Fragment Chapter 799 Envoy of Jinao Island Chapter 798 The fallen legendary power Chapter 797 Stowaways in the Near Way Chapter 796 Yaochi that was picked out Chapter 795 Dead in the way Chapter 794 Tenchu ​​Axe-Attack No. 1! Chapter 793 One of the 6 Lords of Reincarnation...The Demon Lord Chapter 792 Storm is coming Chapter 791 The Conspiracy of the Evil 9 Ways (Merry Christmas) Chapter 790 Goddess of war Chapter 789 Huang Quan's calculations

Chapter 788 Legends have spread throughout countless universes, the gods of birth and death, all... Chapter 787 Beat God! Chapter 786 First try to beat the whip Chapter 785 God Chapter 784 Traces of Huang Quan's reincarnation Chapter 783 Eikoku Ryoyo, Hoshiya Narumi Chapter 782 Meng Qi and the Overlord Absolute Sword Chapter 781 Reverberating violent drink ~ Level control new version Chapter 778 Id Chapter 779 Haotian God Chapter 778 I and I

Chapter 777 The projection of the emperor...the king Chapter 776 See the emperor! Chapter 775 Fair exchange Chapter 774 You still have 1 chance to choose Chapter 773 Devil enters 9 secluded Chapter 772 Yuanshi Draws a Conferred God Chapter 771 That's Lin Yang's small book... Chapter 770 1 good day Chapter 769 Different Huangquan Hand Bones Chapter 768 9 evil demons, everyone gets punishable Chapter 767 Yangdi ~ Thank you letter

Chapter 766 The Bell of the End Chapter 765 Heaven and earth are furnaces, law is charcoal Chapter 764 Amazing words! Chapter 762 The most important thing in the path of cultivation...? Chapter 761 Divide humanitarian authority Chapter 760 shock Chapter 759 I have 1 trick... Chapter 758 Seize the power of heaven Chapter 757 1 arrow 3 eagles Chapter 756 Non-my family, its heart must be different Chapter 755 Show up one after another Chapter 754 Do it!

Chapter 753 "Lingbao Tianzun" Chapter 752 1 Everything is under control Chapter 725 1 Everything is under control Chapter 751 Secretly observant Chapter 750 9th Heavenly Hyeonnv’s "Message" Chapter 749 The Fairy World Chapter 748 Taiyi saves suffering Tianzun Chapter 747 Demon King Chapter 746 2 roads to the origin of life and death Chapter 745 Borrow sword for 1 use Chapter 744 The difference between people and immortals Chapter 743 Unpredictable providence

Chapter 742 The temperament of the Dharmakaya (forced) Chapter 741 Since ancient times, "Divine Will" is difficult to ask Chapter 740 Plan Qingdi Chapter 739 Avenue tree Chapter 738 Dixian obsession Chapter 737 Zhenwu Secret Mansion Chapter 736 Planting Han Guang Chapter 735 Dharmakaya token Chapter 734 Famous all over the world Chapter 733 Xuantianzong's Dharma Body Chapter 732 Features of the other shore "Occupy the Future" Chapter 731 Land fairy

Chapter 730 Causality Chapter 729 The idea of ​​rebuilding heaven Chapter 728 After "1 year" Chapter 727 After half a lifetime away, he is still a teenager...? Chapter 726 The end of an era Chapter 725 Emperor Met Chapter 724 The fury of the corpse fairy emperor Chapter 723 Facing the corpse fairy Chapter 722 Lin Yang: I see a future... ~ Hehehe, shamelessly ask for help from a book friend (with surprise). Chapter 721 Tears of Ye Qingxian Chapter 720 Stormy empire

Chapter 719 Invite Chapter 718 Perfect the emperor's way! Chapter 717 Ill-fated Chapter 716 The essence of dark turmoil Chapter 715 Great crisis! The mystery of the future! Chapter 714 Who dares to call himself emperor? Chapter 713 Refinery 3 Emperor Chapter 712 The **** battle of the emperor... ended Chapter 711 Other... Chapter 710 The imperial war starts and kills to the glory era Chapter 709 Dark recovery Chapter 708 Crossing the sea and...the interface universe (2 in 1)

Chapter 707 Descend to heaven Chapter 706 7 moments Chapter 705 Rule of Emperor and Way of Emperor Chapter 704 The signs of the era Chapter 703 The shock of the powerful in the world, the gaze of the emperors Chapter 702 Yi Wang and Cang Cang Declaration! Chapter 701 Stand tall! Chapter 700 The 1 scene in "Ancient History" (Book Friends ttv Rudder + One) Chapter 699 Trial of Emperor Xuan Chapter 698 1 Eyes off Kundi Chapter 697 Grimace Mask (Combined with the true rudder + one) Chapter 696 Kundi, are you dissatisfied with this emperor?

