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I Opened the Martial Arts Hall In Marvel

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Huang Wen, yang jatuh di atas ring, menyeberang ke Chinatown AS dan mewarisi sasana bela diri.

Sistem lotre film dan televisi domestik memungkinkan dia untuk menggambar kemampuan Ye Wen.

“Tinju, bukan seperti itu.” kata Huang Wen.

Apa? Ini Marvel? permisi……

Siapa bilang film domestik dan drama televisi lebih rendah dari film Marvel, saya meminta Huang untuk menggunakan kemampuan film domestik dan drama televisi untuk memberi tahu seluruh dunia Marvel bahwa tinju tidak seperti ini!

Adu tombak, tangan akupunktur bunga matahari, telapak tangan Tathagata, ilmu pedang, ponsel ajaib... Biarkan Anda melihat kekuatan film domestik dan drama televisi!

Memulai gym seni bela diri, semua kemampuannya tergantung pada pengeditan~

Ps1: Sebagian besar film Marvel mungkin menyertakan sejumlah kecil film lainnya. Garis waktu sebagian besar didasarkan pada buku ini, dan pengaturan kemampuan karakter juga didasarkan pada buku ini~

Ps2: Film domestik dan drama televisi termasuk produksi bersama Tiongkok-AS seperti The Adventures of Jackie Chan (komik)

Ps3: Selamat datang semua orang untuk berdiskusi dan mengusulkan pengaturan yang lebih ajaib untuk film domestik dan drama televisi~

ps4: Tolong dukung buku baru (kamu tahu~)

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Judul Singkat:IOMAHIM
Judul Asli:我在美漫开武馆
Author:Inspiration depends on dream
Weekly Rank:#1242
Monthly Rank:#1094
All Time Rank:#936
Label:Blackmail, Harem, Male Protagonist, Martial arts, Marvel, Nationalism, Racism, System,
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  1. As a marvel fan, this shit is absolute disrespect to all marvel fans and marvel itself, and this shit author wants respect for some shit films we never heard of? First respect marvel then, you dogshit (just a complaint from my heart).

  2. Its a book and the fun thing about this types of book is that you know in what are you getting in to .If you dont like the original versión being diferent or put in second level like if it esa a secondary character dont read it

  3. Okey forget what a san i hace read it to the 97 chapters and you a right the y are a bit heavy whit the cultural change

  4. To be honest I'm disappointed and disgusted ... I can understand if only one or two athurs are racists but there countless chinese authors who are know before... I don't shit about china ...afterall what does it have to do with me but after reading countless novels I can't help subconsciously reject ,disgust about china...seriously there are super works in china like doulou dalu, reincarnation of sword god, Battle Through The Heavens etc...worthy of respect but these racist authors are not worthy ....

  5. SAME BRO, I have the same thoughts after reading all sorts of shit racist bullshit in these Chinese novels that I feel disgusted and can't help but imagine what a sad country it is for authors to do this shit.

  6. When you have garbage writing skills that you ruined a perfectly fine movie/comics by writing fanfic. I observe how these garbage fanfics amount to 500-1000 plus chapters? do they not realize how garbage they have written it? why not give up, you don't have talent, why not do garbage collection so that you can collect your trash.

  7. Respect author my ass!! If you want respect first respect other people work or masterpiece. Author put some garbage thing in marvel and you want someoone respect him? He/she even not respect marvel as western comic. As ma4vel fans this shit us insult to masterpiece for me.CUIHHH just garbage.

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