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God-level Game Designers Start From Scaring the Crying Anchor

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Water Blue Star memiliki lahan subur untuk game, tetapi banyak perusahaan game dan desainer game enggan membuat kemajuan.

Xun Ze, yang membangunkan sistem desainer game tingkat dewa, memutuskan untuk memberi tahu semua orang apa itu game sebenarnya.

Karena sistem dapat mengumpulkan nilai emosional pemain, game yang dikembangkan oleh Xun Ze membuat suasana hati pemain semakin berfluktuasi nilai emosionalnya.

Nilai emosional dapat memperkuat atribut dan kemampuan Xun Ze, dan juga dapat membeli item khusus dan kemampuan khusus.

Oleh karena itu, game yang dikembangkan oleh Xun Ze selalu berganti-ganti antara kegembiraan, kemarahan, kekhawatiran, pemikiran, kesedihan, ketakutan, dan keterkejutan, menghadirkan pengalaman seperti roller coaster bagi para pemain.

Pemain yang tak terhitung jumlahnya: Gou pencuri! Tidak bisakah kamu memberi kami waktu yang baik? Apakah desainer game tingkat dewa luar biasa? Bisakah desainer game tingkat dewa melakukan apa pun yang mereka inginkan?

Xun Ze: Akan ada game baru minggu depan! Ini adalah…

Pemain yang tak terhitung jumlahnya: Pencuri gou tutup mulut! Ambil uangnya, kami ingin permainannya!

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Judul Singkat:GGDSFSCA
Judul Asli:神级游戏设计师从吓哭主播开始
Author:Shen Meng three days
Weekly Rank:#588
Monthly Rank:#433
All Time Rank:#642
Label:Alternate World, Artificial Intelligence, Business Management, Cheats, e-Sports, Game Elements, Gamers, Late Romance, Male Protagonist, Nationalism, Parallel Worlds, Poor to Rich, Previous Life Talent, System, System Administrator, Time Skip, Transmigration,
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  1. I really hate these types of novels. Like, the mc gets praised for the things he does when in reality, they are not even original. Like he steals ideas, designs, art and stories, claims them as his own lol.

  2. (chapter 497) I give up. I really tried to get to the end, but the author just keeps butchering the games one after the other and say that it's super good. The first Full dive VR being PUBG is just ridiculous, you need 100 people for one match so there's no way it'd work as a first game for any platform. Making Dark souls and DMC as VR is another ridiculous idea. Just because a game is in VR doesn't make it good, for most of the game, the VR element can make it much worse exactly because they were made to be watched through the screen and don't lived in person. But the last drop for me was making DbD as a hopeful game without bloodshed because of VR. It's exactly the problem, the risks of VR are too much for certain games to work on it and the author simply ignore it... Looking for another game developer novels if someone can recommend

  3. This novels feels like a fan remade a game because they didn't like some parts but ended up making a worse game because they aren't a professional. Besides the parts they clearly copied from Almighty Video Game Designer, the worst point of this story is that random AI in the middle that makes the rest of the story feel not as satisfying since you know the MC is cheating and not only by using outsider knowledge. But beyond the bad points, the novel is quite interesting and a good way to past the time. The author is very good in describing the gameplay and reactions

  4. somehow, he tried to destroyed his own novel at chapter 47. lmao. what a wonderful lottery system, i can't afford it before, i don't know what item in there, but let's double the price. lmao.

  5. Let me note it here, I notice that I don't really like this kind of system "with personality". Anyway let's keep reading. My "sane" sensor has been disconnected.

  6. This novel was not good, or other might like it but for me its not a good novel. The author continue to let others provoke the mc and the mc let them be until one day he will punisb them. This shit plot was alwayd the same with the other author. Why not attack them when they attack u? U are kind?, Ur just a fool. A normal people will not think this way, those who provoke u should be punish to warn others. Being soft is not bad but this is too much! How can he let them be and continue to be a shit?, It is because u look down on them and treat them as clown? But dont forget alnough u have a system, this people u look down might pull u in hell. Dont underestimate people, even gods will fall. This shit novel is really shit. Dont read it if u dont want an mc who are normal in mind.

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