Chapter 695 500,000 years Chapter 694 The cause and effect with the red king furnace (Xuan Wang does not hold an enemy) Chapter 693 Giants Returning Against the Sky Chapter 692 Butcher's sigh Chapter 691 Hedao Flower Chapter 690 mysterious? Chapter 689 Deduction system Chapter 688 2 villains Chapter 687 Rules of the heavens Chapter 686 9 Heavenly King's Choice Chapter 685 The mystery of the emperor Chapter 684 Break the future!

Chapter 683 Exotic Destruction Chapter 682 Shadow of the Emperor Chapter 681 Exotic mutation Chapter 680 Go on the road, Wushang Chapter 679 The fist of life and death! Chapter 678 He turned 6 reincarnation fairy kings Chapter 677 Ask Xuantian to come out and die Chapter 676 Thinking about the way of Emperor Zhunxian Chapter 675 ‘Verbal persuasion’ Chapter 674 You guys are free Chapter 673 Emperor Xuantian Chapter 672 The Light of Emperor Zhunxian

Chapter 671 The rules of the heavens Chapter 670 Exotic planning Chapter 672 The Light of Emperor Zhunxian Chapter 669 The inferior product that surrounds the chaos Chapter 668 The blood inscribed by the world Chapter 667 Battle of the fairy king! Chapter 666 New era of reincarnation (end of devouring volume) Chapter 665 Origin·Lu Yuan·Sheng·King! Chapter 664 Destruction in life Chapter 663 7 trillion era Chapter 662 God weapon Chapter 661 Goodbye

Chapter 660 Reincarnation Chapter 659 Chaos dominates! Chapter 658 Engulf a small universe Chapter 657 Almost broke my own universe Chapter 656 Light up the universe Chapter 655 The supreme rule resonates! Chapter 654 Guardian of the Primordial Universe: Beast King Chapter 653 Suppression of Beasts and Slavery Chapter 652 1600th era Chapter 651 Speculation on the principle of ‘system’ Chapter 650 God Emperor Development Plan Chapter 649 Food country, destroy!

Chapter 648 Destroy the King Chapter 647 Peerless soldier Chapter 646 Footprint Emperor's True Body Chapter 645 9 Emperors of God (Clean Taoist ☆ Guardian + One) Chapter 644 ?L Xiandi (three/four) Chapter 643 The difference between different cultivation systems (two/four) Chapter 642 800 era (one/four) Chapter 641 Distribution inheritance (five/five) Chapter 640 The 20th era of the main **** space (fourth/five) Chapter 639 Master the "Lie Yuan Shu" (3/5) Chapter 638 1 cut ready (two/five) Chapter 637 The original ancestor breakthrough! (One/five)

Chapter 636 The life structure of the world beast (5/5) Chapter 635 The Immortal King of Xuantian (4/5) Chapter 634 Meet the mountain guest (Wed/Fri) Chapter 633 The final eight hundred and ten times? (2/5) Chapter 632 After the 7th era, the world beast was born (1/5) Chapter 631 High-level area "World of Jin" (5/5) Chapter 630 Primal universe overlord... human Chapter 629 Opportunity in the dark place Chapter 628 Sky-high treasure Chapter 627 Hunting mission (one/five) Chapter 626 Cleaning started (Fri/Fri) Chapter 625 The Father of the Machine Race...death (4/5)

Chapter 624 The founder of the black universe...death (3/5) Chapter 623 Kill list (2/5) Chapter 622 The difference between the outer universe and the inner universe (1/5) Chapter 621 Time flies (Fri/Fri) Chapter 620 The mountain guest who is close to the truth (Thursday/Friday) Chapter 619 Eclipse Palace Lord (Wed/Fri) Chapter 618 Main God Continent (2/5) Chapter 617 The Treasure of "Resurrection" (1/5) Chapter 616 End of paragraph 1 (five/five) Chapter 615 Borrow flowers to offer Buddha (Thursday/Friday) Chapter 614 Reversal of time and space (three/five) Chapter 613 It's you! (2/5)

