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Saat penjaga dengan kekuatan jutaan bintang bertemu dengan superman perak terkuat di permukaan;

Saat kelompok Surgawi, yang menggunakan Bima Sakti sebagai tempat pengujian, bertemu dengan manusia super mekanik yang memimpin Iron Legion;

Saat mahkamah agung kehidupan bertemu dengan superman kuantum yang tampak seperti debu…

Ini adalah kisah tentang seorang traverser yang datang ke dunia Marvel dengan banyak template superman.

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Judul Singkat:MS
Judul Asli:美漫之超人
Author:White Sugar Cane
Weekly Rank:#426
Monthly Rank:#431
All Time Rank:#281
Label:Absent Parents, Accelerated Growth, Action, Adapted to Movie, Cold Protagonist, Harem, Heroes, Male Protagonist, Marvel, Marvel Universe, Movies, Overpowered Protagonist, Ruthless Protagonist, System, Transmigration,
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  1. After reading, I can see that the author did his homework well as reflected on how he describe the characteristic of various types of Superman. I'm a fan of SupermanWonderwoman ship, so the final result is a total satisfaction for me.

  2. Oh come on. If you're reading a novel you have to think in viewpoint of MC not like "If I was him I did this or that". This point of view is no different from this low quality chinese (cuz generaly cultivation novels are chinese or I think so) cultivator novels.

  3. I don't understand why this Annoying novel have high ratings. I've tried reading this but all I get is MC being a fanboy and other people ordering him like a dog. And sometimes they threaten MC and he freaking scared. The idea of MC getting inject of super serum is just dumb as fvk he already have system. It seems MC just like attention that much

  4. I thought he said that "Choices are for children, I choose it all." Yet this maderpaker negotiate to a criminal and a threat to the people, lmao what an irony. Since it is confirmed a threat just brute force it and kill, just fucking move to the next plot, this is dragging too long and it is getting boring.

  5. Y que sea bueno con las armas y vaya tbien a la película de amanecer de los muertos vivientes y vaya a residentes evil 4 y también del juego y etc por favor

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