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Legend of Xiangjiang Tycoon

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Melalui Sungai Xiangjiang pada tahun 1979,

Tahun itu, Li Chaoren belum mengakuisisi Hutchison Whampoa.

Tahun itu, perang dermaga carter king berakhir.

Li Zhiwen pergi ke Xiangjiang,

Memanfaatkan angin timur dari dua konglomerat Cina,

Mendirikan kerajaan bisnisnya sendiri

Xiangjiang, saya datang untuk melihat saya menaklukkan.

- Deskripsi dari MTLNovel


Judul Singkat:LXT
Judul Asli:香江大亨传奇
Author:Old Monster Zhou
Weekly Rank:#2909
Monthly Rank:#3114
All Time Rank:#4349
Label:Business Management, Celebrities, Early Romance, Economics, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Poor to Rich, Second Chance,
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  1. The latest chapters is the turning point where the mc will sacrifice his business in UK for mainland good opinion. What a touching proud story *sarcasm*.

  2. Many times I say how ignorant Chinese are and I a stupid person read their product of ignorance is so stupid that I shouldn't exist. Hello friend my name is CCP And I will see you on the other side Well I do have thirteen reason why stay tuned

  3. This is a harem novel, the one where MC catches them all. The first fl appears in chapter 4. Story progresses really fast, I mean by chapter 100 he already has a few billions. There really isn’t much growth to the story, especially when he already knows the future of stocks and leverages on it… MC just takes over companies after companies and growing into a giant then sleeps around like a stud horse. Anyways ok read though I’d prefer a single heroine 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  4. I don't know why many author say HSBC is blood sucking worm that bites chinese and all the other things. But they always somehow ignore the facts that without HSBC there could be ship king and all other chinese rich family but again it won't happen during British reign on HK. So although HSBC earns a lot of money from chinese they also made a great contribution of HK economy after world war 2. It's not that i am supporting HSBC i am just saying all the author should presents the facts truly not blindly and stupidly hate all British company..

  5. many chinese peoples are brainwashed since childhood they only know what their government want them to know so they are extremely nationalism. So chinese authors write these things in their novels to get gifts and donations from other nationalism chinese peoples.

  6. It's Chinese urban novel, what did tou expect? I'm still searching for a good one (without any ccp propaganda bs) that I can read to the end.

  7. Hm... I think it's just because HSBC is one of 5 banks that sucking china economy during opium war/Western alliance attack to Qing dynasty(china)

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