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Interstellar Boss She Has Bugs

4.8 (13 reviews)
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Melalui antarbintang yang tak berujung

Mochizuki melakukan perjalanan ke dunia masa depan seribu tahun kemudian.

Dunia yang penuh dengan bug (kerentanan), tetapi dia tidak tahu bahwa dia sendiri adalah bug terbesar.

ps: Artikel ini adalah teks antarbintang! Teks antarbintang! Teks antarbintang! Ini bukan teks eskatologis, jangan gunakan standar eskatologis untuk mengukur pahlawan saya!

Artikel ini hampir non-cp, pemeran utama wanita berkarier, dan pemeran utama pria memiliki rasa eksistensi yang sangat rendah dan memiliki tanggung jawab sendiri. Di bawah latar belakang umum, tidak banyak anak yang jatuh cinta.

- Deskripsi dari MTLNovel


Judul Singkat:IBSHB
Judul Asli:星际大佬她自带bug
Author:Signed in the fleeting years
Weekly Rank:#1799
Monthly Rank:#2436
All Time Rank:#4472
Label:Action, Beautiful Female Lead, Cooking, Family Conflict, Female Protagonist, Future Civilization, Mecha, Military, Romance, Spaceship, Special Abilities, Transmigration, Wealthy Characters, Zombies,
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  1. Very enjoyable read with a lot of plot twists. Personally I think the author tried to make things as realistic as possible while adding superpowers, zombies and mechas, there are some stretched bits here and there which might end up going backwards and forwards mainly the strength of power levels of the character's but overall I'd say the author did a very good job. The most refreshing bit for me was the fact that the face slapping that I've seen in most novels here is down to a realistic level, none of that finding trouble with some people around every corner which makes one feel that tyred and bored as well as ridiculous.

  2. I'm looking for novel where fl transgrmation to a woman who abuses her 3 kids and starts the journey of raising them and have system too. Oh by the way the kids when they grow up at hands of abusive woman has there respectful field. I believe 1rd richest man and the 2nd scientist and 3rd one Doctor or biologist. I really wanna know someone help😢

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