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Man In Marvel, Infinite Devil Fruit

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Qin Xiao melewati dan mendapatkan sistem yang bisa menukar buah iblis.

Biarkan orang lain memakan buah iblis, dan dia bisa mendapatkan kemampuan buah dan kekuatan pihak lain.

Thor: “Ayah Odin, saya telah menguasai kekuatan Guntur!”

Odin: “Nizi! Beraninya kau memakan buah guntur itu!”

Thor: “Ya, kamu tahu, sekarang aku bisa melepaskan kekuatan guntur tanpa Miaoer*er!”

Odin: “Apakah Anda Thor atau Hammer, atau Dewa Buah?”

Qin Xiao: “Ini keren! Kekuatan Dewa Petir + kekuatan Buah Guntur, dua kali lebih keren!”

“Penyihir hebat kuno, Casillas tidak patuh, jadi mari kita lihat buahnya?”

“Hulk, bagaimana dengan Zhen Zhen Guo?”

“Eagle Eye, bagaimana dengan target buahnya?”


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Judul Singkat:MIMIDF
Judul Asli:人在漫威,无限恶魔果实
Author:Good luck 1
Weekly Rank:#810
Monthly Rank:#616
All Time Rank:#954
Label:Clever Protagonist, Fan-fiction, Male Protagonist, Marvel, Overpowered Protagonist, System,
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  1. What is it with Faloo? Why are most novels with no chapter title (chapters are segmented, like in 4 mtl chapters, there are actually 6-8 chapters or smt) always have comments saying this is a faloo novels, is there a problem? I read below it said there wont be any updates. Can someone explain?

  2. In faloo usually the first 50 chapters is free trial in the text form, anyone can read it. After that your account need VIP status (by paying) to read further. Usually in the hundreds chapters the novel is no longer in the text format but image format, and machine translation is useless for that. Though from what I heard Google translate app able to do so, just quite cumbersome and very time consuming.

  3. there is OCR, which can read text images .. it works for faloo and people can use it, but they are paid apps, I can't find an OCR that have no limits for free

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