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Marvel: The Second Element is Fierce

2.7 (35 reviews)
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Apa yang akan terjadi ketika kemampuan dimensi kedua datang ke dunia Marvel? Tabrakan kedua kekuatan.

Ultron cukup bagus bukan? Mari kita cicipi kekuatan pasifis.

Sihir Loki cukup kuat, jadi cobalah cara hantu.

Dr. Kadal sangat kuat, mungkin Anda harus mencoba buah iblis binatang.


Biarkan kekuatan dimensi kedua berkembang di dunia tiga dimensi.

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Judul Singkat:TSEBMF
Judul Asli:美漫之二次元逞凶
Author:Egg Fried Rice
Weekly Rank:#278
Monthly Rank:#310
All Time Rank:#781
Label:Arrogant Characters, Beautiful Female Lead, Cheat, Devoted Love Interests, Early Romance, Fan-fiction, Male Protagonist, Marvel, Marvel Universe, Modern Day, Naruto, Nationalism, One Piece, OP MC, Power Couple, Scientists, System,
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  1. Was this story made before the marvel movies ended the infinite war? I noticed that people like Captain Marvel or even generals from thanos lack participation.

  2. I'm at the most advanced part of the story, I'd like to emphasize one thing, this is a world focused on marvel mainly, but with several other movies in it, and I sincerely understand that certain characters should be modified or powered up to make more sense in the story. , now the absurd is that almost every new being outstrips the hulk and certain other ucm people, what the hell did the author write that even certain vampires and laycans, Victor and Lucyan, trump the hulk, even though the movie's huklk is a shame compared to to the comics, to say that even a fucking vampire like that and a shitty laycan outweigh him in strength is pushing it too far!

  3. The author has to understand that people have different food tastes, in my own country, from region to region there are foods that change the flavor a lot and many people from other regions do not like it, imagine the food from one country to another, even more with the food Chinese that has so many times and pepper in many cases, other than that it's this crap swearing, yellow monkey, I swear I've never heard anyone refer to Chinese like that, I've heard black people called monkeys, but never Chinese, apart from the mania of comparing cultures, fuck we all know that Chinese culture and history is very old, and that many things originate there, but the way that several authors portray it makes it seem that the rest of the world with different cultures is inferior or rubbish, I swear if the Chinese change that in several stories that write the quality would improve stupendously.

  4. Ok, although not overly chinanumbawan but author to ignorant on western world. You don't apply street food vendor permit at NYPD. Authentic Chinese food didn't sold well in America, otherwise why did Chinese immigrants restaurant owners modified it to suit western taste buds. It's not to demean the Chinese but we all have different tastes. Plus who in America keep their Chinese name. Most adopt western first names to blend in.

  5. Wait, change my mind...this is chinanumbawan without actually directly mentioning it. Blowing himself to high heaven then patting himself on the back for being humble while emphasis that Chinese food is thousand years old and so deep with yin and yang concept. This is basically author sucking his own tiny dick while screaming what a big dick he has.

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