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My Draw Game Has Come True

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Song Luo baru-baru ini menjadi terobsesi dengan permainan pemilihan plot yang menggambar karakter kartu dan mengembangkan permainan pemilihan plot. Dia bangun dan turun dalam kegelapan, rajin dan teliti. Baru beberapa hari kemudian Song Luo menyadari ada yang tidak beres.

Karakter yang saya ekstrak benar-benar muncul di dunia nyata, dan plot yang saya pilih sepertinya terwujud?

Akibatnya, air laut terputus dan cahaya suci melindungi dunia…

Di malam yang panjang, nyala api yang luar biasa akan membakar langit, dan pionirnya akan menjadi mitos dan legenda baru.

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Judul Singkat:MDGHCT
Judul Asli:我的抽卡游戏成真了
Author:Time day month
Weekly Rank:#4490
Monthly Rank:#4388
All Time Rank:#5801
Label:Evolution, Game Elements, Hidden Abilities, Hiding True Abilities, Hiding True Identity, Loyal Subordinates, Male Protagonist, Modern World, Multiple Identities, Racism, Special Abilities,
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  1. (help me) this story is the first story I read a Chinese novel.does anyone know a story with a fl goes back to the past. he was raised by his grandfather, but his grandfather died, because he was beautiful many old men wanted to marry him but then he was helped by ML who was having training near his village. Ml is a soldier maybe. he has many younger brothers who are not related by blood. Fl died because he was shot by several organizations that were after him, but ML died while helping him. last time i read it it was a chp with a mysterious woman who looks like FL, but she has the opposite personality from FL and even tried to kill FL.the woman poisoned the forest (I think?),because of poison, many soldiers were poisoned, and FL researched the cure.FL has a system that can turn into a cute dog or fur ball.I think.FL is also a new actor.

  2. still pretty good at 146. there are a few comedy with race undertone but nothing serious,yet. idea is pretty interesting.

  3. Actually,this is not the best of this genre is '这个世界,危在旦夕',that novel has Hero template,but the MC is Smart and very decisive,not like many hero/shounen protag,MC doesn't use 'The power of friendship',he only abusing his 'Protagonist's luck' that given by system.

  4. ("what?"    Suddenly, Song Luo found that there seemed to be a lot less black people in the crowd.    Although there are also, but not many, they are all black people who look serious, and those with dirty braids are a lot less. this…    Song Luo feels more happy.    Low-quality people are not popular anywhere, and now they disappear from Song Luo's sight.) - Chapter 23. I found this racist enough.

  5. To be honest braids are indeed dirty. If you were to want to see the author statement in a positive manner, he would be criticising more foreigner’s criminals than black people in general. There is still a racist undertone though

  6. I just want to ask... does anyone knows novel similar to the 'The monster I was redeemed' caused it's really good..

  7. "Black rat " right?? if that wasnt a Translate error then combine with "yellow monkey" we have many animal right now😂😂😂

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