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I’m Making Equipment In Wasteland

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Setelah bencana, manusia sepenuhnya meninggalkan permukaan untuk membangun kota bawah tanah.

Globalisasi besi dan baja, daging dan baja bergabung membentuk koloni.

Manusia menjelajah untuk kembali ke permukaan, dan gurun menjadi tidak teratur dan kacau.

Pelintas Jiang Liu diam-diam muncul, dan secara bertahap mengubah dunia dengan bantuan tungku baja.

“Masukkan 100 poin sumber daya untuk membangun peralatan!”

“Wah! Legenda Emas! Selamat atas perolehan Anda atas prototipe kolonisasi internal shunt sumber kekuatan X-48 yang legendaris.”

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Judul Singkat:IMEIW
Judul Asli:我在废土造装备
Author:Wen Heimo
Weekly Rank:#2215
Monthly Rank:#2500
All Time Rank:#4306
Label:Apocalypse, Beasts, Cheats, Crafting, Doomsday, Magic, Monsters, Post-apocalyptic, Reincarnated in Another World, Scientists, Technological Gap,
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  1. Hello, someone knows the novel of a scientist who was kidnapped for three years by an alien artificial intelligence, then the prison is attacked by the military, he barely walks with a cane due to the torture received two years later the academic works in a secret base creating and creating new technologies for the nation, one day he faints then on the way home by train a presenter insults him because she did not want to give him the seat

  2. seriously a number of chapters are not good. Io repeat from previous chapter how do you expect us to enjoy a reading if it is not even good

  3. why is MC always caught in a trap, this is ridiculous on some occasions he can think and I think he is so smart it's like he always jumps down a well 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  4. Chapter 167 is a bad chapter copied from earlier in the work. Checked 3 Raw sites and wrong on all of them so I guess it’s a publisher issue.

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