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“Katakan Sim yang baik, tapi mengapa dalam sebagian besar hidupku-aku bukan manusia?!”

Sebagai orang biasa, Jiang Ren sangat senang karena dia bisa mendapatkan sistem Sims, tetapi semakin banyak pengalaman hidup yang dia alami, dia semakin ragu…

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Judul Singkat:IS
Judul Asli:无限模拟人生
Author:Fruit is not watery
Weekly Rank:#2284
Monthly Rank:#1650
All Time Rank:#4883
Label:Harem, Male Protagonist, System, World Travel,
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  1. Name 東京惡人戀愛日常... The girl who dared to confess within ten days of school should have a cheerful and bold personality, and she is probably confident of her appearance. There are a few peers secretly not far away, which shows that people are well-connected, and people should not be stupid. Kyokugoku Kukai was very satisfied. Exquisite, cute, lively, cheerful, very popular, unexpectedly innocent by appearance, and very good breasts. The key is very superficial. He likes it very much. But before he could speak, the girl raised her head in a panic, she forgot to introduce herself first. "Ah! I forgot! I, my name is Hanayamain..." "Hanayamain Chiori." Kyoji Kukai's memory is good, and the other party spoke at the new birth ceremony. The flush on the girl's face became more obvious, and there was joy in her eyes. It's not a class, Jingji classmate actually knows his name! However, the other party's next words made her feel like falling into an ice cave. "I remember... it's only ten days since the beginning of school?" Hanayamain Chiori suddenly panicked, and the other party must think that he is too superficial and impure. "No, classmate Kyogoku, when I was in junior high school, I was from the girls' school next door to you. I... We have actually seen many times, and I have also had class seminars. Although you have never been here, I am really very good. I like you, I..." Before she finished speaking, Kyoji Konghai gave her a cold look and moved away. "Then you don't like me."

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