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Dengan langit biru dan awan putih, dan laut beriak, Li Shu, yang baru saja lulus dari universitas, menemukan air spiritual kalsedon di dalam cincin secara kebetulan, dan kemudian mulai mengoperasikan Neverland.

Pelihara kepiting besar, lobster besar, tiram mutiara, siput besar, dan abalon setiap hari, anjing golden retriever yang lucu, burung sariawan yang pintar, lumba-lumba kecil yang tertawa, kucing oranye besar yang angkuh, dan tupai kecil yang rakus... ...

Terkadang menyelam ke dasar laut untuk mencari bangkai kapal, porselen, batu giok, emas batangan, batangan perak, zamrud, batu akik, dan karang merah di dinasti Ming… semuanya, hidup itu sederhana dan mudah, bahagia dan menyenangkan.

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Judul Singkat:IF
Judul Asli:海岛渔场
Author:Chubby Meat Dumplings
Weekly Rank:#2339
Monthly Rank:#1810
All Time Rank:#2947
Label:Business Management, Dense Protagonist, Golden Finger, Male Protagonist, Poor to Rich,
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  1. No I was tricked by the cover too… there is a lot of flirting back and forth however no relationship confirmed. Also it seems this could possibly be harem.. maybe

  2. Hello everyone need for advice, I can't feel the way I read before, I mean before I enjoyed it, can even imagined the content of the novel, and can finished most of the chapter even for 3k+, but now I can't feel it anymore, I feel like, everytime I read, my head begun to ache, and I lost appetite, I can't even finished 10 chapters and I drop excitement really lost..Any advice everyone? I love reading novel that's why I don't want to quit. Any advice to ease up my fatigue..???

  3. I had 2 account here which fb and gmail, my connection not good, so sometimes my I log on my fb at the same time for gmail becsuse everytime I leave my phone off, the log in will that's why 2 account with different.. Also isn't good? Fortunately I star it 5 times not 1 star which ruin the novel..

  4. If I star it 5, then it means I like that novel, which I want it's review clean, unlike other just rating 1 star when they haven't read it yet..

  5. either stop or read novel genre that you normally dont read, go watch movie or anime or go play game. what you are experiencing are called burnout.

  6. ur eyes and brain are overloading 2 much stress as for lost of appetite maybe u dont have good eating habit for consecutive days

  7. Reading too mauch novel at same time. Make your brain tired. Go sleep early and be busy with your real life stuff for a week. I am sure it will help you. ======== i guess you feel this way cuz you have finish read your favorite book and want to find book who as good as this but not finding it yet.

  8. We are jaded, my boy. We are desensitized by overused plots. It is okay to take a break if you feel like reading is so tedious now. When you used to be a person who enjoyed reading a lot, it is hard to take yourself out of reading even for a week or even a day.

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