Chapter 612 The regret of the lord of Minglian (1/5) ~ 611 Zerg Invasion (Friday/Friday) Chapter 610 The new strength measurement unit... Cang Di (the original Dao Yuan Shi Ruo Zhu + Yi... Chapter 609 Armed to the teeth (three/five) Chapter 608 Sudden Change (2/5) Chapter 607 Bad news and plans (1/5) Chapter 606 Pale face (lazy cat looks at the world rudder master + one) Chapter 605 The authority of the original will (please call me An Daan c rudder master + one) Chapter 604 Seven hundred and seventy-nine Xeon treasures! (Wed/Fri) Chapter 603 The desire of the founder of the Great Axe (2/5) Chapter 602 Seventy years of harvest (1/5) Chapter 601 The original ancestor’s guess (Li is your lord Li Li Duo + one)

Chapter 600 The suffocation of the lord of the universe (Eclair Fallon rudder + one) Chapter 599 The original ancestor who gained freedom (3/5) Chapter 598 Reincarnation Channel (2/5) Chapter 597 Brand new main **** space (1/5) Chapter 596 Behind the scenes of the Lord God Space: The Lord of Origin (Hall Master Qiu Xiaogu... Chapter 595 Open up the universe Chapter 594 Seize the Primitive Universe (3/5) Chapter 593 0 Years ago (Tuesday/Friday) Chapter 592 Ontology Chapter 591 The undercurrent of the pinnacle Chapter 590 Group annihilation Chapter 589 Kill

Chapter 588 Breakthrough in one breath Chapter 587 Location of the Kingdom of God Chapter 586 Trophy Chapter 585 Lord of the Monster Universe Chapter 584 Yaozu territory Chapter 583 Travel far Chapter 582 Lord of Origin! Chapter 581 Fifty-third Tongtian Bridge Chapter 580 Origin Chaos Monument Chapter 579 Conversation with Chaos City Lord Chapter 578 Return to Chaos City Chapter 577 9 Tribulation Secret Code

Chapter 576 Maki Space Country Chapter 575 immortal Chapter 574 Six thousand seven hundred and ninety years...the top of the world Chapter 573 Massive resources Chapter 572 Origin King Chapter 571 Turned away Chapter 570 Law of time Chapter 569 Go through the barriers one after another Chapter 568 Cosmic bridge Chapter 567 Preparation before Tongtianqiao Chapter 566 10 months Chapter 565 Rapid improvement

Chapter 564 The brilliance that is about to radiate Chapter 563 Lord of the universe comes Chapter 562 The confusion of immortal gods Chapter 561 Clearance! Chapter 560 monster Chapter 559 Discoloration Chapter 558 9 Surprise of the Sword Master Chapter 557 Before the final battle Chapter 556 Genius war Chapter 555 Adventurer ship Chapter 554 Purchase supplies Chapter 553 Luo Feng's new life

Chapter 552 Born! Chapter 551 Egg of the Golden Horn Chapter 550 Romon's Secret Chapter 549 teach Chapter 548 Open a new world Chapter 547 sword? Laser Cannon? Chapter 546 Discuss with Hong Chapter 545 Hong's arrival Chapter 544 Leave Chapter 543 Meteorite 1 vein Chapter 542 Excited Luo Feng Chapter 541 wind!

Chapter 540 The surprise of Babata Chapter 539 Reason Chapter 538 Go to Kirishima Chapter 537 Breakthrough, star! Chapter 536 Mystery starts Chapter 535 Mark on the eyebrow Chapter 534 Many people are powerful Chapter 533 Dragon Slash Chapter 532 Black Dragon King Chapter 531 To kill the dragon Chapter 530 Use "Dragon Blood" Chapter 529 Amplitude of combat power...... 32. Ninety four

Chapter 528 Leaving the trial tower Chapter 527 Theoretical value of force Chapter 526 Small tasks for the elite training camp Chapter 525 Leave Jiangnan Chapter 524 Fourteen times! Chapter 523 Lin Yang's smile Chapter 522 Chen Minghua Chapter 521 New weapon Chapter 520 return Chapter 519 Withdrawal Chapter 518 succeed Chapter 517 Lord's Lair

Chapter 516 Testing and improvement Chapter 515 respectively Chapter 514 Tacit understanding Chapter 513 action plan Chapter 512 set off Chapter 511 Class A genetic medicine Chapter 510 arms Chapter 509 3 messages Chapter 508 Record video Chapter 507 S-level cheats! Chapter 506 Encounter Luo Feng Chapter 505 "Tank"

