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Saya belum tua di langit, dan saya dilahirkan kembali setelah yang abadi.

Melangkah melewati gurun, hanya untuk menemukan satu orang!

Potong para dewa, tanyakan saja satu sebab dan akibat.

Di atas langit, saya sendirian!

- Deskripsi dari MTLNovel


Judul Singkat:HS
Judul Asli:天牧
Author:Yan Bi Xiao Sheng
Weekly Rank:#5160
Monthly Rank:#5532
All Time Rank:#4594
Label:Calm Protagonist, Cunning Protagonist, Godly Powers, Harem, Strong Love Interests, Time Skip, Time Travel, Unique Cultivation Technique, Weak to Strong,
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23 komentar pada “Heavenly Shepherd
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  1. wow i got tricked so bad. so good in the beginning but turn shit very soon. i think the author got bored 100 chapter in and let his son continue his work. i don't even wanna explain it and just advising people not to read this.

  2. very good in the beginning but turned generic in about 200 chapter or so. from then on its just him going around saving his friends and acquaintances from trouble. truly a disappointment.

  3. also if you hate random announcer then don't read this. this novel is filled with "an ancestor with amazing background" commenting about everything.

  4. I’m confused about this Novel story. So, the only thing i got after reading a few Chapters is about MC who got killed again and again. after he said his previous 9 lives he got killed again and said “I’m Still Alive”(Reborn). Idk maybe some of you can twll me what kind of novel this is about?

  5. If you don't understand Chinese sayings you really shouldn't be reading MTLs. 1 Life 9 Deaths is a common saying, basically means something very difficult to survive.

  6. I heavily advise you start with novels like Coiling Dragon or Renegade Immortal before moving onto others and then MTL. Get the basics down, then expand your knowledge by reading only properly translated novels for at least half a year or so. You’ll have an idea of basic Chinese culture to at least understand MTL.

  7. This is exactly what I did. This is a good advice. I've only read MTL when I ran out of novels to read in conventional proper translations in the mainstream sites.

  8. such a good advice. i also recommend to start with mtl novel with fengshen element like pangu, hongjun, nuwa, three purity and such since those novel will help a lot in understanding most mythological and general elements of common xianxia novels.

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