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I Want To Be a Nobleman

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Dengan sistem permainan “Horse and Blade”, saya menyeberang ke dunia magis. Dimulai dari seorang budak di arena, kematian bukanlah akhir, tetapi titik awal lainnya. Mengandalkan darah untuk kelahiran kembali dan kelahiran kembali dalam keturunan sendiri terus menerus, terus-menerus berjuang. .

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Judul Singkat:IWTBN
Judul Asli:我要当大贵族
Author:Gluttonous fat man
Weekly Rank:#1944
Monthly Rank:#2327
All Time Rank:#3759
Label:Aristocrat, Army Building, Business Management, Demons, Dragons, Dwarfs, Elves, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Kingdom Building, Knights, Magic, Nobles, Orcs, Poor to Rich, Rebirth, Slaves, System, Transmigration, Wars,
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  1. Fun Fact: MC said to an Allied Green Orc.. "Hello, I am Baron Harlot of the Kingdom of Korundo. I must convey the important information you give to all humans. No, all the coalition forces against the orcs. We have united the dwarves, wingmen, lizardmen, etc. The race is ready to fight the orcs together!" WWWuWWW to fight the orcs? there is one in front of you. -_-

  2. I really hope the horse and blade system is useful unlike the mtl riding and slashing system novel before that you can't even see the purpose of the system because instead of riding and slashing it become Kingdom building. I really hope there's a horse and blade in this..

  3. The author literally kill the mc HAHAHA.. I feel bad for the family he left behind he still have a unborn child but the author kill the mc just to change the story then resurrected him again. I feel like it's a waste of time i read for som

  4. This is the power level from what i get in 39 chapters 1. Normal people; 2. Soldiers; 3. Elite Soldiers; 4. Knights; 5. Elite Knights; 6. Extraordinary Knights; 7. Nobles; 8. Heroes; 9. Legendary. Not sure if there are more tho.

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