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Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

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Bai Yi melakukan perjalanan ke dunia abadi dan membangunkan simulator abadi. Selama dia bertahan di simulator cukup lama, dia bisa mendapatkan banyak hadiah.

[Kamu lahir di keluarga miskin…kamu mati kelaparan!

[Kamu lahir di keluarga pedagang...kamu dicabik-cabik oleh para perampok!

Puluhan peniru keabadian gagal, Bai Yi curiga dia tidak cocok untuk keabadian, jadi…

[Orang suci dari Sekte Pedang Roh “Chen Qianxue” yang Anda undang telah memasuki simulator untuk mulai meniru kultivasi abadi!

[Pada usia 0, Chen Qianxue dilahirkan dalam keluarga miskin.

[Pada usia 5 tahun, Chen Qianxue mengambil buku cheat "Sword Raising"!

[8 tahun, Chen Qianxue telah menyempurnakan satu tingkat energi…]

[Pada usia 164, Chen Qianxue mendapat masalah dan meninggal karena gagal mencapai alam!

【Anda mendapatkan hadiah berikut——


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Judul Singkat:GHMSC
Judul Asli:圣女帮我模拟修仙
Weekly Rank:#49
Monthly Rank:#67
All Time Rank:#2200
Label:Beautiful Female Lead, Cheats, Cultivation, Fast Cultivation, Hiding True Abilities, Hiding True Identity, Level System, Low-key Protagonist, Multiple POV, Overpowered Protagonist, System, System Administrator, Transmigration,
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  1. Here is the thing with Simulator Chinese novels that the MC will do whatever it takes to survive long. And he can do it as it's a simulator try it all till something works well. Get hold of a path and hold it well or perfect it your will. Low-key in IRL and bat shit insane in the simulation.

  2. What don't understand how can mc and that Chen girl call cutting of hairs and letting her skin bare on a stage is a trivial matters And how does she gives up the secret of bronze gate so easily Clearly super forced plot by writer

  3. That's not the problem in my opinion, because the main goal in the immortal simulation is that the longer you live, the more achievements you have, and the stronger your cultivation will be, the greater the reward.and Qin Ju's character has a personality that is too reckless and impatient and also less reliable. and also in the original timeline Qin jue shared a bronze gate in order to maximize the benefits of cooperation (Qin ju family in immortal simulator will always die if they don't get protection from the dynasty) and also that simulation is not reality and also all treasures, spiritual stones, herbs, etc. that have been taken will be reset after they die (+12 hours) so why be selfish with those resources if you can use them so you can live longer and survive the target Will of world, although in the end it's just for the sake of the plot by the author, but if it is used logically from their perspective, I think it makes sense in a simulation of eternal life where They can repeat everything from the beginning continuously without any limitations.

  4. Nope it doesn't atleast not at that point One one why would u share benefits with someone who humiliated u on stage just after a few trys second. Even at back of my mind i can a dozen of other options she would have tried if not for the author's steering like taking the whole clan into the bronze gate which would definitely result in a lot of extra decades of time for her before the ancient devil comes and Third it wasn't that she was not making any progress as her formation lvl was continusly increase and Same with exploration of the bronze gate hence every time more grinding ACC to few women i asked a work(the definition which applied in 20th century) the author has bluntly very little experience with women and doesn't understand how much of grudge they can keep Fourth quote "also that simulation is not reality and also all treasures, spiritual stones, herbs, etc. that have been taken will be reset after they die (+12 hours) so why be selfish with those resources" Because since main motive is to take revenge for her humiliation even she doesn't hamper her enemy's progress one surely would not give them extra resources from own pocket right unless one is at the end of one's wit Let me ask u think back when u were in school if u r older ,at that time some from different school came and shaved u r head destroyed a large part of u r clothes at a stage in presence of everyone at school and didn't even apologize just turned around and left Now add to it that u r the darling of the school and son of the principal Then add that u r a female not a male then add u r some from a very conservative world from olden times at last tell me would you give up so easily no right

  5. I can understand what you said. But from my point of view you seem to get caught in a misunderstanding. Those treasures are not Qin Jiu's but Daoist Blood Lotus(Ancient Devil). At most she merely found his nest and abused the unlimited reincarnations to snuck in. So from a certain point of view, she didn't actually own them, merely found. Let me put it this way. You go to work and get 100 dollars, and you found 100 dollars fallen on the street. Witch of the 2 situations will you more easily use money? Albeit she put a lot of effort to learn formations. In the end why bother? It's merely a book. As long as it is interesting is it important? Besides, not all women hold grudges that deep. It's not like she was crippled or lost someone important to her.

  6. One according to ur logical if one found a spiritual herb in forest it's also not her's right if one were to go on like this specially in a cultivation world were majority is about so called fruitious encounter nothing is her's/his's (do think on this) Two so if u found a couple of tons of gold u would rather split it with your enemy after just a few tries added to the fact u can try getting it unlimited times (p s comparison of bronze gate to a 100$ bill is just illogical) Yep girls do not keep a grudge of have their hair cut and having their dress torn apart in front of huge no. of people that to in a conservative world,sure sure it would surely be true in a delusional world

  7. Hey bro u r comment "I was trying to give an example so others understand. I merely stated my point of view and how "I" explain her choice. As I mentioned before regardless if I am right or wrong, is it important?" Got deleted i think somehow But yes I do agree it not of importance on whole as a novel considering it's webnovel,human interaction is something always bad in such novels

  8. Yes not evryone holds grudges, however Qin Ju clearly does, I am a pety person, but at the end of the day i wouldn't pass years after vengance, however if opurtunity to make the other persons life harder show up, i would take it, even if it would be worst for my life, and remember if i wpuld do it, someone who spent years after revenge would too, plus helping Chen girl is not necessary, the mpment she got to know that the Chen girl's death was the start of the chaos in the Wei Dynasty she could just stop carring about solving it, because eventualy Chen Qinxue will solve that by herself, so why make the other party life easier? Example: if you go to work and on the way you find someone you hate trying to get 200 bucks, you could help them and get half of it, or you could choose to burn the money, a petty person will always burn th money. At the end of the day that plot was for sure forced, and the author clearly sees Qin Ju as a foil to Chen Qianxue.

  9. are u in a kind of misunderstanding???? the reason that qin girl has grudge with that chen girl is because she was deafeated in sect competition... so where do you read that xhen girl humilliate her... you are easily triggered with this kind of thing go read somwthing else, cant you see the point of author making that qin girl kind of personality???? and i dont see any problem with them sharing resources and cooperate if they can get a massive reward after the simulation...

  10. It's mentioned by qin ju herself as for which chapter don't wanna waste my for your fault afterall it's ur fault for skimming through the chapters not mine

  11. uhhh there was no bare skin… the green skin mentioned means you can see the scalp, so pretty much a portion of her hair got shaved. no ecchi situation there

  12. Does anyone know if there is a novel similar to this novel? the same as simulate but given to someone else for the simulation instead of the MC doing the simulation

  13. The harem ruins plots. The harem ruins plots. The harem ruins plots!!! The important thing is repeated 3 times, what a disgrace this unusual genre that nobody asked for but that is always there

  14. Ch:166- Just where did you see harem? At most the "teacher" can be consider one, through from my point of view is at most sex friend besides the normal relationship. The chosen girls that simulate in his place? They barely know him. Qin Jiu doesn't even know him.

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