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I, Leon Coleson, the nephew of Coleson, the cutest S.H.I.E.L.D. agent in history. This is the story of my good feelings everywhere in the Marvel world and gradually become stronger. PS: The timeline is dominated by the MCU universe..... Baca selengkapnya

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~ Concluding remarks Chapter 541 5 years later (grand finale) Chapter 540 Final battle

Chapter 539 Thanos Strikes Chapter 538 Entrustment of Ancient 1 Chapter 537 Power that no one can match Chapter 536 Ronan's death Chapter 535 Prison escape and huge battleship Chapter 534 There is not much time left for the earth Chapter 533 Hela appeared Chapter 532 Odin falls Chapter 531 back to Earth

Chapter 530 Infinite gems show off Chapter 529 Son and mother Chapter 528 The deal with the devil

Chapter 527 Mephisto’s trick (Happy New Year everyone!) Chapter 526 Welcome to hell! Chapter 525 Go to hell Chapter 524 Dumu Chapter 523 It's none of your business! Chapter 522 Self-healing and Dimensional Crossing Chapter 521 The spring breeze of reform is blowing all over the ground, and the director of Aegis is really striving Chapter 520 Now you will be the leader! Chapter 519 Fury's decision

Chapter 518 Final winner Chapter 517 The dust settles Chapter 516 Remember, my name! Chapter 515 Heavenly Soldier Chapter 514 Steve 55 Kai Rogers ~ Take leave today Chapter 513 9-headed snake killer Chapter 512 Go to war! Chapter 511 Good show opening Chapter 510 All is ready except for the opportunity Chapter 509 sell? No, I did it for you ~ Slap warn!

Chapter 508 It's a showdown, I'm a 9-headed snake Chapter 507 Lead the snake out of the hole Chapter 506 Files that are denied access Chapter 505 Cosmic Spirit Orb Chapter 504 Ronan's obsession Chapter 503 Special guests and witnesses Chapter 502 Double agent Chapter 501 Say Cao Cao, Cao Cao will be there Chapter 500 Ward, we need to talk Chapter 499 Coleson is getting married? ! Chapter 498 cut! Courageous man ~ Update, make up tomorrow!

Chapter 497 I think I can say that I am the boss of New York Chapter 496 Set a small goal and be the head of the branch first ~ ask for leave Chapter 495 Girl Mind Chapter 494 The secretary does something, it’s okay... Chapter 493 What to do if it is too popular Chapter 492 The future and the fog Chapter 491 Meeting at the New York Temple Chapter 490 Invitation from the Supreme Master Chapter 489 Love points that are never enough Chapter 488 No matter who wins or loses, trouble is inevitable Chapter 487 Shortcuts to keep getting stronger

Chapter 486 Just because we are the Avengers! Chapter 485 The man who makes miracles Chapter 484 Some brazilian girl Chapter 483 Isolate the network, double kill Ultron Chapter 482 Whoever beats others violently will eventually be beaten Chapter 481 Don't force it if you can Chapter 480 You know Jill! Spicy chicken author! Chapter 479 3 goals Chapter 478 Annoying body, like a god Chapter 477 We can only rely on ourselves Chapter 476 The Body of Thor and the Undead Ultron Chapter 475 0 million favor points, reached!

Chapter 474 The role of dark chess Chapter 473 Fall of Wakanda Chapter 472 Business fails, nor is righteousness Chapter 471 Wakanda Chapter 470 What can't kill me will only make me stronger Chapter 469 Jarvis returns Chapter 468 Unknown forces Chapter 467 Urgent problems Chapter 466 Lyon, what do you think Chapter 465 Mouth Escape·Teaching Skills Chapter 464 Wanda's confusion Chapter 463 Siskin behind

Chapter 462 Praying mantis catching cicada Chapter 461 1 dark chess Chapter 460 Ultron's next step Chapter 459 Tune the tiger away from the mountain Chapter 458 Refrigerator Incident Chapter 457 who do you think You Are? James Bond? Chapter 456 Military contract Chapter 455 Biggest winner Chapter 454 Mr. President, see you next time Chapter 453 Team storm Chapter 452 Death of the president Chapter 451 World line bundle

Chapter 450 Sling and fight Chapter 449 My name is Ultron Chapter 448 Scream Chapter 447 Don't shoot, it's your own Chapter 446 Drop package Chapter 445 President and girlfriend, choose 1 from 2 Chapter 444 Sudden changes in the situation Chapter 443 Secretary and Father's Love Chapter 442 Modified Extremis Virus Chapter 441 Behind the scenes to the front Chapter 440 Ass decides the head Chapter 439 All thoughts

