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My Aunt is Three and a Half Years Old. She Holds a Milk Bottle and Tells Fortunes. the Whole Internet Loves Her.

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Orang terkaya, keluarga Su, tiba-tiba memiliki bayi berusia tiga tahun! Semua orang mengira bayi perempuan kecil ini adalah putri tidak sah dari Su Laoqi, seorang playboy di industri hiburan. Siapa sangka ketujuh saudara laki-laki keluarga Su berlutut dan memanggil bibinya!

Semua orang di Beicheng tertawa sampai mati: Apa yang dilakukan bibimu selain minum susu? Lebih baik bibiku yang menyulam untukku.

Su Laoqi: Apa itu sulaman? Bibiku bisa menangkap hantu, monster, dan zombie. Dia terkemuka di dunia. Bisakah bibimu melakukannya?

Su Laoliu: Bibiku bisa menerbangkan pedang dan mengejar pesawat. Bisakah bibimu melakukannya?

Su Laowu: Bibiku tahu cara menggunakan Jarum Tiga Belas Guimen untuk mengobati penyakit. Bisakah bibimu melakukannya?

Su Laosi: Bibiku bisa bermain skate sebanyak lima kali. Bisakah bibimu melakukannya?

Su Laosan: Bibiku bisa membunuh lima orang sesuka hati di dalam game, bisakah bibimu melakukannya?

Su Laoer: Bibi saya telah memenangkan penghargaan untuk lukisan Tiongkok, lukisan cat minyak, dan lukisan tinta. Bisakah bibimu melakukannya?

Bos Su: Bibiku bisa membantu perusahaanku menghasilkan satu miliar sehari, bisakah bibimu melakukan hal yang sama?

Kemudian, ketika kakak ipar keluarga Su tumbuh besar, dia diam-diam jatuh cinta pada kekasih masa kecilnya. Ketujuh putra keluarga Su berseru serentak: Menjauhlah dari bibiku!

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Judul Asli:姑奶奶三岁半,捧奶瓶算命全网宠
Author:Fox chirp
Weekly Rank:#160
Monthly Rank:#96
All Time Rank:#3231
Label:Child Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Modern, Modern Day, Modern World,
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  1. i seriously doubt whether author had some mental sickness or problem that affect his writing. using the context of 3 years old child and her peers as its characters, the writing later escalate in terms of 'mental tolerance' and how much it brush off child abuse and trauma as minor thing. i even wonder whether author is even a parent

  2. just finished. other than that complaint and several other hiccups, overall it was pretty decent novel. though i always wonder why Chinese novel cannot escape from hypocrite syndrome. well maybe that's what required by the ccp to allow a novel to be published. well, it's their citizen that's being poisoned by syndrome. it's self-inflicted. so it doesn't matter to us, foreigners.

  3. Does anyone know the title of the novel which the MC named Xu Tao. She was a disciple of a sect. who has a powerful father and her mother are from white tiger family. But her teacher didn't like her but like a female lead which have system…. Umm the male lead is liking money so when he look into the mirror that shows the truth, he saw MC and thought that he liked MC. They married before go to other world. at first they both in mine and MC was in white tiger. then finally the third world, something happened and found out that ML is a god and he proposed to MC.

  4. Hello! I'm looking for a novel, could anyone help me? From what I remember, the protagonist participates in a survival reality show, but she is the only human, all the other participants are aliens. Everyone thinks she is weak because she is human, but later she proves to be very skilled. This novel involves a lot of cooking. I apologize if you didn't understand, I used the translator.

  5. Hey, could you help me?, I've been trying to find this Novel for a long time, From what I remember it's more or less like this, The MC is a Transmigrator who goes to small worlds(?) like the Villain, But is always defeated by the Hero, Tired, the MC makes a purchase at the system mall(?) for a Villain Halo, but due to an error he received a Halo from Mary Sue(?)

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