Chapter 504 Sell ​​cheats Chapter 503 Solicit Chapter 502 1 ‘small goal’ Chapter 501 Full level skills Chapter 500 planning Chapter 499 Test before actual combat assessment Chapter 498 Measure the universe Chapter 497 Bell ringing again Chapter 496 End of assessment Chapter 495 Qualified and unqualified Chapter 494 Xtreme Club Chapter 493 ‘Encryption’

Chapter 492 Unique transportation Chapter 491 9 days, 10 places, 1 Chapter 490 Supreme Mandate (Happy Mid-Autumn Festival) Chapter 489 Imprint of Tianxin... Chapter 488 The secret of the basement Chapter 487 Chu Xuan's hands-on ability Chapter 486 Limited intelligence Chapter 485 Waigang and location Chapter 484 reward Chapter 483 Secret practitioner Chapter 482 Break time Chapter 481 He who devours the starry sky

Chapter 480 Finals Chapter 479 Build system Chapter 478 immortal Chapter 478 The top of the road Chapter 477 Heavy casualties Chapter 476 casualties Chapter 475 Tight string Chapter 474 B-level branch plot Chapter 473 Special different world Chapter 472 They...coming Chapter 471 Golden lightning Chapter 470 Tiandi Xuanhuang Linglong Tower

Chapter 469 Gen yellow Chapter 468 Giant world Chapter 467 Finite and infinite Chapter 466 'throw' Chapter 465 The fight in Cygnus Chapter 464 The legendary sword! Chapter 463 Starry sky Chapter 462 Microcosm Chapter 461 Human-creation attempt 1... Gene lock Chapter 460 The dead... ~ About update time Chapter 459 Hint

Chapter 458 controller! Chapter 457 Hongmeng Gold List Chapter 456 After a few Yanji (Saturday/Saturday) Chapter 455 Reason (5/6) Chapter 454 Emperor Fusang (4/6) Chapter 453 ‘True Identity’ (3/6) Chapter 452 Servant of Number 53 (Tuesday/Saturday) Chapter 451 Breakthrough (1/6) ~ Say one... Chapter 450 As if Chapter 449 New discovery Chapter 448 Legendary feature 1...The only one in all realms

Chapter 447 Sleepless night Chapter 446 Main **** space Chapter 445 You are among the newcomers... Chapter 444 Deduct 1 section of "story" Chapter 443 Myths and legends Chapter 442 Myth and reality Chapter 441 Saint class he and I projected to fall Chapter 440 Lou Cheng’s'teacher apprenticeship' Chapter 439 Thoughts on two peerless magic weapons Chapter 438 First disciple Chapter 437 Surprise building Chapter 436 Master is on

~ Book club book group Chapter 435 New world Chapter 434 The Age of Domination...1 cause and effect of the year Chapter 433 Oso Sensen Chapter 432 "Little Surprise" Chapter 431 The first test of "the way is unreasonable" Chapter 430 Great changes in the world of Yangshen Chapter 429 Leave Chapter 428 The secret of special others Chapter 427 False is true Chapter 426 Hong Yi's plea Chapter 425 Turn the concept of time into a river

Chapter 424 Old man? Chapter 423 Terrible qualifications... Chapter 422 3 people who returned to the world of Yangshen Chapter 421 Strange substance Chapter 420 3 swords Chapter 419 Hunter in the sea Chapter 418 Self-restricted zone Chapter 417 'chaos' Chapter 416 Chapter 415 End of the era Chapter 414 6 reincarnation fairy king Chapter 413 It turned out to be him!

Chapter 412 The true identity of the nameless king Chapter 411 Withdraw from Anlan Yuanshen Chapter 410 Long history Chapter 409 Shi Hao: Lin Yang, I... Chapter 408 Emperor Fall Chapter 407 Other methods Chapter 406 Heavenly Land Chapter 405 Return to the fairyland Chapter 405 Return to the fairyland (3 Chapter 404 Age of Flying Fairy Chapter 403 The former fairy kings Chapter 402 Tianjiang Flat Peach