Chapter 438 The real behind-the-scenes Chapter 437 Is that the end? Chapter 436 Off-track plot Chapter 435 The protagonist halo and 3 questions Chapter 434 Stark's message Chapter 433 No news is good news Chapter 432 Unknown Iron Man Chapter 431 Preemptive Chapter 430 This man is not a man ~ Something happened, I'll update it tomorrow Chapter 429 The enemy of the enemy is the friend Chapter 428 Jarvis Murdered

Chapter 427 Peace of our time Chapter 426 Ultron created by nightmares Chapter 425 bona fide Chapter 424 Dundong Reunion Chapter 423 Beautiful neighbor Chapter 422 The scepter that has been tossed Chapter 421 Cut off 1 head and 2 new ones will grow Chapter 420 The truth of the matter ~ No eunuch! (1 lot of thoughts) ~ Ask for 1 day off Chapter 419 Question from Tony Chapter 418 Dispose of

Chapter 417 Little lie Chapter 416 Rain girl without melon Chapter 415 Name on the missile Chapter 414 Stark's Fear Chapter 413 That 1 touch of crimson Chapter 412 The veiled future Chapter 411 Significant Chapter 410 Reunion 2nd Anniversary Party Chapter 409 Mark forty two Chapter 408 Zola Algorithm Chapter 407 The most powerful object of suspicion Chapter 406 Yellowed photos

Chapter 405 The game between men and women Chapter 404 This world needs SHIELD Chapter 403 Cruel facts Chapter 402 Vanishing Scepter Chapter 401 Catch the thieves first Chapter 400 Change strategy Chapter 399 Dark Knight VS Scarlet Witch Chapter 398 I’m Lyon, I’m panicking now Chapter 397 who are you? ! Chapter 396 Only 2 survivors Chapter 395 The big net named "Truth" Chapter 394 Wedding banquet and damaging friends

Chapter 393 Xiao Jianjian wants to get married! Chapter 392 What'sup?Bitch! Chapter 391 Junjie Chapter 390 Times have changed, SHIELD should also change Chapter 389 Welcome to the big family of superheroes Chapter 388 Riots on the Brooklyn Bridge Chapter 387 Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Lyon Chapter 386 Lift off Chapter 385 Can't think of Steve Chapter 384 Where Dom Go Chapter 383 A doomed investment Chapter 382 Cosmic ray project

Chapter 381 Reed Richards Chapter 380 Confused Steve Chapter 379 Lyon's shortcomings Chapter 378 Uncle Tekken? ! ~ I have something to do today, so I asked for leave Chapter 377 Dragon Tomb and Bodhisattva's heartbroken Chapter 376 Brother is rich Chapter 375 3 handsome make a big fuss in Shigatse Chapter 374 Gift of Dragon Chapter 373 Kunlun Mountain Chapter 372 Phantom clone! Manchu Retire Chapter 371 Sorry, I choose the third

Chapter 370 1 stick in the head Chapter 369 Weakness that is not a weakness Chapter 368 Patients with 2 diseases in depth Chapter 367 The eighth city, a ghost town! Chapter 366 The common problem of villains Chapter 365 Immortal weapons, debut Chapter 364 Remember my name, my name is Mandarin! Chapter 363 Reunion after 60 years Chapter 362 Lei Gong VS Mandarin Chapter 361 Kunlun disaster Chapter 360 The power of the keel Chapter 359 The death of a blogger

Chapter 358 Mandarin ~ Tomorrow Chapter 357 Intuition, often very accurate Chapter 356 Secrets of the past Chapter 355 Go to Kunlun Chapter 354 10 Ring Gang Chapter 353 Maksimov twins Chapter 352 Experimental cannon fodder Chapter 351 Struck's ambition Chapter 350 Is it him again? ! Chapter 349 This sword is for Rivers! Chapter 348 Big red boss

Chapter 347 1 cut behind the scenes Chapter 346 Samuel Stern Chapter 345 war machine Chapter 344 Joint hunt Chapter 343 Raid and Mutiny Chapter 342 Befriend the military (I'm back!) ~ In order to graduate, go for a duck! Chapter 341 Destroy Chapter 340 The power of the Darkest Blade Chapter 339 Lyon VS Abomination Chapter 338 Go out in person Chapter 337 Cute idiot

