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My Card Has Mutated and Evolved Again

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Oh lihat, saya menemukan gadis kecil yang cocok di depan, kami perlahan mendekatinya, itu saja, ya, santai.

Kemudian kita dapat melihat rute peningkatan kartunya.

“Penguatan Rute:

Rute satu, bawa dia untuk menemukan [Monster Hunter·Little Red Riding Hood] dan berevolusi menjadi penguntit ringan.

Rute dua, korbankan kartu sumber iblis dan tandatangani kontrak dengan iblis cahaya.

Rute 3: Korbankan kartu sihir api untuk mendapatkan penyihir api, yang bisa tumbuh menjadi penyihir peledak.

Rute empat, korbankan kartu sumber peralatan sayap, yang dapat berevolusi menjadi malaikat cahaya.

Rute 5, korbankan kartu sumber naga, yang dapat berevolusi menjadi gadis bermata biru dengan kekuatan naga terkuat di tubuhnya.

Rute 6, korbankan sepuluh kartu sumber sihir atribut cahaya, dapatkan warisan penyihir, dan jadilah penyihir cahaya abadi.

Rute tujuh, gabungkan dengan kartu [Kehendak Cahaya] untuk mewarisi Kehendak Cahaya dan diubah menjadi cahaya.

Rute 8, bergabung dengan [Dewa Cahaya] dan [Dewa Kegelapan] untuk berevolusi menjadi dewi kekacauan, penguasa terang dan gelap bergantian, dan dewa perkembangan dunia. ”

? ? ?

Li Yan terkejut menemukan bahwa tampaknya ada rute evolusi yang luar biasa.

- Deskripsi dari MTLNovel


Judul Singkat:MCHMEA
Judul Asli:我的卡牌又变异进化了
Author:Two boat
Weekly Rank:#3148
Monthly Rank:#2566
All Time Rank:#2551
Label:Card, Cheats, Emotionally Weak Protagonist, Evolution, Hiding True Abilities, Interdimensional Travel, Male Protagonist, Summoning, Transmigration, Weak to Strong,
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  1. It ended😭😭😭. This was a very great read although the plot left loopholes like there true enemy, that would've been forcing it to continue so i understand. Overall good read great writing good details although there is not much mention abt side characters everything is good. So to all other readers who have read with me. Goodbye😭

  2. Ch 435🙃 the endings probably gonna be rushed as in his chapter there is not even a fight scene just restrain then kill. Hopefully not but its probably gonna be rushed

  3. The mc is a simp, he choose to evolved the card which belong to his opponent with all his resources!, stupid mc,took a job for enchanting card but he use all of the rewards for enchanting that card!, fucking simp!

  4. He didn't simp over the most beautiful girl in the school but would simp over her? Nd just cause she's ur opponents doesn't mean u shouldn't do ur work properly, nd y should he even care wen he knos she doesn't have a single chance to defeat him? Nd being nice to a girl doesn't mean simping nor does being rude to a girl make u a sigma or alpha male it just simply makes u "rude"( u seemed like a person who thinks rude behaviour to a girl makes u alpha cause of watching too much of those types of videos that's y added this fact😉)

  5. I mean u seems the type of person who would think being nice to a girl is being a simp but anyways he got engaged to the most beautiful young lady of the yang family who had a sequence card but didn't care about her and also a lady similar to his ex fiance is obviously In loved with him but doesn't acknowledge her feelings. and after all that theres also the girl from the 20th card city and the saint of star tower. Heck he had a pretty bodyguard but only chats with her for orders and stuff. So in conclusion my mans not a simp heck he's not dense just doesn't care about it.

  6. i am kinda confuse on the power but is it gold card stronger then silver card ? because they say 6 star silver is stronger then 5 star by a lot even 20 5 star cannot wint it..... is it true ?

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