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Dunia yang misterius dan aneh, peradaban manusia yang kekurangan kekuatan, dan dunia kehidupan manusia yang mengerikan dan bergejolak, Luo Kai selamat dengan rendah hati sebagai tahanan. Rasa sakit dan penderitaan mengasah keinginannya. Perang dan pembunuhan mendorong pertumbuhannya. Dia tiba-tiba melihat ke belakang. Sudah menjadi salah satu makhluk paling kuat di dunia ini.

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Judul Singkat:HS
Judul Asli:人类枷锁
Author:I'm out of ink in my belly
Weekly Rank:#2394
Monthly Rank:#3681
All Time Rank:#5216
Label:Apocalypse, Beasts, Cosmic Wars, Evolution, Harsh Training, Lack of Common Sense, Male Protagonist, Mutations, Personality Changes, Romantic Subplot, Second Chance, Weak to Strong,
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  1. Dear mtl, please add more foreign historical genre novels on this site.. since mtl provides a choice of 4 languages, maybe the topic is more comfortable and interesting for international readers.. There are a lot of novel references here, anyone to add?

  2. Anyone wants to join my discord channel. I have made a group where maybe we can talk about our favourite novels and stuff.

  3. Brothers and sisters, does anyone here know a novel where the mc got struck by lightning and gain a system that lets him hop dimensions by absorbing other peoples excess thought power and also lets him copy ability from other people by the same energy. I remember the first few chapters he strolled around in a bus to the metro area to meet as many people as he can to gain energy. My browsers bookmark got corrupted and i loss a lot good novels that i haven't finished yet, make copies guys to not share my fate.

  4. Nah ssd start crapping on some sectors n happens to fall on the browsers saved location so the browser was shot, i fixed n did a fresh reinstall but the bookmarks wasn't spared. FYI if you delete your browser history, it wouldn't delete the bookmarks so i don't know why ya'll trying to clown me.

  5. i have the habit of deleting from the library the book that i have finished reading, i know the novel you're talking about but i forgot the title..

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