I Trick Even the Lames to Stand up for Me

The third son of Gu Family who was too much of a fool changed when he returned from his hometown. His way of problem solving was easy; A gangster picking up a fight? Beat them! A ghost trying to haunt him? Beat them! Media wanted to tarnish his name? Beat them! This is a story [&.... Baca selengkapnya

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Chapter 166 End of text Chapter 165 wedding Chapter 164 marriage

Chapter 163 Our goal is the sea of ​​stars Chapter 162 Who is it? Chapter 161 No less than one Chapter 160 Where is the miracle? Chapter 159 What about the head? What about the head? !! Chapter 158 resurrection! Chapter 157 When a group of neuropathy comes together Chapter 156 Signed Chapter 155 Weird Death

Chapter 154 Bloody circle Chapter 153 Gu Ye is God ’s own son, right? Chapter 152 One stays and kills all!

Chapter 151 Wash the shame with Gu Ye's blood Chapter 150 Some people you can't mess with Chapter 149 What Master Gu fears most Chapter 148 What a fun parent-child game Chapter 147 Let you be a sow in your next life! Chapter 146 Dig a pit and push her down! Chapter 145 Cure everything Chapter 144 One look is my dog Chapter 143 Gu Ye: This is my lover

Chapter 142 What else do you have besides your face? Chapter 141 Gu Ye: Walking Death Chapter 140 Yu Ze can talk today! Chapter 139 Come on, pretend ~ Chapter 138 Tongue pull to **** after death Chapter 137 Your uncle is still your uncle! Chapter 136 Whose sin has the child replaced? Chapter 135 How heavy is the moral shackles? Chapter 134 A family of three jumps over the bridge Chapter 133 How many good dads do you have? Chapter 132 Hundred Ghost Watching Thief Stimulation Chapter 131 It's like grabbing your brother

Chapter 130 A fart, pitted a team Chapter 129 Oops, Oops! Chapter 128 Want a new face Chapter 127 Lovers crawling out of the movie Chapter 126 Let the world know i love you Chapter 125 You must die if you don't obey Chapter 124 I will really call the soul Chapter 123 This is not domestic violence, it is murder! Chapter 122 Take a look at the people living in hell Chapter 121 Gu Ye is a femme fatale. Chapter 120 Let Gu Ye seduce her Chapter 119 The princess is really gone! (2)

Chapter 119 The princess is really gone! (1) Chapter 118 Corpse princess with a confused emotional history Chapter 117 I wish you a long life and half a lifetime Chapter 116 Who are you Chapter 115 Gu Ye: I'm not good at scolding people Chapter 114 what! My ashes are so beautiful! Chapter 113 Good brother is going to plan the grave together Chapter 112 Everyone is a murderer Chapter 111 Someone else committed suicide! Chapter 110 Oh no! It's on fire again! Chapter 109 father! Don't think about it! Chapter 108 Is always shining gold

Chapter 107 No one else's daughter? (2) Chapter 107 No one else's daughter? (1) Chapter 106 Ask the ghost to investigate Chapter 105 Not afraid of real villains, but of hypocrites Chapter 104 Gu Master licensing antivirus software Chapter 103 Kill your turtle grandson! Chapter 102 Ha ha! It's cool! Chapter 101 Toss Chapter 100 Can you really buy anything? Chapter 99 That's horrible Chapter 98 Ghost Door Wide Open Chapter 97 If not, just call dad

Chapter 96 Bao daughter or son? Chapter 95 Who is in the body Chapter 94 Love Chapter 93 Who has **** after drinking Chapter 92 We saw her there! Chapter 91 Twisted Humanity Chapter 90 Block a knife for a friend Chapter 89 Unpredictable Chapter 88 If you do n’t cry, I will lose Chapter 87 Not as good as a bird! Chapter 86 Too exciting! Chapter 85 Let ’s go and find you

Chapter 84 Ghost lady troubled by the crew Chapter 83 Kill this group of scum! Chapter 82 Trafficker Chapter 81 Retribution! Retribution! (2) Chapter 81 Retribution! Retribution! (1) Chapter 80 Master Gu's vest can't be kept Chapter 79 Peach Blossom Chapter 78 If you have money, you won't make a bastard Chapter 77 Cause and effect Chapter 76 Scum out of the sky Chapter 75 Death express sent Chapter 74 There are ghosts under my bed!

Chapter 73 Uncle Gu, I want to take care of Gu Ye for a lifetime Chapter 72 Five ghosts carry the coffin Chapter 71 Feng Shui Murder Chapter 70 Folk Changing Dolls Chapter 69 Brother, remember to come to me! Chapter 68 I embarked on a new journey Chapter 67 Gu Master Airborne Hot Search Chapter 66 Enemies meet, jealous Chapter 65 Gu Ye: Can't bear it, just kill it! Chapter 64 Gu Ye: I'm here to make trouble, just come out! Chapter 63 Give you a good dad Chapter 62 Help for a child

Chapter 61 A lifeless person Chapter 60 Brother, come talk about life ~ Chapter 59 Come out completely Chapter 58 Dead and alive Chapter 57 He has to rely on me Chapter 56 Net red "don't want to be a loli" Chapter 55 Can't give away Chapter 54 Give you a chance to chase me Chapter 53 Gu Ye: Come, bully me! Chapter 52 Gu is “forced” to come out Chapter 51 Don't let regrets go with you throughout your life Chapter 50 It is difficult to save people and save hearts

Chapter 49 I choose to commit suicide! Chapter 48 I want them all to die Chapter 47 Went out by myself Chapter 46 Cute doll Chapter 45 Is Yu always incapable? Chapter 44 The ghost knows what will happen Chapter 43 Cyber ​​violence Chapter 42 Are you Gu Ye or your Gu Ye Chapter 41 Ghost festival is not a ghost festival, what kind of ghost festival? Chapter 40 How about I wait for him for four years? Chapter 39 Yu Ze: What does your father like? Chapter 38 In order to marry a rich man

Chapter 37 The entertainment industry is really exciting Chapter 36 Sexuality is a problem Chapter 35 Otherwise, go to open a room? Chapter 34 Tragic tragedy Chapter 33 Night Detective Ghost House Chapter 32 Streaking for thousands of years Chapter 31 Brother Guigui, how are you! Chapter 30 Gu Ye: I am going to fall in love with him! Chapter 29 Longevity is over, my brother ran away with a man! Chapter 28 She won't marry, you marry! Chapter 27 Fight for the Bride Chapter 26 Selling damsels for money

Chapter 25 Mr. Yu, come to play? Chapter 24 I'll be cool as soon as I count Chapter 23 Is he alive? Chapter 22 Don't seduce, do it! Chapter 21 Someone wants their whole family to die Chapter 20 I ’m in a hurry Chapter 19 Brother provides door-to-door, service, service! Chapter 18 Why do girls lose money? Chapter 17 Mr. Yu who broke the ground three times Chapter 16 God comes to kill God, ghost comes to destroy ghost Chapter 15 Life is hanging Chapter 14 Rainy days, do n’t take the bridge

Chapter 13 Saved a wolf Chapter 12 Heaven is a good reincarnation, who has I spared? Chapter 11 Justice will never be absent Chapter 10 Meet him for the first time Chapter 9 Knelt down and sing to conquer Chapter 8 Come, kidnap! Chapter 7 Ask for money, no money Chapter 6 Don't **** tell you not to go too far! Chapter 5 Gu Ye, a bit evil Chapter 4 School violence Chapter 3 I give my grandpa a soul Chapter 2 This son can't ask for it!

Chapter 1 I'll figure it out, you're green ~ Works related

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