Chapter 336 The best defense is offense Chapter 335 Bruce, you are in trouble! Chapter 334 Disappearing hatred Chapter 333 Leisure time on 5th Avenue Chapter 332 Robbery Chapter 331 The existence of the 9-headed snake Chapter 330 The deep love between the Winter Soldiers and the U.S. team Chapter 329 Welcome back, Sergeant Barnes. Chapter 328 For Bucky! Chapter 327 Confidently Chapter 326 Parachuting never uses a parachute Chapter 325 Shadow Knight Project

Chapter 324 Not Batman, but Dark Knight Chapter 323 The bat buddies from DC Chapter 322 Man, it's time for you to appear! Chapter 321 Lyon VS Winter Soldier Chapter 320 Interception from the 9-headed snake Chapter 319 There is an ambush! Chapter 318 Those who provide good impressions are all good comrades Chapter 317 Return of the missing Chapter 316 The Avengers and the Righteous Police Chapter 315 Nidavi Tour Chapter 314 Gift of Asgard Chapter 51 Happy!

Chapter 313 Odin's backhand Chapter 312 1 line of life Chapter 311 Inventory harvest Chapter 310 The legacy of Malekis Chapter 309 New skills, ignoring illusion Chapter 308 Silky Blood Anti-kill Chapter 307 Death of a cursed warrior Chapter 306 Rocky's tricks Chapter 305 Plan B Chapter 304 "Brother, Friend, and Gong"'s Hammer Chapter 303 Lyon's mission Chapter 302 Fight side by side again

Chapter 301 Thor, you owe me once Chapter 300 Dark elves, invasion Chapter 299 Descendants of the Asa Protoss Chapter 298 The king of gods treats each other differently Chapter 297 Destiny Chapter 296 Welcome to Asgard Chapter 295 Ether appeared Chapter 294 US team's little book Chapter 293 Tony who failed dog abuse Chapter 292 Spider induction Chapter 291 2nd epic skill Chapter 290 Nightwing

Chapter 289 Struck's purpose Chapter 288 This is my team Chapter 287 Want to go? Have you asked me! Chapter 286 2 The right to harm, whichever is less Chapter 285 The weaker brother Chapter 284 Agent Leon Colson, here to report Chapter 283 1 person's support Chapter 282 Friend or foe Chapter 281 The survivor’s journey Chapter 280 XR Seventy-Five Plan? Death Warrior Project! Chapter 279 Skye and Ward tit-for-tat Chapter 278 Cyborg soldier

Chapter 277 Special team Chapter 276 Square fight Chapter 275 Tahiti Plan Chapter 274 Coulson's decision Chapter 273 Avengers Special Monitoring Team Chapter 272 Sudden promotion Chapter 271 Good guys are hard to do, villains are easy to do Chapter 270 Ward's hesitation Chapter 269 Insight Plan Chapter 268 Damage control company ~ Asking for leave is coming again chapter chapter chapter Chapter 267 Avengers Tower

Chapter 266 Black blade Chapter 265 charity fund Chapter 264 New features and new skills ~ It will be updated after twelve o'clock! Chapter 263 Good impression Chapter 262 The end of the old world Chapter 261 Portal, close! Chapter 260 Dawn ~ I just came back after going out on a date. I will make up for it tomorrow. Chapter 259 Leviathan Chapter 258 SHIELD Chapter 257 Skye Trapped

Chapter 256 This is my home! Chapter 255 Reinforcements Chapter 254 Aegis debut Chapter 253 Ways to end the war Chapter 252 1 jump down Chapter 251 The war is coming Chapter 250 1 case to save the world Chapter 249 If something goes wrong, there must be a demon Chapter 248 A bolder plan Chapter 247 Corvo's new toy Chapter 246 Show the enemy's weakness Chapter 245 Don't jump to conclusions

Chapter 244 Less than the last minute Chapter 243 confusion Chapter 242 Hole cards ~ Ask for 1 day off Chapter 241 2 Lyons Chapter 240 Psychological Warfare with Loki Chapter 239 Hawkeye's state Chapter 238 bad feeling Chapter 237 Brothers Little Theater Chapter 236 The guy who followed the lightning Chapter 235 Pawn division 2 Chapter 234 Gentlemen, welcome on board

~ Ask for 1 day off Chapter 233 Main Quest and Thunder Blade Chapter 232 The beauty team back out of the arena Chapter 231 What he wants is war Chapter 230 A sudden turn of the situation Chapter 229 Hot man, here comes Chapter 228 The fuse of the war Chapter 227 Urgent task Chapter 226 The curtain opened Chapter 225 New member of Rising Tide Chapter 224 Thunder created out of thin air Chapter 223 Bankrupt version of Thor