Chapter 401 Xuan Wang Ling Chapter 400 Lin Yang's eccentricity Chapter 399 Ao Sheng visited Chapter 398 Ownership of the first flat peach Chapter 397 The exclamation outside the Taoist temple Chapter 396 Canxian ending Chapter 395 Failure is the mother of success Chapter 394 Create creatures Chapter 393 Return 9 days and 10 grounds Chapter 392 Psychic Chapter 391 Flying fairy world Chapter 390 End of renovation

Chapter 389 1 Jian Duanjiehai Chapter 388 This seat is hospitable! Chapter 387 Akamoto University Chapter 386 The proud Ao Qian Chapter 385 Transform the laws of the universe Chapter 384 Dark Omen Chapter 383 The supreme giant? ! Chapter 382 The heaviness of the universe Chapter 381 Broken universe Chapter 380 Boundary Sea Risk Chapter 379 Jiehai Dam Chapter 378 Know... as Junjie

Chapter 377 Lin Yang's "sincerity" Chapter 376 Panwang Mansion Chapter 375 Welcome to the fairy king Xuantian Chapter 374 Please Xuanwang to Xianyu 1 narration Chapter 373 Sin State... Kill Sendai Chapter 372 Shi Hao secretly swears Chapter 371 Keep history Chapter 370 Difficulties on the other shore Chapter 369 We are the emperor Chapter 368 The immortal king Xuantian around the corner Chapter 367 Golden Retriever? 曛? Annoyed Harrier?/a> Chapter 366 Eating from the bowl, looking at...

Chapter 365 1 mount is missing in this seat Chapter 364 Perish ling Chapter 363 Xuantian Temple Chapter 362 Seal of Dark Matter Chapter 361 I gave you a chance to die decently Chapter 360 Hit the door Chapter 359 Slash the fairyland Chapter 358 Reward and punishment Chapter 357 The future of monks in 9 days and 10 places Chapter 346 Xuantian...pass! Chapter 355 "Prophecy Comes True" Chapter 354 Distressed 9 days and 10 places

Chapter 353 The mind of the kings of the fairyland Chapter 352 Immortal King Xuantian is not a grudge Chapter 351 I'm really a Virgin! Chapter 350 Devour dark matter Chapter 349 Kill the Dark King Chapter 348 Dark Army Chapter 347 Visit by Meng Tianzheng Chapter 346 Lin Yang's plan Chapter 345 Invitation to the King of Pan Chapter 344 30 years Chapter 343 Cangdi Chapter 342 The idea of ​​creating creatures

Chapter 341 To the dark world Chapter 340 Audience Chapter 339 Immortal King Xuantian, please Chapter 338 The gate of the fairyland, open. Chapter 337 Interference years Chapter 336 Legend Dojo (Clean Taoist ☆ Rudder Master + One) Chapter 335 3000 state changes Chapter 334 Teacher of the Huangtian Emperor Chapter 333 The words that were interrupted by Shi Hao Chapter 332 Return to the restricted zone of life Chapter 331 The possibility of becoming a quasi immortal emperor Chapter 330 Shi Hao's decision

Chapter 329 He us Chapter 328 Ge Gu's gratitude Chapter 327 The Equator King Dao Fruit (Eternally Immortal Rudder + One) Chapter 326 System changes Chapter 325 His name is Shi Ritian Chapter 324 Xuantian Immortal King (25,518,490 League... Chapter 323 Looking back suddenly Chapter 322 The shock of the imperial city ~ About this book, the next world swallows the stars. Chapter 321 Xuantian cut the emperor firmament in a foreign land! (Two thousand five hundred and ten thousand... Chapter 320 Solve the doubts of the past Chapter 319 Last words!

Chapter 318 Dead... (Two thousand five hundred and eighty thousand four hundred and ninety league... Chapter 318 died…… Chapter 317 ……legend! Chapter 316 The person who bears Tianyuan Chapter 315 The complete emperor's time spent (2,551,184... Chapter 314 Succeeded (two thousand five hundred and eighty thousand four hundred and ninety lord +... Chapter 313 Looking for rotten wooden boxes Chapter 312 I feel I have to make a breakthrough in my cultivation recently Chapter 311 An Lan, who wants to cross the border (25,518,400... ~ Book friends who recommended this seedling book shortage can take a look. Chapter 310 Great feat Chapter 309 Return to Imperial Pass

