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Saat penjaga dengan kekuatan jutaan bintang bertemu dengan superman perak terkuat di permukaan;

Saat kelompok Surgawi, yang menggunakan Bima Sakti sebagai tempat pengujian, bertemu dengan manusia super mekanik yang memimpin Iron Legion;

Saat mahkamah agung kehidupan bertemu dengan superman kuantum yang tampak seperti debu…

Ini adalah kisah tentang seorang traverser yang datang ke dunia Marvel dengan banyak template superman.

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Judul Singkat:MS
Judul Asli:美漫之超人
Author:White Sugar Cane
Weekly Rank:#1343
Monthly Rank:#1271
All Time Rank:#325
Label:Absent Parents, Accelerated Growth, Action, Adapted to Movie, Cold Protagonist, Fan-fiction, Harem, Heroes, Male Protagonist, Marvel, Marvel Universe, Movies, Overpowered Protagonist, Ruthless Protagonist, System, Transmigration,
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  1. Of all the characters that the author presents in this novel, there is one character that I really hate. it is Flash! This naive idiot man is fixated on the past (his mother's death) and as a result of his actions the future has changed, damn it! as some have said. the past should not be changed, because if it is changed it will cause paradox and butterfly effect. as happened in DC Universe : Flash Point

  2. hmm.... okay, I'm a little disappointed here. Luke (MC) doesn't seem to trust his girlfriend (Peggy), he keeps his multiverse secret journey from Peggy. at least tell her , because every time Luke goes to another Universe, his Universe (Earth - 1024) or rather SHIELD that is in his jurisdiction will have to be screwed.

  3. The story was good but i felt something was missing here, it might be because he is not a kryptonian that i felt he was weak or infirior to those kryptonian, after he only has a krypton template or superman template... The story was getting good but later i felt boring to read it might also because he seems weak and it takes too long for him to level up... And the mc was overconfident even though he is not yet ppwerful enough to fight those powerful people. The only excitong for me is that he is a superman, after all i am a fan of superman. Those enemy was like a food being delivered on his mouth and this cycle plot was the same. Like those mutant under sebastian then after that red skull, super soldier or superman, nomar (i dont know this but its similar to aquaman) the king of anlantis then the other is that person who can travel time and space (i dont who he is, i didnt read marvel comics), then maybe there are other more enemy that will delivered to him. And this novel i dont know whag exactly his level, even though he upgrade it to level 2, but dont forget that he was also being bath of sun and become stronger so there is no more details about his strength. And i think its also a best thing if the author didnt just focus on krypton but also in entire dc universe (all of there power, no mattrr who they are)... Lastly the point to use to buy skill or other things (it might be called reputation?? Will im not sure), i dont know how much he got now there is no more details to it, more like it was been forgotten already... But overall this novel is good.

  4. And the mc personality makes me a little bit dissatisfied although a like this at the bignner but after too many chapters around 270+, my opinion change after all too much humvlness makes people look down to you and although this is good but you must remember that since the beginning his personality was like this but it was already 270+ chapter and its time to change.

  5. Hid humbleness really makes me irritate, he can kill apocalypse yet he didnt done. Enemy should be enemy and dont show mercy, i think i remember he said this?? (Will im not sure). Its better to kill to minimize the causualty or to avoid crisis in the future...and also what level is he now? Did he level up again? Or he was stck at level 2? Its been too long already yet he didnt update but every time he fight strong enemy, he can use ppwerful strength and also what happen to that point? Until now why not use it?... Its already forgotten??.. its really a good novel but some chapter was not my liking and some of his characyeristoc was not my type, being humble is good but it need to differentiate between enemy and not.

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