Chapter 222 Street magician Chapter 221 On the eve of the storm Chapter 220 Strong connections in Lyon Chapter 219 Ah! man Chapter 218 Chance encounter Chapter 217 Temporary base Chapter 216 Volunteer Ophelia Chapter 215 Pioneer Technology Chapter 214 Reach an agreement Chapter 213 Osborne again Chapter 212 nirvana?? Chapter 211 Perfect potion

Chapter 210 Transformation and dumping Chapter 209 Be a neighbor with Osborne Chapter 208 Deadpool skills Chapter 207 The little secret of the system Chapter 206 Boom! Head gone Chapter 205 Appear in the right place at the right time Chapter 204 Hey! Do you need help Chapter 203 uninvited guest Chapter 202 Don’t be as knowledgeable as Shenjingbing 1 Chapter 201 Sister Margaret's Bar Chapter 200 Investigate Deadpool Chapter 199 Lyon secretly made up his mind

Chapter 198 The Winter Soldier first appeared Chapter 197 Extra-large dog food, 1 person and 1 half Chapter 196 Sudden invitation Chapter 195 A kind old father's smile Chapter 194 Superhero is not a full-time job Chapter 193 The performance is over Chapter 192 reaction Chapter 191 Mouth cannon Chapter 190 Buddy, hitchhike Chapter 189 This is not a personal grudge Chapter 188 From the sky Chapter 187 Rainy night assassination

Chapter 186 Shinjuku Kabukicho Chapter 185 Target: Tokyo Chapter 184 It's time to settle the old accounts Chapter 183 Sky Mothership Chapter 182 Phase 2 Chapter 181 Hands and will wash white Chapter 180 Blogger's attitude Chapter 179 Boxing Championship Chapter 178 Captain America as a sparring team Chapter 177 American team, wake up! Chapter 176 Guide Chapter 175 American Team Popsicle

Chapter 174 Came just right Chapter 173 Who can stand this Chapter 172 Takeover hand and meeting Chapter 171 1 Lao Yong Yi Chapter 170 Deadlock Chapter 169 The villain died of talking too much Chapter 168 Lyon VS3 finger Chapter 167 Catch the thieves first Chapter 166 Before the war Chapter 165 Chapter 164 Who doesn't want to have the ability to make money Chapter 163 Mystery potion

Chapter 162 0 Miles ~ Sorry, take a day off Chapter 161 Goodbye blogger Chapter 160 A kendo girl full of justice Chapter 159 White lie Chapter 158 Favors and Girls Chapter 157 Settle down Chapter 156 The bloodless night attack ~ happy New Year to all! Ask for 1 day off Chapter 155 Action Eve Chapter 154 Ask for help Chapter 153 sneak into

Chapter 152 The plan can't keep up with the changes Chapter 151 Fishing plan part 2 Chapter 150 Blogger on his knees begging for mercy Chapter 149 The praying mantis catches the cicada, the oriole is behind Chapter 148 Hey! do you miss me Chapter 147 Fish bait Chapter 146 Put a long line, catch a big fish ~ Shelf testimonials Chapter 145 Assassinate Chapter 144 Murder with a knife Chapter 143 Road stone Chapter 142 Most importantly, be handsome

Chapter 141 First advisory meeting Chapter 140 Try everything to survive Chapter 139 Colson? Sounds familiar Chapter 138 Special fireworks display Chapter 137 Showroom battle Chapter 136 Arrived in time Chapter 135 To treat his body in his own way Chapter 134 Take back control (continued) Chapter 133 Regain control Chapter 132 Good show, opening Chapter 131 Hello ladies Chapter 131 Long time no see, Natasha

Chapter 130 Stark Expo Chapter 129 I hate less when I use experience Chapter 128 The basic qualities of a spy Chapter 127 Super powers, it’s a mess Chapter 126 Actually, I am a superpower Chapter 125 frank Chapter 124 Whoever has a hard fist has the right to speak Chapter 123 This wave, earned Chapter 122 Wife, come out to see Thor Chapter 121 Isn’t it good to be assisted? You have to go up to the anus Chapter 120 1 jet black sharp arrow Chapter 119 Destroyer

