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In the Great World of Martial Arts, You Use the Tao of Talisman To Rule the Ages?

3.3 (6 reviews)
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Chen Lin menjelajahi dunia seni bela diri dan menemukan bahwa dia sebenarnya memiliki tiruan, tapi…

“Mengapa klon saya ada di dunia keabadian?”

“Lupakan saja, kamu bisa terus berlatih bela diri. Saya akan mulai memupuk keabadian. Aku akan bertemu kalian lagi dalam seribu tahun!”

Selama ribuan tahun, akan selalu ada orang-orang jenius yang lahir dari langit, yang ketenarannya sekuat matahari, menyapu seluruh alam semesta.

Tetapi betapapun heroiknya Kaisar Bela Diri, ketika mereka membakar darah kaisar dan menghabiskan jiwa mereka, mereka akhirnya menerobos dunia manusia dengan tubuh mereka yang layu dan hancur, menembus lapisan pola ilahi dan formasi jimat, dan melihat sosok yang berdiri di ujung. …

Orang yang berdiri di platform teratai dua belas tingkat, memakai Diagram Sheji Pegunungan dan Sungai, memegang Tatanan Giok Penciptaan di tangan kirinya, menggantungkan Empat Pedang Pembunuh Dewa di tangan kanannya, dan menggantungkan bayangan Diagram Tai Chi di belakangnya, akan selalu berbalik.

Dia tersenyum riang dan berkata kepada mereka:


[Liu Jieliu] [Fu Dao] [Orion] [Seni Bela Diri] [Klon]

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Judul Asli:武道大世,你以符道镇万古?
Author:Director of Galaxy Zoo
Weekly Rank:#5851
Monthly Rank:#4348
All Time Rank:#8421
Label:Adventurers, Ancient Times, Artifact Crafting, Crafting, Cultivation, Genius Protagonist, Hard-Working Protagonist, Interdimensional Travel, Male Protagonist, Martial arts, Protagonist with Multiple Bodies, Weak to Strong,
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  1. I am back from testing this novel, 7-7.5 out of ten its not bad but decent enough to pass the time. I wrote my full review after 40 chapters below, It can seem aimless at times with the switches between bodies but its not the most jarring pov change i have seen so its not much of down side for me. Over all its a average novel that wont kill you from reading it like most of the other Protags who have clones or more than one body that ruin the story fast.

  2. Does anyone know the title of this novel where the main female character disguises herself as a male and then helps two brothers who later become followers of the MC? Later, the MC and the two brothers go to a military base and join it, the two brothers getting roles in the consumption section and the MC being put into the core of the military base. Then the main male character is respected in this novel, even when the main character passes by, people will kneel but the MC refuses to kneel. That's all I remember, please let me know if you know the title. The setting of this novel is in the past, I forgot if it's cultivation or not.

  3. Currently reading "While Others Are Practicing Leveling, I Am Cultivating Immortality" might poison test the first 40 chapters if someone asks me. Hopefully another poison tester can take my place this time before I'm asked.

  4. This Senior has seen your prayers Junior, Ill be back after reading the first 40 chapters to tell you the results. Hopefully I find another gem like before and not get poisoned.

  5. Started off good but quickly fell into the death trap of following other simulation type novels Basically just copy paste simulator novel with cliche tropes like drawing talents and selecting rewards, very repetitive and exhausting Overall - I’m puking my insides out and I have schizophrenia/10 Very tired I go sleep

  6. Never fear for I am back, been busy lately so I had to delay testing till now. I have tested the first 40 chapters of this novel and it was a 7-7.5 out of ten, the novel was decent not bad but also not great. Info about the MC:[MC has two bodies in two different worlds, One is a generic immortal cultivator world and the other is a generic Marital arts world] The Twist in this story is the body in the immortal world is not talented in immortal arts but the other body is a super genius. Every month his mind switches bodies between the two worlds and once the switch happens the other world is on pause (time stopped till he comes back). The Protag is not a sex wanting simp who throws all caution to the wind for girls or a I will never kill or do bad things MC. Setting is pretty average in both worlds, [Immortal world: Has low amount of talent and is currently in a trail with other kids to inherit his masters talisman arts], [Marital world: Starts in poor hunter village, dad died and has no family, starving and barley making a living, finds out he is super talented once he trains his cultivator arts, hunts around the mountains, hills and forests for food and items.] Its not boring but it seems its going to take like 50 or more chapters for things to start picking up, also marital arts world is even copied [small mountain village type 1b:small village inside a kingdom who hunts to live but the areas around the village are in slowly turning into chaos with rebels and rising food prices]. His only cheat is having two bodies(The bodies are not clones they are both him but only 1 soul two bodies but controls them every other month) and one of those bodies being super talented besides that he has noting else, super luck only happened once so far in the 40 chapters. racism and propaganda has not happened so far and face slapping or other common poisons are nowhere in sight.

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