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Ketika jet-jet tempur Messmit yang menderu-deru bergegas menuju naga yang beterbangan;
Ketika tank T-34 menghadapi monster yang dilapisi baju besi;
Ketika para grenadier pemberani dan tak kenal takut mengangkat senapan mereka melawan para penyihir;
Ketika raksasa When the ship array mengangkat meriamnya di garis pantai dan meraung — dunia berubah di tangan Chris yang lewat.

Perang antara teknologi industri dan sihir sedang berlangsung, mari kita lihat bagaimana Chris bercita-cita kepada dunia!

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Judul Singkat:ME
Judul Asli:我的帝国
Author:Dragon Spirit Knight
Weekly Rank:#589
Monthly Rank:#499
All Time Rank:#550
Label:Anti-Magic, Army Building, Arrogant Characters, Business Management, Clever Protagonist, Crafting, Dark, Demon Lord, Demons, Dwarfs, Elves, European Ambience, Fantasy, Firearms, Gate to Another World, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Imperial Harem, Industrialization, Jack of All Trades, Kingdom Building, Kingdoms, Loyal Subordinates, Magic, Modern Knowledge, Nationalism, Nobles, Outer Space, Overpowered Protagonist, Polygamy, Pregnancy, Racism, Reincarnated in Another World, Spaceship, Succubus, Technological Gap, Technology vs Magic, Time Skip, War, Weak to Strong,
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  1. is this me or does it lick chinese or it is so up in the sky that whoever is not chnese are bad in this book... this annoyed me to the point I said I won't read this book further

  2. I wish this novel author who curse us for A HAPPY ENDING. Also that 150 DOGS in this novel . I mean come on! are there any extreme discrimation to your chinese in foregin novel, yes, discrimation exisit butnot an extrme level like this. And the discrimation is just where A defeat B or A stole B things. There were even less discrimation except some novel where national contraction war and those too are no xenophic like u chinese. And what disgust me is the mind of author. It litteraly want to extinct us except barking dog spieces in earth

  3. Read 1056 chapters. 90% of the chapters are war related. Almost none kingdom building. he does create a powerful empire but most of the novel is about war and conquering territories or showing military might to other empire and races. Its nothing like Lord of Oasis or Release that witch. Then after 1050 chapters MC goes to moon with elf queen to Ancient Elf heritage Moon Temple. There he finds Elf most guarded secret treasure. A CHINESE Spaceship. There are also dialogues like how CHINESE is most beautiful and most powerful langue then elf queen comments that it must be language of gods. There MC learns that Earth is destroyed and the only ones living escaped are some 150 CHINESE people. All other died. Then accident happened and Spaceship malfunctioned killing all 150 passengers then it crashed in the moon becoming Elf's secret treasure.

  4. I already in when ailen hill start counter attack in demon world. I feel the people in this comment section is so overexagerate their comment. Im a huge fans of kingdom building novel, and i think this novel is one of the best so far, even if its not as good as release that witch its still so good, its so well written and the world concept is so clear.

  5. dude at chapter 1k the mc suddenly find a space ship full of "Chinese people" although he say this ship is build together with the whole world but why tf there only Chinese people it should have mix people from different country and suddenly he say Chinese language is "GOD language" like wth is going on .....then he go say China is the best country or God country and suddenly teach everyone speak Chinese....

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