Chapter 118 The first legendary skill Chapter 117 Enchantress and hidden missions Chapter 116 First meeting with Loki Chapter 115 Growing pains Chapter 114 Thor Chapter 113 trust Chapter 112 Charcoal in the snow Chapter 111 An audience who has seen a movie but has to pretend to have never seen it Chapter 110 Distant cousin Chapter 109 Pawn division 2 Chapter 108 Code: O-Eight-Four Chapter 107 condition

Chapter 106 Win the first prize Chapter 105 You guys get on one! Chapter 104 Who else Chapter 103 Where there are people, there are rivers and lakes Chapter 102 Uses of outsiders Chapter 101 Non-Kunlun people must not learn to be angry! Chapter 100 7 City Tournament Chapter 99 Someone who left without saying goodbye Chapter 98 Term: 3 months Chapter 97 The Book of Iron Fist Chapter 96 Outsiders in Kunlun Chapter 95 Kunlun

Chapter 94 Crane City and the Monks Chapter 93 Looking for Kunlun (3) Chapter 92 Looking for Kunlun (2) Chapter 91 Looking for Kunlun (1) Chapter 90 Which martial arts is better Chapter 89 HailHydra Chapter 88 Tang Dao: Dark Moon Chapter 87 Remembrance and assistant Chapter 86 as you wish Chapter 85 Hank Pim Chapter 84 Rewards and bad news Chapter 83 S.H.I.E.L.D

Chapter 82 IamIronMan Chapter 81 Stark VS Obedia Chapter 80 goodbye! Romania Chapter 79 Sorry, it's 5 on 1 Chapter 78 1 to 5, no panic at 1 o'clock Chapter 77 0 jun 1 shot Chapter 76 Go hand in hand Chapter 75 D-day Chapter 74 Time is running out Chapter 73 Human experiment Chapter 72 Cabernet Chapter 71 Bucharest

Chapter 70 Difficult task Chapter 69 Fury's curiosity and new tasks Chapter 68 On the Professional Quality of Fake Boyfriend Chapter 67 Dr. Doum! Chapter 66 New features of the system Chapter 65 Stark's decision Chapter 64 Aegis Red Man Chapter 63 Roxon Petroleum Chapter 62 Dive and upgrade Chapter 61 Escape (Volume 2!) Chapter 60 Special christmas Chapter 59 Hidden tasks and upgrade requirements

Chapter 58 Surprised the Winter Soldier Chapter 57 The first appearance of a stranger Chapter 56 Break the enemy with 1 shot Chapter 55 Baldness Chapter 54 On the importance of scientist teammates Chapter 53 Superpower or high-tech? Chapter 52 Men and women match, work is not tired Chapter 51 Tony is **** and the story begins! Chapter 50 One more general Chapter 49 For invulnerability Chapter 48 People are afraid of being famous and pigs are afraid of being strong Chapter 47 Carl Lucas' past

Chapter 46 No one can help who fight Chapter 45 Unexpected "acquaintances" Chapter 44 An incognito "diamond" Chapter 43 City of Angels Chapter 42 Give 1 more sweet jujube to eat Chapter 41 1 slap Chapter 40 Black Widow's Kiss Chapter 39 live for yourself Chapter 38 Shot to escape Chapter 37 Hidden retreat Chapter 36 Port fierce battle Chapter 35 Counterattack

Chapter 34 Evacuation point and chase Chapter 33 Power of choice Chapter 32 Asylum plan Chapter 31 The only option Chapter 30 "Reaper" is here Chapter 29 Sudden pursuit Chapter 28 Natasha Romanov Chapter 27 opera Chapter 26 Victims under infighting Chapter 25 Infighting in the organization caused by 1 person Chapter 24 The Red House and the Black Widow Chapter 23 Confidential mission

Chapter 22 Traces of 9 snakes Chapter 21 no idea Chapter 20 Good friends who love and kill each other Chapter 19 Tasks and parties Chapter 18 Osborne's invitation Chapter 17 How does uncle confidant make it Chapter 16 Fitz Simmons Chapter 15 Key training objects Chapter 14 Nick Fury's observation Chapter 13 Do you have a boyfriend Chapter 12 3 Dike Headquarters Chapter 11 Extraordinary skills 2 choose 1

Chapter 10 1 If you don’t agree, learn martial arts Chapter 9 Fruitful Chapter 8 mission completed Chapter 7 Rescue Osborne Chapter 6 Infiltrate in the air Chapter 5 Bold plan Chapter 4 First mission Chapter 3 First encounter with Hawkeye Chapter 2 Opinion System Chapter 1 Aegis newcomer

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