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Pada tahun 1980-an, kursi lingkaran kuning laut tua Dinasti Qing yang tampan, Anda dapat mengambil dua puluh yuan, dan sekarang, dua juta hanya dapat Anda sentuh!

Pada 1980-an, sebuah rumah halaman di Houhai berharga sekitar dua ribu yuan. Sekarang, sebuah rumah mulai dari 20 juta yuan!

Pada 1980-an, Anda mengambil pot tanah liat ungu milik Tuan Gu Jingzhou seharga dua ratus yuan. Sekarang, dua juta hanya cukup untuk Anda lihat!

Tiga puluh atau empat puluh tahun yang lalu, barang antik Huaxia sangat murah sehingga orang-orang tercengang. Jika Anda memiliki kemampuan untuk memperolehnya dalam jumlah besar di era itu, Anda pasti akan melepaskannya sekarang!

Yang Jing, yang dipaksa oleh orang tuanya untuk pergi ke Inggris untuk belajar untuk mendapatkan gelar master, secara tidak sengaja membeli sebuah cincin yang diukir dengan gosip seharga enam pound saat mengunjungi pasar loak, yang tampaknya memiliki fungsi ini. Dan Yang Jing juga menemukan bahwa cincin ini memiliki fungsi yang jauh lebih banyak dari ini…

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Judul Singkat:HT
Judul Asli:逍遥大亨
Weekly Rank:#2802
Monthly Rank:#2014
All Time Rank:#2407
Label:Business Management, Businessmen, Early Romance, Male Protagonist, Nationalism, Poor to Rich, System,
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  1. Bullshit nationalism. Author write us a goood neutral novel otherwise china can build a wall on it borders and survive by itsrlf they feel and treat others like villans they don't need us neither do we. Omnipotent superior Chinese race.

  2. u can imagine mc having cross eyed and drooling while speaking this: mc: I oNly LiEk ChIneSE foOd like SuCKling PiG and FoOT BecAuse WeStern aNd OtHeR CouNTry FoOOD tAsTe Liek SHiEt, Im FOrCed To Study IN UK HELP ME CCP HELP , (GOT THE FUCKING SYSTEM CHEAT IN THERE!!!!!) I AlSO BrINg ThOse ANCESTOR AnTiQue BaCk To MotHerLaND!! meanwhile chairman mao destroy all of the cultural antique in the cultural revolution because the only culture china need is CCP CCP CCP CCP CCP CCP CCP LMAO LMAO LMAO LMAO , fkin retarded af dude. AND THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT THAT THOSE ANTIQUE WILL BE ACUISITIONED BY CCP AS LONG AS IT LAND IN CHINA ON ACCOUNT OF "NATIONAL TREASURE" WHILE MC WILL GET An "HONORABLE PEOPLE CERTIFICATE" AM I RIGHT?????? RETARDED MC while having 140 IQ!!!!!!!!!!!. nationalistic garbage(-1). and full of shit(hypocrisy) mc (-2) 2/5(review so far ch.60) (ch.190+) time travelling to get relic from the past to bring to future. the relic that appear in the past he's travelling to can only be brought back IF the one on the original time is gone or doesn't exit anymore. he can buy a house in the past as long as he disguise as foreigner(PROPERTY RIGHTS) is OK it will stay till the future?????? (WTF) just because it's foreigner bought a land in china it won't be touched??? what a FK BULLSHIT , what if you bought a goldmine then the goverment know it's a gold mine , they won't touch it????? (this is why anything that uses time travel as a plot device need to have big brain, not smol brain like author) (-1) 1/5 (ch190+) he kept selling the antique cheaper than the actual value to the appraiser old man in account of getting familiar and urgent need of money even though he doesn't need the money!!!! $500k difference (ch200) FUCKKKKK HE"S MAKING ME ANGRYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! opened OIL WELL IN US AND GIVE 70% SHARE TO HIS FRIENDDDDD DAD!!!!!!!! FUCK MY ASSSSS 0/5 GARBAGE

  3. Authors are scared of bullshit CCP because if they write some bullshit about government and if CCP think they are not loyal on their savage country CCP will delete their novels and kill them That's how strict CCP is.

  4. dude this is chinnese novel and writen in chinese and for chinese.. you are the one who come and read trough machine translator.. if you want a good novel.. read trough amazon. babalu

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