Chapter 308 Xuantian cut the emperor's firmament in a foreign land (25518,000... Chapter 308 Xuantian cuts the emperor firmament in a foreign land Chapter 307 Humane Supreme Chapter 306 Sword comes Chapter 305 Fall of the Immortal (25,518,490 League... Chapter 304 1 scene 3 years ago (25,518,490... Chapter 303 The devastated Red Royal Family Land Chapter 1 Wake up to find the group exploded. . . Chapter 302 Before leaving Chapter 301 The battle mark of the past years (my name is 9527 rudder master + one) Chapter 300 have a bee in one's bonnet Chapter 299 Golden whip

Chapter 298 Winner (Lord of Long Song Xiao Wang Shu + Ten) Chapter 297 Xiao Yan's gaffe Chapter 296 Shocked 4 Chapter 295 Who is the waste? (Lord of Long Song Xiao Wang Shu + Nine) Chapter 294 Premonition (Lord of Long Song Xiao Wang Shu + 8) Chapter 293 2 people who have never met (Tuesday/Thursday) Chapter 292 Desert trip Chapter 291 Fighting Qi and Spiritual Power (Lord of Long Song Xiao Wang Shu + 7) Chapter 290 Crooked? truth? Chapter 289 Peek into the future Chapter 288 My son, Xiao Yan, has... (Lord of Long Ge Xiao Wang Shu + 6) Chapter 287 Secret of Emperor Yan

Chapter 286 Scared Xiao Yan Chapter 285 'Pointing' Xiao Yan (Leader of Long Ge Xiao Wang Shu + 5) Chapter 284 The power of Xuantian (Lord of Long Song Xiao Wang Shu + 4) Chapter 283 Xiao Yan's Secret (Lord of Long Song Xiao Wang Shu + 3) Chapter 282 Manual foot (two/five) Chapter 281 Beyond the plane (one/five) Chapter 280 Introduction to Divine Art (Lord of Long Song Xiao Wang Shu + 2) Chapter 279 Star God's Secret Art Chapter 278 Shock! The dignified fairy actually started on the ignorant girl! Chapter 277 Grandpa with me goes online (2,551,18,400... Chapter 276 Douqi Continent (Lord of Long Song Xiao Wang Shu + 1) Chapter 275 Thrilling

Chapter 274 Capture the Red King ~ It's almost finished soon, thank you all for your support. Chapter 273 Short crossing Chapter 272 return Chapter 271 Refining Tianxin Imprint Chapter 270 broken! Chapter 269 Suppress Heaven Chapter 268 Fighting for 0 years Chapter 267 Conquer the Way of Heaven Chapter 266 Set foot on the 9th heaven Chapter 265 Celestial means Chapter 264 On the Great God of Time and Space

Chapter 263 Complete four/four Chapter 262 It's a matter of time, Tianxian 3/4 Chapter 260 Destroy the Chaos Clan 2/4 Chapter 260 Destroy the Chaos Clan 3/Four Chapter 261 Kamikaze Academy Chapter 259 Tracking (four/four) Chapter 258 Slaughter (three/four) Chapter 257 Split action (two/four) Chapter 256 Reunion (1/4) Chapter 255 Fierce battle in chaos Chapter 254 Across the years Chapter 253 The secret of time

Chapter 252 Years of conversation Chapter 251 ‘Now’ and now Chapter 250 Rush to the Chaos Race Chapter 249 Gods and Demons Cemetery Chapter 248 Helpless Chapter 247 Majesty of the Immortal King Chapter 246 Sneak attack on the imperial family Chapter 245 Inquire about news Chapter 244 Into a foreign land Chapter 243 Immortal crossover Chapter 242 2 clash Chapter 241 Set off

Chapter 240 Justify the blood of sin Chapter 239 Meng Tianzheng's Fury Chapter 238 time Chapter 237 Extraterritorial 1 Chapter 236 The truth of sin Chapter 235 It's time to lie again Chapter 234 Punish Chapter 233 Sin and blood Chapter 232 Great Elder Meng Tianzheng Chapter 231 Emperor City Chapter 230 Go to the border Chapter 229 Panlong Temporary End

Chapter 228 Hongmeng's...Bone Chapter 227 The horror of Beirut (flying kite rudder master + one) Chapter 226 196600 billion times Chapter 225 Lord God! Chapter 224 Godhead Chapter 223 1 Battle to become famous (Oh, I am so sad that the rudder master + 1) Chapter 222 The main gods in the dark Chapter 221 Fierce battle Chapter 220 Dzogchen Lord Chapter 219 Gwangmyeong Lord! Chapter 218 Dzogchen Road ~ Regarding the rules for adding changes.

