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I Create Urban Legends In Tokyo

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Berkeliling dunia paralel di Jepang, Shinji Kamahara mendapatkan buku catatan berjudul Urban Legend Record.

Selama Anda menulis legenda urban di buku catatan, Anda bisa mewujudkannya menjadi kenyataan. Dan Jepang di dunia ini tidak memiliki banyak legenda urban di kehidupan sebelumnya.

Hanako di toilet, gadis neraka, kaset video Sadako, Hachisha-sama, telepon Marie, terowongan Kuil Qingryu, tatapan di celah-celah, Sekolah Dasar Tenjin…

“Biarkan aku membiarkan iblis Jepang menari dengan liar!”

- Deskripsi dari MTLNovel


Judul Singkat:ICULIT
Judul Asli:我在东京创造都市传说
Weekly Rank:#4071
Monthly Rank:#4254
All Time Rank:#5015
Label:Discrimination, Ghosts, Hiding True Abilities, Low-key Protagonist, Loyal Subordinates, Male Protagonist, Modern World, Racism, Transmigration,
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  1. Lol what was that chapter 183 season finale !! 😂 I wonder if that was a one off gag before the author came back or if it was also foreshadowing!?

  2. I don't really see any racism in this story. The Mc created urban legends in japan but it kind of makes sense and the urban legends only harm bad people. Hell girl target bullying and the other targets domestics abuse. It also makes sense for the urban legends to start in japan because he was in Japan. Makes it easier to track it and know what's going on. In the later chapter, the mc kind of shits on America only a little though and the mc is making trouble for the whole world. Only in later chapters tho. I can also see why mc is glad to be an orphan. I mean he has a notebook that creates things that kill people and those urban legends live in his house. By the time I created this, mc has at least three urban legends living with him. It would be a bit difficult to hide such creatures and if he wasn't an orphan surely the parents would figure something out. Like I said before don't really see much racism but it could be because I didn't read carefully. So far, love it!

  3. Yeah there are only a few brief moments where it’s kind of sus the most recent was the international special class department heads meeting on the Kusaragi Train where people where pushing around blame and stuff to other countries saying they should deal with it themselves etc. the ‘racism’ is basically never there, oh I remember the head of the research co-something institute to study weird anomalies is mixed race and so he was treated with suspicion that was kind of racist because since he’s mixed race he might fly the coop and go join another countries research team because he’s not just one ‘race’ so he can’t be trusted, it’s like the prejudice against bisexual people because they’re attracted to both sides so you can’t trust them in either relationship you have to be wary of whoever the opposite team is. but yeah the ‘racism’ is few and far between and car from impacting the plot in any real way… 🤷‍♂️

  4. Idk, its actually was kind of good… 👀. Like I started reading it and I was like wait.. actually though ?! Because it seems well thought out, and like there’s going to be a planned progression for the story ??

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