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“Sekantong beras harus dibawa di beberapa lantai, dan sekantong beras harus dibawa di lantai dua.”

“Saya memberi lebih dari satu karung beras, dan saya ingin mencuci sekantung beras.”

“Saya mencuci begitu banyak lumpur dengan sekantong beras! Saya memarahi saya karena tidak mengembalikan uangnya!”

Di Hogwarts, Kyle Grindelwald berkata dengan acuh tak acuh:

“Ada lumpur! Siapa yang memberimu sekantong beras!”

Cahaya tak berujung mekar di atas Hogwarts.

Judul buku ini:

【Biarkan dunia sihir merasakan sakit】

【Snape Menyelamatkan Lily】

[Legenda Hening Pertarungan Penyihir]

Ini adalah fanboy Naruto dengan skin Harry Potter.

- Deskripsi dari MTLNovel


Judul Singkat:HS
Judul Asli:霍格沃茨疾风传
Author:Salmon in Linbei
Weekly Rank:#3570
Monthly Rank:#1827
All Time Rank:#2478
Label:Abandoned Children, Based on a Movie, Comedic Undertone, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Fantasy Creatures, Fantasy Magic, Harem, Harry Potter, Magic, Male Protagonist, Misunderstandings, Naruto, Ninjas, Overpowered Protagonist,
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  1. El autor de esta novela debe ser un fan de johnny Depp :D mete a un estudiante llamado Jack sparrow y a un santo llamado Johnny Depp.... y quien sabe si mas adelante mete algun otro personaje de este actor XD

  2. Que tipo (el prota) tan inutil, como es posible que en su vida anterior a la edad que tenia nunca haya hablado con una mujer?, que excusa es esa idiotez de no saber que decirle a una niña pequeña?... no tienes que ser un experto de la conquista para pensar en que decir y menos aun estando claro en los sentimientos de la otra persona. Yo no pego una con estas novelas, si el prota no es princeso entonces es total inutil para hablar con las chicas... parece que se le da mejor hablar con hombres, tal vez deberia seguir el mismo camino que harry y draco en esta novela jajaja o igual que sus padres 2 viejos mar*cas :P .

  3. So, mc uses guns a lot and dedicates a lot of time to working on them for no reason. Mc is an absolute asshole, constantly breaking things, stealing from his family and teachers, and acting like a spoiled best. China has to be handfisted in every once in a while which is irritating since neither Harry Potter or Naruto has anything to do with China, but since the author is Chinese the m must be a reincarnated Chinese and constantly reference it. Mc keeps giving out stuff for no benefit to himself to his 'friends'. Hagrid gets the 8 gates technique with the author stating that the mc will only practice up to the 3rd gate which really made me want to drop this. You have such a treasure but barely even use it at all. Somehow whenever the mc teaches anyone anything they learn so much faster than when being taught by an actual teacher. Most of the comedy is a miss, relying s lot on Chinese humor that is in no way subtle and can just be considered abrasive. Mcs power growth is really dependanf on the authors mood with no logical consistency, he basically learned a magical version of nature transformation for curse/shadow in less than a week in summer, then no other nature transformations fod the rest of the summer? Overall I feel like the author just wrote this really badly, it could have been way better but the mc kind of ruins it for me. I like villain mcs but this one is just an asshole who steals from his teachers, acts spoiled when he really owes that person (Dumbledore) a lot, and just makes his parents lives harder than they need to be due to his selfishness and blatant disregard for their kindness. Ps: I also hate how he keeps giving out great powers like the bone release without using them himself to his friends for free because hese too much of a little shit and wants to turn hogwarts into his own little naruto copy. If the mc stopped acting like a generic Chinese protagonist this would definitely be far better

  4. First of all about hagrid's 8th gates, mc decided that because he doesn't have the bloodline of the giant. And also he doesn't need to master every jutsus that he made, it's simply not as effective as him teaching his other friend/allies in the long term. Though i agree with you about how mc's power progression depends on the authors mood.

  5. Damn, chinese people are the most racist and homophobic people I've ever seen, and someone actually made their MC be the result of a gay relationship? I guess there's always someone in the novel community that has some decency.

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