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〖Ding——Masuk akan memberikan hadiah berupa hak milik atas bangunan keluarga tunggal〗

〖Ding——Masuk, hadiah seratus juta dolar ceri〗

〖Ding——Selesaikan tugas check-in——Judul hadiah-Penjaga Kedai Kopi Yang Maha Kuasa〗

〖Ding——Selesaikan tugas check-in——Hadiah keterampilan khusus-Kontrol kekuatan sekolah menengah〗


Seberangi dunia dua dimensi dan dapatkan sistem check-in dan punch-in.

menjalankan kedai kopi Polo, pergi ke sekolah setiap hari, membuat kopi, dan berpikir tentang cara mengejar putri cantik detektif yang kebingungan di lantai atas.

Hari seperti itu sangat menyenangkan.

sampai suatu hari……

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Judul Singkat:ISIIT
Judul Asli:我在东京签到打卡
Author:Happy handsome
Weekly Rank:#2801
Monthly Rank:#2680
All Time Rank:#2086
Label:Absent Parents, Academy, Aristocracy, Beautiful Female Lead, Calm Protagonist, Carefree Protagonist, Crime, Detectives, Early Romance, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Handsome Male Lead, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Jack of All Trades, Male Protagonist, Martial arts, Narcissistic Protagonist, Nationalism, Polygamy, Poor to Rich, Reincarnation, Singers, System, Threesome,
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  1. "I have an irreconcilable conflict with the Lin family, so it is impossible for me to contact the Lin family at all!" That deep disappointment has been all over Xuexiayangna's delicate face. Lynn also understood her feelings, so he explained it specifically. do you want to tell me that by any chance they killed his father or R*PE his mother to death? Ahahahahahahaha 🤣

  2. Mrs. Dad, I really don't know. in the novel he says that he wants to get closer to Ran Mouri first, but so far he has had more than three girls stay in his house, thus taking away his chance to get closer to Ran, so I really think that he is not interested in getting closer to girls, because he doesn't want a relationship weak. however if it had been up to me I would have confessed them all in an instant, especially now that in chapter 300 all three are clearly in love with him.

  3. Ling Ling, do you think the protagonist, who lives under the same roof with more than three girls, has erectile dysfunction?, because he has never tried or made any moves to get close to them until now.

  4. the protagonist is truly a slacker, someone who entrusts his tasks to another person, without worrying too much about whether it goes well or badly. 😑

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