Chapter 217 ‘Adventure’ Chapter 216 Dead man Chapter 215 Progress of the avatar Chapter 214 Complete master artifact Chapter 213 Challenge the Palace Lord Chapter 213 succeed Chapter 212 Static Chapter 211 Lin lei's visit Chapter 210 Rogier Chapter 209 The strongest under the main god Chapter 208 status Chapter 207 Forest of Darkness

Chapter 206 Popularize ‘common sense’ (Courtesy Chlorine + 2) Chapter 205 gift Chapter 204 Kingdom of Baruch Chapter 203 Time haste Chapter 202 Metamorphosis... (Little Dingdong Master Rudder + One) Chapter 201 God... (Part 2) Chapter 200 God...(above) Chapter 199 Refining Soul Jinzhu (Crazy Book Loves Xu Xian's Law + One) Chapter 198 Return to the plane of Magnolia Chapter 197 Memories Chapter 196 Out of the mountain Chapter 195 Deep into the Amethyst Mountain Range (Master Yun Bei Ruo + One)

Chapter 194 Bauhinia Mainland Chapter 193 Go to hell Chapter 192 "Grandpa" (Divisio... Chapter 191 Dzogchen and... the main artifact Chapter 190 The law of fusion Chapter 189 Beirut arrived (that night, the lord of the moon + ten) Chapter 188 Become a god Chapter 187 Ofina Wyatt Chapter 186 Journey Chapter 185 3 years (that night, the lord of the moon + eight) Chapter 184 Conversation (The Lord of the Moon Moon Night + Seven) Chapter 183 Students and tutors

Chapter 182 Panlong World Chapter 181 Roger Jais (The Lord of the Moon Night + Six) Chapter 179 Star of life Chapter 178 The regret of Emperor Huangtian Chapter 177 Earth fairy! (That night, the leader of the moonlight + five) Chapter 176 Retreat Chapter 175 Destroy'Supreme' Chapter 174 Swallowing Heaven (that night, the Lord of the Moon + Four) Chapter 173 The curtain ends (that night, the lord of the moon + three) Chapter 180 Red......king Chapter 172 Battle of the Invincible Chapter 171 Invincible (The Lord of the Moon Night + Two)

Chapter 170 war! ! ! (That night, the lord of the moon + one) Chapter 169 The thrill of immortal orthodoxy Chapter 168 War Chapter 167 The Eve of the Great War (Lord +12) Chapter 166 Meet (Lord + Eleven) Chapter 165 Leaders (Lord of the unrequited love in the wild + ten) Chapter 164 Outside the Altar of the 2nd Realm (Lord + Nine) Chapter 163 Before the storm Chapter 162 The ancient boundary wall... broken! Chapter 161 Search soul Chapter 160 Palm as the sky Chapter 159 Chaos!

Chapter 158 Xiangu cracks! Chapter 157 Changes in Xiangu Chapter 156 9 days Chapter 155 Broken view 3 Chapter 154 Kun Zhida Chapter 153 Ruo Kun Chapter 152 His cultivation...? Chapter 151 Come Chapter 150 Finally I find you Chapter 149 1 step late Chapter 148 Countdown Chapter 147 Desolate enemies

Chapter 146 Rabbit's astonishment Chapter 145 Undercurrents between the great religions Chapter 144 Accidental exposure Chapter 143 The killing intent of the immortal survivors Chapter 142 Leaving the world of Yangshen Chapter 141 1 original pit Chapter 140 Supreme sword Chapter 139 Battle of the Sun God Chapter 138 Changsheng the Great and Good Fortune Taoists Chapter 137 Hong Yi's chance Chapter 136 Yangpan Chapter 135 collision!

Chapter 134 Good luck Taoist Chapter 133 Place of origin Chapter 132 Opportunities brought by different worlds! ~ Open VIP at twelve o'clock Chapter 131 7 types of cut sky...everything becomes the way! Chapter 130 King of Artifacts Chapter 129 Punch out ~ Shelf testimonials (must see, fatteners must also see) Chapter 128 The protagonist and Long Aotian Chapter 127 Takamichi Chapter 126 Encounter Hong Yi Chapter 125 Succession

