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Kekuatan dan keinginan, uang dan kekuatan, hati nurani dan tanggung jawab, jalan di depan bingung, sebagai penjelajah waktu, Simon, kemana dia akan pergi, ini adalah novel arus utama terkemuka dengan kehidupan sehari-hari yang santai dan kecepatan yang lambat

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Judul Singkat:HSM
Judul Asli:银月英雄传
Author:hero's end
Weekly Rank:#3995
Monthly Rank:#4872
All Time Rank:#4317
Label:Adventurers, Army Building, Demons, Elves, Harem, Kingdom Building, Knights, Magic, Modern Knowledge, Monsters, Nobles, Orcs, Poor to Rich, Romantic Subplot, Transmigration, Weak to Strong, Wizards,
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22 komentar pada “Heroes of Silver Moon
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  1. GOOD NOVEL MY ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!! you son of a bitch wasted my time and everybody time by saying it's a good novel, when it's not!!!!! i tried to read 200 chapter of a complete poisonous garbage of a story that makes 0 sense. power rank all over the place!(FFS there's already GOD showed up WHAT DOES ANY OF SHIT HAPPENING IN THE KINGDOM MATTER WHEN THERE'S GOD ABOVE that can come and go without restriction HMM???), story also all over the place!, no kingdom building!, mc stupid idiot saved by plot armor again and again, he's one of the more retarded traverser ever by selling self created spell for pittance!. you will pull your hair if you read this.

  2. I wasted a lot of time reading this. Its not worth it really... You can tell from the first 20 chapter and i can assure you no matter how detailed and well introduced a character is.. some time you will find yourself reading 3 or 4 chapter learning about some one just to end up never hearing about that guy later on.. for example his younger brother christine yup after chapter 20 you wont see him again Intel chapter 370 and yeah nevermind bro he wont play much of a role there either. Yeah one more thing is this guy like to let others people take advantage of him for no reason while the author tried to justify it by saying its investment for the future sadly i cant see this benefits he is talking about. At least i dont think its worth it to start a war where you lose half of your regular army if 3000 troops and 40k gold because someone offended the grandson of a grand duck and you had to stand up for him because he is a friend 😉 iam not sure about this but the grand duck have 50k regular army and didnt take action for some reason and you have to do that instead of him. And somehow you think there will be benefit in the long terms... Sadly i cant see this benefits.

  3. I regret not reading comments before start this novel i really do regret it. I have never regretted reading a novel before now i do

  4. Good novel, although at first it progresses slowly, but that makes you become fond of the characters that later you will follow the weight of their death, I already read all the chapters it has and the MC has already started with the industrialization of the country. Several friends of the mc have already died because of the war, the mc's mother is not known if she was murdered, most likely she was. This is a novel where anything can happen. It is not known who will die in the next war.

  5. Currently I have finished all available chapters. It is a somewhat slow novel, at first it does not differ much from other similar novels but as it progresses you discover that it is actually a real gem. Of course I mean kingdom and army building. I have to admit that the MC has bad things, but without a doubt he is much better than the average MC. Well to summarize, it is a slow novel but it is completely worth it.

  6. La leí y es como dices empieza lento pero después se pone brutal y el MC al principio quiere estar tranquilo pero poco a poco van poniéndole más responsabilidades asta que el MC se estresa de tanta responsabilidades y otra cosa no te encariñes con sus amigos poco a poco morirán pero será una muerte honorable y otras que dirás no mames pero de ahí el autor se pulio con la novela

  7. MC is a pussy, he can't even fight a woman. Act as a miserable kid, submissive and the worst thing of all. Everyone take advantage of him. Parents, friend, king, church, nobles. I skimmed till chapter 300- and still didnt get better. 2/5 suck

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