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I Just Reopened My Life

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“Jika ada pilihan, bisakah saya mengalaminya lagi? Jenis kehidupan yang di luar jangkauan…”

Li Zhongkai tidak sengaja mengklik pertanyaan tertentu:

“Bagaimana Anda mengevaluasi web game “Life Restart Simulator” yang baru-baru ini populer, kehidupan seperti apa yang telah Anda mainkan?”

Namun, perilaku yang tidak disengaja inilah yang mengubah hidupnya.

Hidupnya sebagai pekerja telah dibuka kembali!

Anda akan mendapatkan bakat setelah dibuka kembali!

Bakat akan terus terakumulasi!

[Orange Talent] “Destiny”: Poin atribut awal yang tersedia +8

[Orange Talent] “Setengah Dewa”: Semua atribut +2

[Purple Talent] “Pengunjung dari Luar”: Anda mungkin mendengar beberapa berita rahasia

[Blue Talent] “Forever Di God”: Jenius e-sports

Ada bakat mod tambahan.

“Membentuk Api”, “Pembukaan Potensial”, “Afinitas Klan Naga”, “Totem Pertempuran”…

Bakat-bakat terus menumpuk satu per satu.

“Sampah ini tidak mau tinggal sedetik pun!”

“Saya akan membuka kembali hidup saya secara langsung!”

Kata kunci: kelahiran kembali, simulator pembukaan kembali kehidupan, pembukaan kembali, pasif, pemulihan misterius, pemulihan aura.

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Judul Singkat:IJRML
Judul Asli:我直接人生重开
Author:Winter Solstice Sixteen
Weekly Rank:#4052
Monthly Rank:#3143
All Time Rank:#5611
Label:Male Protagonist, Overpowered Protagonist, Rebirth, Simulator,
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  1. This novel is actually interesting. It works on the concept of parallel timelines to the point that it became a paradox. Reopening is like some sort of travelling to a timeline where Lin Zhongkai will become someone but the most interesting in this novel is that both the future, present and past him can interact at the same time but needs to follow strict rules. He can even become someone in the past that when he returns to the present world the person in the past was actually real. He can time travel somehow when he opens to a character and act as them in a timeline where he actually was. The concept of past, present and future meeting is that a present Lin Zhongkai opens a life and continues the current present where Lin Zhongkai is also currently happening(When he opens a life his time basically stops) And after opening that life he will meet with the Lin Zhongkai that is still in the process of opening a life as another person and the future appears as A future Lin Zhongkai reopens and manages to go back to a timeline in the past where he would be able to interact with the past and present Lin Zhongkai.

  2. Yhere actually a reason why chinese people lack of empathy, especially in a life and death situation. It came from Confucian teaching. When people save someone, he/she have that responsibility for said person for the rest of his/her life. The one being rescued had to treat their life saver like their treat their parents. Since Chinese Confucianism put heavy emphasize to filial piety to their parents and how CCP put heavy restrictions on philosophy and religious teaching, then we got the Chinese are one of the selfish people on earth situation right now.

  3. what's funny is.. there is really an app called life restart.. got options too..but it's not translated so you can't read it.. you only know there is + and - in the options.. sad

  4. I got curious and tried to search it on playstore.. had a hard time playing it because it's not translated... screen shot here google lens there (repeat) got the halfgod talent though..

  5. Though if you disregard chinese racism(what do you expected anyways?). This is a good novel there is no too much face slapping and enemies are killed early not being delayed for plot, The mc doesn't have too much love interest. The only bad thing I realized are the misunderstandings Idk if you don't like it but I don't like it, But unlike other misunderstanding tagged novels the mc has foothold for the misunderstandings not just simple talk unlike other novel protagonists that talks then people think he's a god and the mc is just even more powerless and simply stupid. The mc in this knows how to rationalize and knows what safety and the truth where he doesn't really have too much passion that most main characters that just goes everywhere beating people up due to his system and pretending to be strong

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