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Immortal Sorcerer (Wizarding Immortal)

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Novel ini adalah novel yang sama dengan: The Wizard’s Immortality



Ini adalah kisah seorang penjelajah silang yang menginjakkan kaki di jalan sihir di dunia sihir.

Berburu nuklei kristal di dunia apokaliptik, mengekstrak pembuluh darah di dunia leluhur, dan berburu para dewa di dunia para dewa ...

Melakukan perjalanan melalui kemampuan, melakukan perjalanan melalui dunia tanpa akhir, menjarah pengetahuan dan sumber daya dari dunia tanpa akhir, dan mencapai sihir Anda sendiri ...

- Deskripsi dari Qidian


Judul Singkat:IS
Judul Asli:巫师不朽 / Wizarding Immortal
Author:Salted Fish Jienan
Weekly Rank:#1248
Monthly Rank:#831
All Time Rank:#577
Label:Academy, Action, Alternate World, Artifact Crafting, Artifacts,
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  1. Esta novela es promedio la funcion del chip se pierde en quien sabe que capitulo triste, no salta a muchos mundos pero es bueno asta cierto punto, el mc no es tan mal desarrollado como algunos comentarios dicen que es, en general pudo tener mejor nivel pero termino en promedio ni bueno ni malo, el final bueno es algo que tienes que leer.

  2. Well, lets begn. First of all the author created a huge cauldron(novel) and just threw every good novel plot/idea that he could copy, for exemplo the begining plot is a 99% copy of "Warlock of the Magus World", it reminds me of that cheating test where you just copy the answers and change a few words. Second problem is that to many ideais are not good for the overall novel, you have to choose a way and stick to it, not just continue to trhow new things like first its about the "knowledge seeking wizard" and thats cool, awesome actualty, then he introduces worlds traveling ability and im thinking: ok coll; then come destiny and world power hunting it start to get muddled. Another comment is the lack of creativity and time spent on diferents cultivation on diferent worlds... The inicial porpose of traveling was seraching for resorces and knowledge, but pretty much every world use the almost same cultivation system/ or he recover hist cultivation easyly(gets boring) and he is never activily looking for new knowledge and im thinking "wasn't it a novel about wizard?". The mc is aways about nobles and kings and focusing on mortals... Where is the loner evil crazy wizard searching for knowledge and power? Really let down. I actualy liked the novel just think it could be better !!

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