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Heavenly Dao Cultivation System

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Pengambilan biasa, yang secara tidak sengaja dilintasi dunia kultivasi yang besar seribu tahun kemudian, menjadi putra surga yang terpilih, dan memulai jalur seni bela diri yang menentang surga dengan memblokir dan membunuh Buddha!

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Judul Singkat:HDCS
Judul Asli:天道培养系统
Author:Kill one person in ten steps
Weekly Rank:#2522
Monthly Rank:#2976
All Time Rank:#2995
Label:System Administrator,
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11 komentar pada “Heavenly Dao Cultivation System
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  1. Mc is shit. Always wasting point, didnt even save any. When realm can be upgrade ,, he blame did not have enough point. Shit. Wtf wasting half million to lottery, Dont save point for upgrade realm ? He said that he want to wait to consolidated his realm first ,, then he can upgrade. Fuck stupid. It would just be 1-2 days. Suck. Then where would he want to get point?

  2. Mc said all need to be improved ,, But he only focusing on skill , natal world , and mental power. His realm is still fcking low. Fck.

  3. Why in most system novel ,, those mcs always hide the things that mostly unimportant and they always said ,, "Once the system is exposed, he is likely to be missed by the strong, and even be captured and sliced ​​for research" But ,, those mcs didnt say they got system ,, how the heck would it be exposed?? And ,, natal space ,, what connection would it be with the system? Dont he just say it as spiritual mind? Or whatever simple reason , fuck idiot.

  4. And mc is too fcking stupid. He got 120 millions point from monster beast tide, But he didnt even upgrade his realm ,, fuck. Shit stupid waste. All he care was natal world. Fuck. Better upgrade mental power than that shit. His true essence is shit, but he didnt upgrade his realm, than blame himself is too weak. His physical strength can be upgrade, but he didnt. Fuck shit

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