Chapter 124 Yangshen World Chapter 123 The elixir and crossing again ~ Let’s talk about the two-day update Chapter 122 Young leader Chapter 121 The true pinnacle of the younger generation Chapter 120 ‘Bitter Lord’ comes Chapter 119 Time is endless Chapter 118 Human heart ghost Chapter 117 The end of Xuan Ling Chapter 1 ,。 Chapter 116 Undercurrents beyond immortality Chapter 115 Emperor Met

Chapter 114 Siege Chapter 113 Du Chong Chapter 112 Malice from ancient freaks Chapter 111 Divide the spoils Chapter 110 It's impossible to tell the truth Chapter 109 Entrust Chapter 108 Central Ancient Land Chapter 107 Pharmaceutical industry Chapter 106 Bright little world Chapter 105 Robbed Chapter 104 Bloody ancient ship ~

Chapter 103 Weird and ominous Chapter 102 Robbery Chapter 101 Light the fire Chapter 100 Immortality Chapter 99 Xiangu Small World Chapter 98 respectively ~ The update time has been changed one in these days. Chapter 97 Leave the secret Chapter 96 Supreme sentiment Chapter 95 Unique Dharmakaya, the ancient temple opens Chapter 94 Xeon Thunder Chapter 93 Double kill

Chapter 92 The Fall of the First Generation Chapter 91 First battle Chapter 91 First victory Chapter 90 Enter the Yuantian Secret Realm Chapter 89 Meet Shi Hao again Chapter 88 Go to 5 states Chapter 87 Nahai Magic Chapter 86 Retreat Chapter 85 Incarnate the real dragon incarnation Chapter 84 Real Dragon Lair Chapter 83 friendship Chapter 82 Leaving the Void God Realm

Chapter 81 Comprehend the True Phoenix Art Chapter 80 Fairy blood Chapter 79 Shocking Chapter 78 Dark Temple Chapter 77 Qin Daozhu's decision Chapter 76 True Dragon Chapter 75 Dongtian... the world? Chapter 74 Xuantian Chapter 73 Record Chapter 72 Enter the imaginary world Chapter 71 Fairy Chapter 70 The law I created

Chapter 69 Life restricted zone Chapter 68 Plan the real dragon ~ Grade comparison Chapter 67 The battle of the heavenly arrogance Chapter 66 Enlightenment and practice Chapter 65 Leave Chapter 64 Time is like a knife Chapter 63 Dragon Arhat Chapter 62 Exclusive mission Chapter 61 1 step across 3 layers Chapter 60 Foreign exchange Chapter 59 Tousi Palace

Chapter 58 800 years after Journey to the West Chapter 57 travel Chapter 56 Cut off Chapter 55 Peerless trick Chapter 54 destroy Chapter 53 underground space Chapter 52 Depressed world Chapter 51 Demon Lord Dark Hand Chapter 50 Kaiyama Chapter 49 1 knife 2 breaks Chapter 48 return Chapter 47 Statistical harvest

Chapter 46 Inside and outside Chapter 45 The emperor takes time! Chapter 44 Raid Chapter 43 Jianxin Hell Chapter 42 Play Chapter 41 10 feet of red dust Chapter 40 remind Chapter 39 Simple and rude Chapter 38 Treasure Chapter 37 Reincarnation Chapter 36 High song Chapter 35 Horse bandit

Chapter 34 Finally see the general outline Chapter 33 Retreat Chapter 32 Need for treasure Chapter 31 Richness and... reality Chapter 30 Tall and stalwart Chapter 29 Share clues to the "Yi Jin Jing" Chapter 28 This matter Chapter 27 See the emperor not worship Chapter 26 Seriousness Chapter 25 Rumors Chapter 24 Low Wu World Chapter 23 2nd reincarnation mission

Chapter 22 Fish sea Chapter 21 I am 2 stories higher than Guizhen Chapter 20 Rank 1 Chapter 19 Chance Chapter 18 Well-deserved Chapter 17 Waiting for you outside the city Chapter 16 ‘Wisdom’ take magic Chapter 15 Rise to fame Chapter 14 "There is nothing wrong under the sword" Chapter 13 Jiangdong Maoling Chapter 12 Return to the true Chapter 11 buy

Chapter 10 exchange Chapter 9 Prestige Chapter 8 Kill Chapter 7 Da Luo Demon Girl Chapter 6 Shaolin Chapter 5 Budo Enlightenment and Interception Chapter 4 6 Lords of Reincarnation Chapter 3 Move blood to the extreme Chapter 2 Leaps and bounds Chapter 1 The start is a nightmare world

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