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Bepergian ke dunia lain, Chen Xu mengubah salinan sistem game yang dibawanya menjadi dunia rahasia, dan saya akan mendapatkan hadiah bagi orang lain untuk melewati bea cukai.

Selama semua orang adalah master, menjadi leluhur sudah dekat.

“Peninggalan kuno, alam rahasia yang langka, betapapun langkanya alam rahasia, Hao Miaozong selalu berpegang pada prinsip berbagi. Sentimen mulia apa ini? Ini adalah semangat pemahaman, dan ini adalah semangat yang harus dipelajari oleh setiap kultivator! ”

Pada pertemuan pemilihan sepuluh praktisi luar biasa di dunia kultivasi, Chen Xu hanya tersenyum menghadapi pengejaran semua orang.

Ayo, semuanya, saat kamu menggulingkan Lich King tanpa cedera, aku mungkin bisa menembus Masa Kesengsaraan.

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Judul Singkat:ISGICW
Judul Asli:我在修真界卖游戏
Author:Have a glass of red wine
Weekly Rank:#7112
Monthly Rank:#7693
All Time Rank:#6971
Label:Ancient Times, Businessmen, Cultivation, Game Elements, God Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Modern Knowledge, Pets, Sect Development, System, Transported Modern Structure, Virtual Reality, Weak to Strong,
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  1. I saw a lot of ppl complaining about the status of this novel, if u r looking for something like the you May be interésate in this novel: Black Tech Internet Cafe System. Is similar.

  2. FOR PEOPLE WHO COMPLAIN ABOUT THIS story being dropped, the main reason is because there's not enough people who purchase the chapter / subscribe the novel thus author being miserable in life knowing how poor novelist it's were forced to drop it in order to write a brand new work with chinese nationalism, racism, bigotry, hatred & face slapping since these tag would dramatically increase the amount of people who purchase their chapter considering the chinese netizen really love these kind of story just like how otaku at japan love useless fan service big titty long leg coat with black stocking, flat chest twintail tsundere were enough to guarantee most japanese novel sales & revenue.

  3. That sums it up perfectly also the easiest way to get your novel is to lick China's boots as people will have better impressions which means easier advertisement and government will like you better and the more the government likes you the easier your life is. They can make someone a billionaire with just a few words just as they can make a billionaire become a beggar that no one will pity. Its a fucked up system of dictators pretending to be democracy despite everyone knowing their dictators and are just playing along bc China is a super power.

  4. at least china is pretty honest about it unlike USA who cover everything in the name of democracy, i bet most us citizen is warmonger who love send their child & husband into middle east & africa (Sarcasm lol). in reality china & usa is similar in their system it just in usa it's an unspoken rule where most industry monopolize by Oligopoly while chinese pretty much open about it since they know that its impossible to use democracy in the country with more than billion population, i mean even india isn't really democratic with elite hinduism maintain pseudo caste system (again unspoken rule) against most population. i mean even south korea & japan were heavily influence by Chaebol & Zaibatsu forming oligopoly on its economy as well even more than usa due to their small size.

  5. as an indian man it is there but it is become more and more scrutinized as internet has become more developed. but i dont much about the northern parts of the country and i am from south india where as far as i know things are pretty chill

  6. yeah i totally agree that china and us are pretty much the same but i would rather live in china as better education and system in general and no kam bs as too much freedom is never good as is not enough freedom and also America feeds lies to its citizens whilst giving them loads of freedom making some of them retards when i comes to a lot of things putsude of the USA not to mention their big braggers well thats the negative bit of the usa at least but they are the easiest to find on the internet and sometimes they forget the basic laws if science which is Isaacs 3 laws and human bodies are fragile and their healthcare is way to expensive but i cant say much about china as information from china is a lot harder to find but they dont take bs and have a good school life and life isnt that bad there in some ways its better than us where your neighbour could have a gun and the police there are actually well disciplined and good at their job the only problem is the way chinas government runs the country as for things like their healthcare and their problems they face idk about those stuff as news coming out is hard to know if its real and we dont even get most if the new but the communities are very united and everyone tries to get along well and chinese parents follow a pattern unlike usa parents who are a lot harder to distinguish their personalities from just looking at their children

  7. Its crazy how people can spin an author dropping a novel into some kind of EVIL CCP XI JINPING conspiracy theory and always feel the need to share it everywhere they go. It's precisely because of people like you that I begun to have doubts about my knowledge of China and how much of it is crazed war propaganda from the US.

  8. China has its ups and downs similar to America its just that China is more forceful in their approach and when you play on their land you have to follow their rules which is love the chinese and never bad mouth china lately thanks to covid information coming out of china is a lot harder to find as they have even more restrictions on the internet hell their military has a division which is just monitoring the internet for anyone who badmouths or leaks news and they get cracked down and sent to concentration camp where they get beaten to submit an example of this was a Chinese independent reporter who wanted to report the real situation of Covid in china and a few days after he started reporting he was taken away by police to most likely a concentration camp and this was all recorded on livestream and a video of him saying he was healthy and lived the government and they did nothing wrong was released a few months later and information after that is unknown this showes the brutality of the chinese government which America doesnt have thankfully but as long as your born into a middle class family and no one pisses of the government or breaks their rules you can live a good life and China has a higher quality of students on average which also means that some children are literally forced to study by their parents or their hit with something that hurts badly or chained to a chair to study as chinese parents like to brag about their grades and this has been ingrained into chinese culture for centuries this include chinese people outside of china another chinese countries such as singapore who people dont even get to much sport and have a exam equal to trying to apply to a uni trying to get into year 7 (i only know UK terms)

  9. I mean I think the reason for the hard study in China is because is a country with 1.3 billón of people and a lot of that people is university graduate so you have to be more competitive in the laboral camp if Japan is ten times worst in that aspect with less people and sure China has more land but is not like China have all his land developed so they have a grand concentration of people in their cities...

  10. It's funny how you manage to turn the speech of the malform chinese industry / society into sinophobe hatred propaganda speech considering everything I said is true or atleast have some degree of truth about it without any misleading attempt when you completely ignore what I said about india, usa, Korea & japan you chinese internet paid writer.

  11. What the hell are you talking about? I was replying to squidtaken not you. And besides, This is the problem with you people. Anyone that has even the slightest issue with the citation needed claims automatically becomes a chinese paid internet writer/ CCP shill or some crap. It's like none of you guys can even fathom that people might have issues with all the stuff spewed out by people brainwashed by propaganda for a new cold war. As if this site and your comment has any importance that some shadowy EEEEVIIILLL chinese company or whatever would pay anyone to to refute.

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