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God-level Big Mine Owner

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Perusahaan pertambangan terbesar di dunia tidak diragukan lagi adalah Xudong Mining Group. Tidak ada yang menjadi raksasa super. Sebagai pemilik raksasa super ini, dia dikenal sebagai "Pemilik Tambang Besar tingkat Dewa" di industri.

- Deskripsi dari MTL


Judul Singkat:GBMO
Judul Asli:神级大矿主
Author:Colorful shells
Weekly Rank:#622
Monthly Rank:#896
All Time Rank:#486
Label:Action, Arrogant Characters, Business Management, Businessmen, Early Romance, Modern Day, Nationalism, Racism, Romantic Subplot, System Administrator,
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  1. direct quote Wang Xudong smiled contemptuously, he was not afraid at all, and said to Wan Jingyu: "Don’t threaten me. I am not afraid of threats. In addition, as far as I know, you Dasheng Mining has one of the top mines in Wujiang City. Believe it or not I can let you The mines are closed and no more mines can be mined." This is almost right after the neighboring mine went empty no nothing suspicious at all specially if surveys where done before to see how much there was before and then disappeared

  2. Wow really thinks everyone is a idiot already has 2 high quality mines in China which is already incredibly rare so after he buys another says a specialist says there is more high quality iron under where is currently being mined for years yup nothing fishy at all

  3. I really think this guy orgasms Everytime he can finish a army request even when he knows the bomber is to advance to take out his solution is to secretly send it to a military computer forgetting to consider since who else has so much advance stuff and willing to help China instead of maybe requesting system something similar to current tech and just slightly advanced at least ask if you can do it

  4. Lol I was reading a story just now where the MC literally hired two OP robot Body guards. He meets a rich young master at a restaurant (of fucking course) and the rich young master sets his body guards on MC and his girl. ..This retarded MC then decided to tell his bodyguards to back off and fought himself outside on the street. What the fuck is even the point smh

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